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  1. 2009 Twingo Freeway no rev counter

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    Hi, i'm new to the forum but not new to Renaults, i have just purchased a very tidy 2009 Twingo 1.2 8V Freeway for my daughter (her 1st car), she is struggling a bit as the car has no rev counter / tachometer with hill starts etc. I was hoping to install a rev counter from a higher spec Twingo...
  2. Trafic M9R loss of rev counter and power

    hi all new to this site and I need of some help. I have a 2009 Renault traffic 2.0 m9r the fault that I now have is when your driving or just started off the rev counter seems to drop to nothing and then you lose power it comes and goes on most journeys. I have read the codes and I have...
  3. No rev counter and running lumpy

    Hi currently have a mk2 clio 2003 1.2 16v the rev counter and temp gauge drop off and it will run quite lumpy unless you keep the revs up. Driving along it will bring the coil light on and keep the car at 2000rpm. Fault codes stored : p0130, p0100 as soon as you turn the car off and on again it...
  4. Service counter going down quickly/DPF

    Hi. I have a 2011 Grand Scenic 1.6dCi. It has now done 151,000 miles but since around 120,000 miles the service interval counter counts down increasingly quickly. For example I have travelled 7,000 miles since the last service (three months ago) and the counter has reduced from 18,000 to...
  5. Rev counter backlight

    I've just bought a 2003 Megane dynamique 1.6 and when the car is all locked up there is a backlash still on behind the rev counter lighting up the lines between 1k and 2k on the counter. Anyone had this before and is three a fix.? thanks
  6. 2011 Grand Scenic Dynamique Digital Rev Counter

    Hi, I have a 2011 Renault Grand Scenic Dynamique 1.5 dci which I have owned for 7 months. There are no problems with it that I am aware of and am so far very pleased with it. My question relates to the digital rev counter ... can anyone shed any light on what the white dot (approx. 3.25 on the...
  7. speed & rev counter n/w

    as title also temp gauge,fuel gauge,also mileage n/w any ideas how to fix
  8. Mk1 Laguna rev counter (tachometer) not working!?

    Hi guys, had this problem since the car was bought around 10 years ago, car is a 1996 1.8 Laguna RT, multi-point injection. When I bought the car, the rev counter would sometimes work for a few seconds, then the needle would drop to 0 again, was like that for a few years, then got to the stage...
  9. Scenic 3 Dot on rev counter dispaly

    Anyone with a scenic 3 noticed a small dot on the very top of the rev counter display on tickover. It moves with the increase in revs about 2000 more that the needle. Not a problem but strange.:confused:
  10. Clio 2000 Shuddering and small rev counter jumps

    Right then guys, I have never had a renault before, but after moving and being on the look out for a decently priced second hand car I picked up a 2000 Renault Clio with low mileage. It had done 53,000 miles when I bought it and is now at 55,600 miles in just shy of a year. When I first got the...
  11. Renualt Master dash and rev counter fault

    Hi All. I have a very strange thing happening to my van at present and hope someone can help. Sometimes the warning lights come on without a reason (stop light and transmission light flash and rev counter goes up and down like a mad man) and mainly happens when doing over 60mph. But also when...
  12. how to chang the bulbs behind the speedo and rev counter

    hi all how would I gain access to the bulbs behind the speedo and rev counter as both bulbs on the speedo needle and rev needle don't work any more .so how would I go about changing them .thanks in advance
  13. Espace Rev Counter backlight issue

    Hello all Newbie here. Great forum. Good wealth of knowledge. Recently acquired a 2000 Grand Espace with the 2.0 16v. I work on classics every day but this newer stuff is a lot of plastic and finesse so I'd like to be carefull. So far I've pulled the dash by the steering column to get rid of...
  14. 2004 clio rev counter problem

    I have just got the car starting ok after immobiliser light stayed on by taking the 3 brown relays out & giving the terminals a clean however the rev counter only works now & again. it was working ok before. is there a sensor somewhere with an electrical connector to clean?
  15. Trip,fuel counter problem Megane

    When i try to replace new baterry when car was running i touch ground whith red wire and car stop immediately.Then i notice that my counter fuel is not right and yellow light not work when fuel is on minimal.Also he shows before that consumption about 9l now shows 11,...!Does anybody knows how...
  16. My Renault Clio has no red zone in the RPM counter.

    Cars & motoring
    Hello. I have an important question for you. I own a 2000 Renault Clio, 1.4, 16v, 98HP and the RPM counter has no red zone. The higher number in there is 70(x100). Does that mean I can rev it up to 7000 RPM or it'll damage the engine? Thanks in advance.
  17. Rev counter not working

    The rev counter on my car (Renault Megane Scenic 1.9 DCI Expression MK 1) does not work, does anyone know what the problem or problems could be and how do I fix it, thankyou all
  18. 2002 megane coupe 1.4 rev counter

    Hi looking for some advice, I own 2002 1.4 megane coupe. The problem I have is the rev counter works intermittently sometimes it works sometimes not. What I've noticed it does work when you rev it, however, it's very jittery, when it works, it works as it should nice and smooth. Anyone have any...
  19. 2000 clio 1.4 16v speedo and milage counter stopped

    hi everyone hope were all good today ... i have recently got myself a lovely little clio 1.4 16v proper love the beast and everything shes got a few minor faults but over all she is sweet :) that said i was driving into town friday and i noticed me speedo has stopped working :( also the trip...
  20. Renault Megane 2.0 VVT DYNAMIQUE 2DR rev counter issue

    Hi just bought this car, but the rev counter starts at 5 (when the engine is turned off), is there a quick way to reset this back to 0. or is this a faulty sensor or clock? so engine off = rev clock reads 5 engine on = rev clock reads 6 Thanks , Mark