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  1. Hi,Dave here,-62 and counting,

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    Have a 2003 espace diesel 1.9 blowing blue smoke , feeling sorry for itself , been off road for a year,want it back asap,is blown turbo only answer thanks in anticipation, Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
  2. Sixty-Four things a woman can't do: (and counting)

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    1. Know anything about a car except its colour 2. Understand a film plot 3. Go 24 hours without sending a text message 4. Lift 5. Throw 6. Run 7. Park 8. Fart 9. Read a map 10. Rob a bank 11. Resist Ikea 12. Sit still 13. Tell a joke 14. Play pool 15. Pay for dinner 16. Eat a kebab whilst...
  3. Help me switch my goddam alarm off. 1.5 hours and counting

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    My 96 2.0 rt lag has been sat outside my house for a good month or so now, without being used. Came home from work today and the alarm is sounding, although somewhat quiter than usual and without the hazards flashing . I tried using the keyfob but i didn't get a response, so anyway, it turns out...