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  1. Ask the Experts
    Hi All, I have a 2010 Laguna Coupe 150 DCI - We are looking to tow a small boat and trailer behind it however we need a towbar to do so. I have been looking online and we have found this one: Brink Swan Neck Fixed (Brink Swan Neck (Fixed) Renault Laguna Iii (Bt0/1)) | Euro Car Parts and...
  2. Electronics
    Hey, at first sorry for my English - i'm from Poland, and i'm here because i can't find solution. I have been struggling with a big problem for 4 weeks. Patient: Laguna Coupe 2.0T GT 2010 I will try to describe it simply and neatly by getting to the bottom of it. Four weeks ago, while driving...
  3. Electronics
    Hello! I'm new on the forum and since two days i'm having problems with my 2000 megane 1 phase 2 coupe. The drivers window does go up, but doesn't go down. I tried connecting another windowswitch but this didn't help. Does anyone know a source of this problem and a good solution? Thanks in...
  4. In Car Entertainment
    Hi All, I am new to this forum having never owned a Renault before! So far having solved some initial problems (I got it broken) it has been a nice car however I just can't stand the audio system. I like my music at a decent volume and this stereo only goes to 31 (which is surprisingly quiet...
  5. In Car Entertainment
    Hi, Not sure if anyone can help, but worth the try. I've bought a Renault Megane 3, with the standard bluetooth radio - not the TomTom version - however I cannot get it to work. The radio comes on when I enter the car, but it only shows the renault logo, temperature and clock. I've search...
  6. Steering and Suspension
    Hi folks, Hoping someone will be able to help me. About 2 weeks ago I took the car out and noticed the steering was twitchy, was on the motorway and put this down to it being a windy day ... stupid. Last week the car flashed up saying ESP fault and the service light stayed on, the steering...
  7. Ask the Experts
    My oil dipstick has broken near the bottom (where the max oil level is), does anyone know what is involved in getting the bottom piece out so i can replace the dipstick?
  8. Steering and Suspension
    Hii, I have megane coupe mk3 on stock wheels (17inc) and springs. I am thinking about buying new wheels (18 or 19) and get car low. Is there someone who can help me with right dimensions of springs and wheels so they get wide enought (to the edge of the fender) tnx?
  9. Ask the Experts
    Hi all, I hope you can help me with a quick question. Is there a "poverty" spec Laguna Coupé TomTom edition which doesn't have cruise control? I've a Coupé with cruise control buttons on the steering wheel but without the switch beside the electronic handbrake to activate the system. Instead I...
  10. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi, Just about to replace the rear discs on a 2009 2.0 Turbo Laguna III Coupe (petrol) Have already read about and had one panic attack, with reference to electronic parking brake restrictions when compressing calipers. But have just had the wheel off, and the motor is on the rear cross member...
  11. Welcome to RenaultForums
    I'm new on here I need some information about a MK3 Megan coupe , will a 5dr front bumper fit a coupe
  12. Electronics
    Help. Dodgy number plate bulb, changed it, now all the right hand side lights, tail lights and number plate are not working. Has to be a fuse, but whre? Nothing obvious in the glovebox, teh engine fusebox just has half a dozen big fuses. HELP!!!!!
  13. Transmissions
    hi Folks can any one say how to correct the shifter Knob not moving out of P
  14. Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I have some problem with my Renault Laguna Coupe from 2010 4control system. When I turning half-turn to the left side steering wheel remains at an angle, after 50 meters driving correcting. I read that someone have the same problem with this and fix it with changing rear actuator. What is...
  15. Bodywork
    My new Coupe has water in the door. I thought it was the bottle of deicer in the door pocket sloshing about, but it isn't. I assume there's some drain hole somewhere that needs unblocking, but where?
  16. Interiors
    My car has a rattle coming from the big grille on top of the dash. When I press it firm, it stops. I've tried prising it up a bit to jam some padding in, but it doesn't seem to want to come out easily - if I could get the whole thing out, I could put something around the rim... So how does that...
  17. Engines
    Hi there, does anyone have a link or know how to change the complete clutch on a 2001 Megane Coupe 1.6 model. I have been quoted £450 all in to supply, fit and labour but would not mind giving this a go myself. I have seen a youtube video showing a clutch change on a 1.9 diesel Megane, know its...
1-17 of 500 Results