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  1. Electronics
    'My cigarette lighter in frontfront F the gear stick is not working I am in the process of buying a new one but how the he'll do you remove it :any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. Interiors
    Does anyone know how to remove the A pillar cover in a Mégane 4? I want to bring my dashcam cable down inside it without damaging clips etc.
  3. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi I was on here last year and still trying to find the side light cover. Been everywhere even on french eBay to no avail. Who would I need to contact to probably do the cover plate ?? as suggested on other threads and do you think this could be done here. I have attached both sides of van so...
  4. Engines
    Hi - when finishing putting the battery back into my wife's Clio, I pushed too hard on the flat pipe cover which sits on top of the left hand side of the battery, and which covers the pipe immediately to the left of the battery with the result that the plastic lug and clip on the cover which...
  5. Engines
    Hello, can somebody help me with the part number for the plastic cover around the timing belt and auxiliary belt. I have just noticed the auxiliary belt is rubbing against the plastic cover and cover is shredded in the bottom end. I have recently changed timing belt and auxiliary belt but...
  6. Steering and Suspension
    Can anyone tell me which part is the Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover? Apparently mine is badly split on my 2011 Megane. The only rubber part I see is that big rubber in the attached pic. Is that the dust cover they are referring to? I take it this rubber comes fitted already to a track...
  7. Bodywork
    Hi, wondering if someone can help me. I am trying to source 2 plastic clips/dampers that hold the fuel cover open or closed. The car is a Laguna 2, 2002. The clips are not showing as a separate item in the Renault Parts list, but I thought maybe someone has had this problem before, and found...
  8. Insurance
    Hi, Did you know we're running a discount offer on our UK Breakdown Cover at the moment...? Simply use promo code SUMMER18 at, or on the phone (0800 917 2274), to receive an extra £5 OFF the already low prices. There are also built-in discounts for...
  9. Engines
    My partner needs to replace the rocker cover. There's no manual on a Renault grand espace 04 plate. Could anyone help please. Thank you :)
  10. Bodywork
    I've just finished painting the plastics on my front bumper. It's now time to paint the wing mirror covers. I can't remove them. Prying the back off is just resulting in damage to the wing mirror unit. I've tried pulling out the mirror to get to the clips inside the wing mirror unit but the...
  11. Engines
    Does the crank pulley have to come off again to get the lower timing belt cover back on ?
  12. Engines
    So my son brought a 03 Clio 1.2 16v last week. He was moaning that it was running a bit sluggish and slow on pick up. He noticed that the toxic fume light flashed on several times. So I gave it a service over the weekend and noticed that the rear left star bolt on the throttle housing has been...
  13. Engines
    Can someone please help me with this. My 2005 Megane II Engine Cover S clips (2) are lost and there is no way I can secure the cover to the engine. Can someone put me on to a supplier of these please - there are two required. Keith PS Also should have mentioned that the car is a CAB DYN 2.0L Auto
  14. Interiors
    I need to find the cover for a rear door handle of a Megane Expression It's the dark piece of plastic you can see on the picture attached. First, what is it called? Thank you in advance
  15. Transmissions
    hi any help appreciated my problem is i have a gearbox oil leak from the if ime correct the 5th gear rocker cover round metal cover on the end of gearbox i need to now if this cover is easy to remove to fit new rubber seal after examination i reckon there is no seal on it at all it is totally...
  16. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    hi all nearlly warm enough for me to start on heidi again and wanted to tart it up a little with some paint work has anybody got any idea how to remove the metal cover thing that is on outside, that covers the roller mechanism (sorry dont know what its called) :smile2: i have looked and cant...
  17. Cars & motoring
    Hey lads I wanted to remove the wheel arch over I got the two screws but how do I remove the big screw which which has the big black top on it
  18. Interiors
    Hi guys, I just recently picked up a 13 plate Megane. When i got home however i realised theirs a big hole in the dash where im sure the aux port goes on the non tom tom cars. I was hoping one of you guys would know the correct name of the cover/blanking plate or part number? I cant find...
  19. Bodywork
    Went to a car wash the other week and to put things short the power washer has knocked the passenger side side repeater plastic cover off. how do i remove the plastic that is still left and replace it with a whole new cover? i am not knowledgeable about cars in the slightest and can't find...
1-19 of 253 Results