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  1. Exhaust Cracked

    Well here we go another day another problem this time the exhaust, Its the section that bolts over the steering rack to a resinator box maybe? it then goes into a cat and bolts half way under the car to the rear section, It has a flexi head with 3's cracked around the seam weld just as...
  2. Cracked engine block?

    Hi guys, I have a Megane II 2003, 1.9 dci. I noticed that my coolant is mixing with my engine oil. The oil level is higher than it should be and you can clearly see that there is some water in the oil. The engine oil is not in any way milky white or brown like coffee as cars usually have when...
  3. EGR Corrugated Pipe Cracked

    I've been getting exhaust fumes entering the cab when idling (not really noticeable when driving along, only when stationary). I had this investigated today and it seems that the corrugated pipe between the egr and the exhaust(?) is cracked. Renault are saying this is a known problem and as...
  4. 1.9 dci 2004 scenic pipe to/from egr cracked

    Hi, wife said her car had funny sound, like blowing exhaust, took it around the block and it's blowing like mad. Sounded like under bonnet so I took a look and poked about and seems to be this metal pipe has cracked on the 90 degree bend from egr valve. What's the fix, is it a part that is...
  5. Espace III 3 exhaust manifold suspect leaks / cracked

    Hi. My Grand Espace III has been doing 'phut phut phut' from the front exhaust area when I start up, but only for 1 or 2 minutes. Seals up once under way, but does seem to be getting a slightly bigger 'phut' recently. Wife can't even hear it. It has been doing it for over a year now, but I...
  6. Replacing cracked passenger wing mirror on Clio

    Can someone please tell me how to replace my cracked mirror on my Clio 1.4 16v Privilege 2004. I think it's the heated type but is electrically operated from inside. I just want to replace the mirror only and am wondering if it just prises out and what it's connected to underneath. I need to...
  7. OH **** I have just cracked my gear box casing.

    Hi I have just cracked my gear box casing on my 2.2 Espace. I was trying to bolt it back onto the engine and it probably because it wasn't lined up properly. I tried using the bolts to pull it in and I heard a loud crack. I now have a crack in the end casing. :eek: I was thinking about...
  8. scenic1.9dci fuel filter cracked like an egg 3 times?

    Hi, I have a megane scenic 1.9 dci. year 2000 The Fuel filter cracked , so I replace it with a new part. This then cracked on starting the car a few days later . The next filter has just cracked after 3 days. So, I'm thinking it's not a faulty batch of filters. I've not heard of this problem...
  9. Laguna 1.9DCI - Cracked pipe (intercooler I think) - Help!

    Hi there, I've been getting quite poor MPG in my laguna (around 35 - 40) and I've noticed a hissing noise when i accelerate in 3rd gear. I think I've narrowed it down to a pipe which has a crack in it (near the butterfly clip). I've taped it up and the tape is coming loose and there is a...
  10. Are Kangoo's prone to cracked windscreens?

    As per the title really, I've had mine 6 months, and the today have suffered the second cracked windscreen :mad: Both have been near the base of the screen following what sounded like a tiny little stone knock. Now in previous cars, I've had what sounded like half house bricks hit and no...
  11. Cracked engine casing advice would be nice.

    Hello, After receiving some sound advice concerning a water leak on my beloved Kangoo, I have returned to the forum to seek further inspiration. The leak is due to a crack in the engine casing. I have become aware of certain products which claim to cure the problem , i.e. flush the system...
  12. cracked manifold help!

    hi, I have just joined so hope this is the right place to ask questions..
  13. Cracked wing - advice on fixing?

    Hi there, Can anyone give me any advice on the best way to fix a cracked wing? It's only a small crack, about 3cm long, but it goes all the way through the thickness of the wing. It's on the wheel arch, and I reckon I could get in behind it if needed to glue it or something. This is the first...
  14. cracked windscreen

    Hi My windscreen washer pump was replaced last week. Today I noticed cracks in my windscreen radiating from the bottom, upwards and outwards. Could this have been started by the repair job?
  15. Cracked exhaust manifold

    Dear Experts, The exhaust manifold in my '99 Megane Ph2 has cracked and need to be replaced. It is a 1.6 16V model and has the engine code K4M700. As I do not want to buy an original part, I have been searching the market for used parts. The weird thing is that I find a lot of manifolds on...
  16. Turbo 1.9dci Cracked wastegate

    Hi all I have removed the head from my Trafic and wilst doing so I decided to change various gaskets around the head, I removed the turbo and looked down the exhaust port by the wastegate to find a crack, Is this a common problem? Do I need to replace the turbo asap, It still running fine and im...
  17. cracked inlet manifold

    Had a loss of power noticed oil specks around the engine bay and was told by mechanic it was a cracked inlet manifold any advice
  18. battery connectors both cracked query

    Hi all , I have an ongoing issue with not being able to start car , battery appears to be flat but wont charge or jump start , looked at battery connectors this morning both + and - were cracked , no corrosion or build up just definate cracks down both totally seperating the connectors but...
  19. cracked bumper

    What's the best glue for repairing a cracked bumper on a 2001 Clio?
  20. Cracked speedo

    Hi, i took the top dash of my 1.5dci clio 2004 in order to find the blower mixer , to cut a long story short i took the speedo of the lugs and it was dangling near the drivers seat and i knelt on a bar which flipped up and cracked the sppedo screen ,it still works but the crack is very...