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  1. Engines
    Was checking the spark plugs the other day on a 2002 8v 1.2 clio 2 we just bought number 1 (I say number 1 , its up the clutch end - seems the french number their cylinders as 1-4 with cyl 1 starting from clutch end whereas others start no.1 at the cambelt end) anyway the spark plug sheared off...
  2. Bodywork
    On my last Mot My car is a Megane 2002 and it says the rear cross brace is corroded, how to I get another one:frown2:
  3. Engines
    anyone know what the cross compatibility between engines/gearboxes? 2000-02 engine 1.9Dci diesel. F9Q-K-732 is etched on the front, block is F8T casting originally on a 5 speed box JC5-132. can this be bolted to a 2004 6-speed gearbox ?
  4. Engines
    Help...... Just replaced my water pump, timing belt, and aux belt. Put it all back together, turned the engine over and it seemed to stop, but wasn't sure if I slipped my finger off the push start. So thought better be safe and check it all lines up before trying again. In the process of...
  5. Bodywork
    Hi, I managed to break the lock barrel on my Megane Coupe 1998 drivers door, the key will not even go in it anymore so Ive bought a new one to fit. I stripped the door interior as described in my HAYNES manual which wasnt too hard however when I got to the last step which is to unscrew the 2...
  6. Bodywork
    Brought a clio thats been in a front end, I need to remove the cross member and fit a new one after a bit of pulling. has anyone any tips on this please? Cheers
  7. Bodywork
    could someone tell me the size of these bolts on my 98 laguna 1.6rt sport as i am having difficuylty re moving the old seized ones . any tips to remove these would be of great help
  8. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi all, Had a guy from etyres come to change the tyre on my car, however, the laguna has a way of making the easiest of tasks a bloody nightmare!! So he phoned me to say he was struggling to get two of the bolts off and asked who put them on. The last people to do this was Kwikfit in December...
  9. Towing & Touring Club
    after a 2 year absence (due to house move and constant work on new house) i decided it was time to erect the trailer tent in the back garden to check for damp and mice damage. all was well on both accounts, but the tyre has deformed, perished and flattened! i need 2 new tyres but the size...
  10. Engines
    hi i have laguna mk 1 est 2.0 est changed sparks plugs today but is cross treaded is there tool that i can use to re tread sorry for short post but cant spell what i want to say,,,,many thanks also ally head
  11. Wheels & tyres
    Just been attending to a small hole in the back exhaust box. To my horror, I found a 50mm x 20mm rectangular section, between the radius arm mounts which crumbled when touched. As a temporary fix, I have replaced it with a length of Unistrut HS21 which is 45mm x 21mm channel, commonly used in...
  12. Engines
    To sit on the side while Delta is driving past, making itself look endangered causing me to pull over to shoo it away and driving up onto a mound of earth and cracking my oil sump :o :eek: :rant: Had to get recovered and brought home. :censored: Definately no more :driving: for a while. Its...
  13. Bodywork
    just been tying up back box as the rubber mount has snapped (how the hell do those things fit anyway) found that the box was blowing, so will replace both, but of more concern found that the cross-member in front of that was particularly corroded, presumably that is an mot failure point, has...