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  1. Retrofit Adaptive Cruise Control in Megane IV GT 205

    Hello, I recently bought a Renault Megane IV 1,6 TCe GT 205 EDC. I would like to know if it is possible to retro fit Adaptive Cruise Control into this car. I bought the car used, and would off course have added this option if I bought it from new. However if it is possibe to buy the parts and...
  2. 2009 Laguna Coupé TomTom Cruise Control

    Ask the Experts
    Hi all, I hope you can help me with a quick question. Is there a "poverty" spec Laguna Coupé TomTom edition which doesn't have cruise control? I've a Coupé with cruise control buttons on the steering wheel but without the switch beside the electronic handbrake to activate the system. Instead I...
  3. Cruise control steering wheel connector

    Hi there, Am I right in thinking that the grey connecter is for the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel? Thank you Clio MK3 1.4 Dynamique
  4. Laguna 1.9 dci vs 2.0 dci Cruise Control

    I have added the required parts to my 2.0 dci in hope the ECU would pick up cc. However the light for cruise of limiter does not come on. I tested my switches on my uncles 1.9 and everything worked fine. I can only assume it is a fuse or relay switches only there is no description on what relay...
  5. Laguna 2.0DCI Airbag & Cruise Control

    Hey guys. Originally my Laguna didn't have cruise control fitted. However, after some research I added the cruise control switch, changed the squib for the air bag and cruise controls making sure the pedal and clutch pedals had the relevant switches. After fitting everything the cruise control...
  6. Retrofit cruise control - Clio 3

    Hi all, I have an pre facelift Mk3 Clio, the engine is drive by wire rather than the usual throttle cable, I have noticed that I already have a switch that has the speed limiter/cruise control options already installed. The Steering wheel is stock without the buttons etc for cruise control, is...
  7. Scenic - 1.9dci - wiring for cruise control

    Since the car is in bits at the moment, and I'm about to drive 1000 kms or so (touch wood) I thought about fitting a new steering wheel and driver's air bag and switch on cruise control. I've just removed the cowl from the existing steering wheel and can't see any spare connectors. can...
  8. 2013 traffic. Check injection, check emissions, check cruise control

    General Chat
    All, I've had the above lights come on took it for a blast out and they cleared. But they are back on again. But this time it's now limping. I thought it was the DPF as everything was running fine until today. There is no power a over 2krpm and nothing above 60mph. It's a 2013 trafic sport. Help...
  9. Cruise Control deactivated Laguna 3 - Please Help.

    Hi, I bought a Laguna Mk3, 2.0 dci BT12, M9R814 and CC/SL not working. The rocker switch next to the parking brake does nothing. No matter I press CC or SL, I got no indicators lighting in dashboard to show that is active. The illumination on the rocker switch works when lights are on, which...
  10. Megane 3 cruise control

    Hi everyone I'm new here and not too experiant I have a used megane 3 expression and i just bought a new lwather interior with the steering wheel included in this new steering wheel it have cruise control, i would like to know if there is any chance to install the cruise control sistem and what...
  11. Cruise Control : Twingo : Mind of its own.

    I have a glitchy CC on my 2013 1.5D Twingo. It is so that the CC only reacts to input when the steering wheel is at ~nine o'clock. As you can imagine that draws some attention on the road when I try and get it to work, people think I am having spasms behind the wheel. It startet last winter...
  12. Cruise control

    Hi guys got a megane 2008 1.6 I put cruise control on was fine for about 10 minutes then I went up a hill not a steep one just long slope one suddenly cruise control switched its self off I pushed button and it resumed speed is this normal for this caror some stupid French thing cheers for any info
  13. Cruise Control stuck on Renault Clio DCI

    Hi, I was driving with my Cruise Control switch on at 69m/hr but when I press my brake to slow down the cruise control didn't come off. The cruise stayed on and didn't respond when I pressed the brake again. The test conducted revealed no fault on the Cruise Control however the clutch showed a...
  14. Trafic cruise control dash switch

    Anyone know if the cruise on/off switch located on the dash is a standard Renault switch fitted to other models too? (Laguna etc) I’m about to try to retrofit cruise to my van but need the switch and don’t fancy paying £40+ for a single switch! My van is a 63 plate trafic sport if that makes...
  15. Cruise Control

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, I have a Renault Laguna 3 2011 2.0 dci 150hp and the cruise control doesn't want to work any more. When I pres the switch nothing happens. No light in dashboard. I tried a scan with can clip and found the errors from attached pictures. I tried to activate it but i got a error. Any...
  16. Renault scenic 07 cruise control?

    I have a 2007 Renault scenic with automatic parking brake and basically I've come to use it this morning and it will not go in to any gear, the clutch is down and won't come back up. I'm thinking this is probably something to do with cruise control but can't figure out how to change cruise...
  17. Cruise control **Fixed**

    on clio automatic cruise control does not work no actions from any push buttons but speed limiter does work fully any suggestions or help please
  18. Hard start, Injection light on, does not go past 4000RPM/on limp mode, Cruise control

    Renault Megane lll RS 2.0T 2015 I have ordered a crank sensor from Renault, I believe all other faults are caused by faulty crank sensor. I've tried cleaning the sensor, securing the connector and checked sensor wiring - the fault stays! [emoji35] Any suggestion? Am I on the right track?
  19. Renault Grand Modus Cruise Control Setting?

    This is a strange one, I have a Renault Grand Modus Eco2 Dynamique 1.5dCi 2011 and struggling to understand the Cruise Control, I can switch the Cruise Control on and it displays on the instrument panel ----- but I can't work out how to set the speed, I looked in the manual and it shows control...
  20. Renault Megane MK III Retrofit Cruise Control

    Hi, im new here (be gentle!!), I have a 2013 Megane Knight Edition which annoyingly does not come with cruise control, I have noticed a button just by where the handbrake is, found out that this is to activate the cruise control (obviously a blank button). Apart from that switch and the steering...