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  1. Measuring DC current on vehicles with a clamp

    Tools & equipment Actually forgotten about this discussion................... I also ordered a Uni-T 210 at that time and must say I am rather impressed with the usability and accuracy relative to my much more expensive Fluke 376FC clamp - attached a pic of...
  2. Current Megane - light strips

    General Chat
    Hi. It may be time to divert away from my lengthy Laguna fetish... considering a current model Megane Only looked online so far but what’s all that with the coloured light strips in the door trims - blue? Please can anyone advise if they can be turned off! Cheers Traditional Simon
  3. Current Updates for Captur Media Nav

    Just purchased a new Captur with RLInk Media Nav and brought in the SD Card to update it on Computer. It loaded a large update but it appears to be hugely out of date. The Queensferry Crossing opened 6 months ago but when I try to cross the bridge the Media Nav keeps telling me to turn back...
  4. Chris Knott's current Top 20 clubs and forums

    Chris Knott Insurance
    As the year draws to a close, here are Chris Knott's Top 10 and Top 20 club/forum rankings for 2016 as they currently stand. Though of course there are still a few weeks of 2016 left and all could change!! Remember, to feature in our Top 20 a club/forum will be producing a high number of quote...
  5. Renault Master Current and Older Shape

    Cars & motoring
    hey guys, bit of a random one, im looking at buying a LWB Renault master, im trying to decide wether to get the now older shape (04-09?) prob an 08/09 with max 110/120k mileage or go for the newer shape so maybe an 11 plate with say 140-150k mileage, I wont be doing masses of miles a year (max...
  6. Difference in boots between 2009 and current model ?

    We currently have an 08 plate Scenic Dynamique and just about to swap it for a new Limited version and wondered if anyone can help with a specific question about boot area. We have a dog guard, which is a genuine Renault part and, also, a boot protector......does anyone know if the...
  7. What's current in your garage?

    Does anyone else think that it would be a good idea to make filling in the details of the "What's current in your garage" section mandatory when joining the forum? You see lots of posts where people are asking for help with their problem and if they had the vehicle details displayed it would...
  8. Mk1 Scenic dci starter motor current draw

    I had a starting problem the other morning. RAC diagnosed that the battery wasn't holding the correct amount of amps and also that the starter was drawing too many amps when cranking. The guy stated that it was drawing 160 amps when it should only draw around 80. This all sounds a little low...
  9. Renault Megane classic 1 ignition current problem.

    Hi! We have discussed about my problem for a week now in Finnish Renault forum and no solution yet. My problem is that when I try to turn on the engine and the electronics from ignition switch with my keys nothing happens. It used to flash a little bit those dashboard lights when this problem...
  10. Electric window motor current draw

    The rear left window stopped working in my OH's Megane II CC I took the trim out gave the connector a quick clean it seemed to sort the fault. Then it happened again this time there was a really bad smell of burning whilst I was trying to re-seat the connector to the electric window motor, I'm...
  11. Renault Grand Scenic - Display Current MPG

    Hi, I have just been watching this video on YouTube: And noticed that they current l/100 (MPG), I don't seem to have this on my 1.5dci 2004 Grand Scenic. Does anyone know why? Thanks
  12. My Clio's current value and what it cost new

    Cars & motoring
    I have a Renault Clio Expression 5DR QS5 Semi-Automatic, 1.2i (1149cc) petrol, electric mirrors, electric front windows, tunerlist radio/cassette, sunroof, air con, dark red colour, dark seats and interior. The car is over 10 years old on a 52 plate. The mileage is 35,800 odd. I'm second owner...
  13. Trip computer doesn't show current consumption

    The handbook says there is a setting after "average consumption" for "current consumption". Mine doesn't, it just goes straight from average to the range remaining. It isn't the end of the world, just wondering if that was normal for this car.
  14. Opie Oils Current Offers - Ending Soon

    Special offers
    Plus, FREE standard UK mainland shipping for orders over £75 We have many other great offers on brand such as Gulf and Shell. View all current offers >>>> Oilman
  15. Current Fuel Consumption Display - 2004 Grand Scenic 1.5dCi

    This is my first post, so please bear with me. I have recently bought a second hand Grand Scenic and have been having a read through the manual, it talks about being able to display your current fuel consumption as well as your average consumption, but I have cycled through the display in...
  16. Grand Espace 2005 current draw

    Hi , I have a 05 grand espace expression dci 2.2. Battery has started going flat overnight. Ive disconnected the negative terminal and connected an ammeter between the lug and the terminal....left it for an hour to let it go to sleep....and its drawing 171 mA. I always though 50 mA was the...
  17. Espace 2001 2.2 DCI leakage current problem

    The battery in my car gets flat in hours when the car is not driven. I measured the leakage current to be 13 A with all power consumers turned off and all doors closed, allowing for 30 minutes delay to ensure that all electronics to be turned off. -I have detached the following equipment in...
  18. Megane starter motor current draw and wiring?

    Hi, When cutting a metal turbo oil return pipe that had collapsed on my 2001 megane DTI my mate also ended up cutting into a white wire beneath the pipe. Its not cut right through, just broken the sleeving and cut a few copper strands, but I dont fancy just taping it up as I believe it goes to...
  19. Current ISP speeds?

    Computer Club
    Is anyone else suffering with greatly reduced download speeds of late? I ask as I normally get a regular 2.something (we can't get more than that because of our archaic lines :rolleyes:). However, since the weathers been bad I'm only getting around 0.3MBps which is absolutely diabolical. I've...
  20. Cheaper Quote With Current Insurer

    I have a scenic 1.6 and im paying £200 a month for it, went on to gocompare got a new quote with exact same insurer saying £120 a month, can i ring them up and say i got a cheaper quote with them for the exact same car or would i be best cancelling then restarting a new policy. Thanks