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  1. Renault Meganic Scenic 1 - 1,9 DTI - engine cut off / acceleration issue

    My beloved old Scenic 1, year 2000, has a strange issue: It struggles on cold start, around 2-3 times of retries, then I can drive it for around 20-30 min where suddenly engine cuts off. If i'm trying to start the car again, it starts but it's accelerate by itself 3-4 times and dies. It will...
  2. fuel cut off switch ( scenic)

    just looking dont panic but at the wright price maybe so is there a cut off switch or is it on the ecu on this model 2011 RENAULT SCENIC 1.5 DCI 110 DYNAMIQUE TOM TOM
  3. pre cut window tiniting

    anyone ever used the pre cut window tinting compaines and done it themselves or does it turn out like the Halfrauds film of old with huge bubbles and the silver looking effect LOL i ask as i found a company called window tints and the pre cut films are £40, £3 for the slime and £7 for the...
  4. Emergancy Fuel Cut Off Switch

    Ask the Experts
    I have a 2003 2.2DCI Renault Espace. Acn anyone tell me if it has an Emergancy Fuel Shut Off Swith? If so, where is it and how do I reset it?
  5. Renault Master dash lights / engine cut out

    Hi. We have a Renault Master MM35 Business +DCI 66 plate. A few months ago the dashboard lights cut out for a couple of minutes while driving. This happened a few intermittent times so we put it in a Renault garage, but no fault found. It ran for a month without anything wrong, then the...
  6. clio, p0136, engine cut out?

    hello i have a clio that has had this problem twice now. the little icon of a curly wurly appears below the ecg icon. the engine turns on but the gas pedal doesnt work. i put in my obd2 scanner and it came back with p0136 circuit malfunction bank 1, sensor 2. i removed the sensor that was in the...
  7. Trafic 1.9dci cut out

    Hi guys, I was driving along today for about 30 miles then at a set of lights the van cut out and wouldn’t restart, the AA man come out and figured a fuse has blown in the box underneath the coolant tank, there was 3 fuses in there 2 15amp and 1 30 amp it was the 30 amp which was blown, he...
  8. video cut

    Computer Club
    i have x2 videos on a stick from my cctv too big to post and only need 20sec from each to show now i am on linux so any ideas on how to do it Ron
  9. Megane mk1 1.6 Petrol cough and occasional cut out

    Hi Guys, I have a 1999 Megane Classic 1.6 petrol which coughs (almost hiccup like) when driven. After the car has been driven for maybe 10-15 mins and the engine has warmed up the coughing stops and it runs just fine. There is also a strong smell of fuel on startup which suggests to me that the...
  10. Clio MK2 1.2L 16V cut wire in engine bay what is this?

    purchased an mk2 clio extreme that needs some bodywork but runs fine. giving the engine a look aver i found a wire with a fuse on it. the wire has been rusted/broken but i dont know were from. i assume this wire connects to the battery. i wanted to ask first before i repair with a new fuse...
  11. Clio Thermostat. Draining Coolant Short Cut.

    Heating & cooling
    When renewing my thermostat, Clio 1.2, 2007, I used a short cut, which removes the need to jack car up, remove the plastic shield, and the bottom hose. Instead, Place tray under and behind near side front wheel, get a length of suitable hose, that will fit over the bleed screw on the thermostat...
  12. Fuel Injection Failure. Power cut completely

    Fuel injection failure and complete loss of power, happening intermittently on autoroutes. I was driving through France, from Calais to Chamonix. After about 500km, the engine cut out, a warning light on the dashboard said STOP and FUEL INJECTION FAILURE. I had no power so had to pull into the...
  13. laguna 1.9 dci cut out now wont start

    please help. my 2003 laguna 1,9 dci has cut out and wont start again.turns over but wont start. there is a RED warning light that is flashing (picture of a red engine) I can get the engine to run on easy start but as soon as I withdraw it then it stops again. any one else had the same problem...
  14. Renault Trafic failed on the Road

    Hi when I was driving to work yesterday my Renault trafic was making a different noice and suddenly cut off and won't start. I was pushing with my assistant from main road to a residential park area about 1 miles then we called the recovery and towed the van. I have removed the bit pieces of...
  15. Megane Scenic '05 Cuts Out

  16. Car cut out, square red light on dash...??

    Can anyone advise me what may have been the problem with my espace please? Mk3 2.0 16v Auto. Was on the motorway and my car suddenly died on me, it was scary as was in middle lane, managed to get onto hard shoulder then when i was stationary, noticed a square red light on the dashboard where it...
  17. Help ! Engine cut out in traffic, low rev's

    I drove my Megan 1.6 petrol coupe convertable 2005 plate to the local airport with no problems (10miles). On the way back i hit traffic. with all the stop-starting the engine just cut out. took a few attempts to get re-started and stay started. this happened at least 4 times. What i did notice...
  18. 2000 Kangoo Cut out and won't testart!!! Help!!!

    Okay, after my last post about the oil drinking it' finaly let me down but I don't think the oil leak is related. On way home I encountered a stand still traffic jam. Turned engine off for most of the stationary stuff but started two move two or three cars forward at a time so engine left on...
  19. CLIO 1.9D Coil light on and cut out

    Hi, I've trawled the web the forum and I cant find anything except confusion :crazy: Basically, my coil light comes on when stopping at junctions/roundabouts and cuts out. I have a Y reg 2001 1.9D Clio Grande. Based on my searches here's a summary of everything that may/may not be...
  20. fuel cut off switch. .

    Hi..sorry if this has been covered somewhere but I have trolled and put in a search and came up with nothing. . Can someone tell me where the fuel cut off switch (reset switch)is on a renault scenic 1.5 dci on a 04 plate (if it has one at all!) or is it done through the ECU?