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  1. Trafic 2.0 dci cutting out

    2008 trafic was driving fine then cut out with the red engine stop light flashing. Would fire up straight away and cut out after a few seconds. AA came and suggested crank position sensor was most likely as no fault codes came up on his diagnostic. Had a new crank position sensor fitted and...
  2. Speakers cutting out

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    Hi I have a nearly new Clio play 0.9, It's only done 700 miles. I've noticed the speakers on top of the dash are turning on and off. Sometimes they are on for a full day but sometimes they turn off and on 2 to 3 times a day. I'm guessing it will be under warranty but I know when I take it in...
  3. Vivaro 2004 1.9 random cutting out problem **Fixed**

    Sorry it's not a Renault by badge, but I'm unable to find anything that helps on the Vauxhall forums. Looking for a bit of help with the titled problem. I realise this has been asked many times before and there are a variety of answers as it could be a very broad problem, I have done a...
  4. 2010 Renault Sandero cutting out

    Hi everyone. I***8217;ve got a 2010 Renault Sandero 1.6 and it***8217;s been cutting out whilst driving since last weeek. Cuts out when yielding or gearing down. I***8217;ve had the diagnostics done(no faults found), problem is intermittent. No fuel filter on this car and petrol pump is fine...
  5. 05 Renault Master Cutting Out Up Hill after using Fuel Additive?!?

    I've got a 2.5 120Dci Renault Master which I've just converted into a motorhome. And It's giving no end of trouble. Now, there are a few factors to this issue and I'm just trying to work out next steps. Firstly, the van was sat around for a while with very little use as I had it SORN whilst...
  6. kangoo cutting out

    Hi everyone ,I am new to the forum,I have an issue with a renault kangoo 1.4l 8v 2001 model Problem is it cuts out while driving,even while car has momentum and you pop the clutch it will not start,you have to switch off the vehicle and start it again before it starts..only to cut out again...
  7. 1.9 dci Laguna cutting out then starts straight away

    Hi everyone, Renault Laguna dci 1.9 54 plate with 2001 engine F9Q. Runs on tickover faultless, never cuts out on tickover, go down the road, sometimes it cuts out within 10 seconds whilst still getting upto speed, and other times ive done 17 miles and it hasnt cut out. When it cuts out whilst...
  8. Kangoo 1.9d 2000. Cutting out

    Hi i have a kangoo 2000, 1.9d65. Owned 2 weeks and started cutting out when the engine is warm. Changed the crank sensor, coolant tem sensor, throttle potentiator, egr, air filter, fuel filter (all brand new parts) and various repairs to the wiring loom and earths.checked the fuel filter housing...
  9. 1.5dci KANGOO Engine cutting out?

    My engine is cutting out frequently now. 5 times in 12 miles the other day. Twice today. It's happening every time I'm out in it. Tried changing the Cam Shaft censor and no joy.(This was a fault that came up on diagnostic). Hasn't helped. Am thinking it's a fuel delivery problem? Intermittent...
  10. Cutting corners to park!

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    Contrived but could be useful!!:grin2: Furious driver cuts off corner of car so he can park in Russia | Daily Mail Online
  11. Kangoo 1.5dci cutting out.

    Hi, Got a problem with my Kangoo 1.5dci van (2004). Today on the way home fom work it cut out without warning twice,in the space of 1.5 miles. Strated again no bother though. This happened a few times some months ago, and nothing 'til today. When it cuts out the vehicle jumps out of gear. Has...
  12. Master 2.2 engine random cutting out

    My 2001 Master 2.2 dci cuts out at increasingly frequent intervals. by turning ignition off/on engine carries on as if nothing has happened. the error codes p400 & p1829 come up and are deleted no hint as to reason. Any Ideas please.:
  13. Master 2.2 engine random cutting out

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    My 2001 Master 2.2 Engine cuts out randomly. switch ignition off/on engine runs as if nothing happened originally a rare occasion getting a lot worse Any suggestions?:
  14. Renault Master cutting out **Fixed**

    I know there are loads of queries about this and that’s the problem, I didn’t find one the same as mine hence the post. I have a 2004 Master 2.5 dci 100 which keeps cutting out like its running out of fuel, won’t restart but if I leave for half an hour or so it does but just cuts out again after...
  15. Radiator Cooling fan cutting in too late ?

    What components in the radiator cooling fan system would cause the radiator cooling fan to cut in too late ? And what is too late , what position on the cab temperature gauge is normal operating temperature ? What occurs is normal operating temperature on my car appears to be with the needle...
  16. 05 Megane 1.5 DCi cutting out

    The engine on my partners Megane seems to cut out randomly whilst driving, usually in 4th or 5th gear and its also (NOW) likes to "jump" (surge, pulse, whatever its called) up the road in 1st gear as if its not getting fuel (see below as to why I've said NOW). A week or two previously the bolt...
  17. Keeps cutting out check injection

    Hi my scenic keeps cutting out changed fuel pressure regulator but now worse than ever help needed
  18. 05 Scenic 1.5 DCI spluttering / surging / cutting out

    I seem to have an issue with my car spluttering and cutting out or surging and cutting out whenever I go much above 35MPH. Only fault code was camshaft sensor which was changed, the fuel pump was also changed but the mechanic said the TB had jumped so he had to re-time it. Its still however...
  19. Cutting out and poor starting

    Hi All, I am experiencing issues with my 56 plate Renault Master 120 2.5 dCi. The symptoms are:- Poor starting - especially when been left for more than 10 minutes after reaching operating temperature and/or on hot days. I can spend up to 30 seconds turning the engine until it starts...
  20. 2004 Master cutting out issue

    Hi guys I have a 2004 Dci 120 master and it's started trying to cut out, like someone is flicking an on/off switch, it doesn't do it all the time but it's a bit concerning when it does. I noticed the heater plug light comes on when it happens. I've changed the fuel filter to eliminate that. It...