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  1. Clio 1.2 2012 (imusic) mk3 won't start after cutting out (D4F)

    Daughter's 2012 1.2 Mk3 Clio (iMusic) cut out on the motorway and had to be towed home. Now it will not start at all. Turn key to run position and can hear fuel pump prime for couple of seconds. Turn key to start and starter motor turns but no attempt at all to fire. Hear fuel pump run briefly...
  2. Clio mk2 1.2

    Clio mk2 1.2

  3. 2010 Clio D4F

    Hi, I am experiencing poor engine starts after the car has been left for a period >5 hours. The engine will crank under the starter motor but will then struggle and hesitate to start. If I stop turning the car over and restart it will start perfectly. I have replaced the coilpack, leads and...
  4. Clio 1.2 D4F 1.2 16v Head Change

    Morning all, The timing belt on my sons Clio let go last week. Head is off and there are 8 bent valves. No piston damage. I have sourced a replacement head but have one question. The timing on the valves is on the arrow on the sprocket and the mark on the head but does it matter at what...
  5. D4F head on a D7F block

    I was wondering if i could fit a D4F 16v head on a D7F 8v block are the oil channels different or is it impossible to do?
  6. Major oil leak, D4F. Help needed

    Hi all, I’ve got a 2005 Clio with the D4F-722 engine. I’m losing quite a lot of oil into the top of the rocker cover, to the point that it’s pooling all over the top of the cover. I’ve recently replaced the rocker cover gasket due to a previous, more minor oil leak. The fact that the oil is...
  7. Renault clio 1.2 16v D4f 720

    Hi all I hope this is the right section to post this question, Am asking for advice, lately I have been getting a intermittent drop on oil pressure and my STOP and oil can light comes on/ off on the dash, It only seams to do it when turning corners but then goes off when I go above 2000 rpm...
  8. How do I find out what D4F engine I have?

    I have the 2003 clio 2 with D4F engine, that much I know - but looking at some data sheet on the web there is a D4F-706 D4F-712 D4F-722 D4F-728 They are all 1149cc and fitted between 2001-2012 How/were would I look on the car as to what D4F engine is in mine? - is it stamped on the...
  9. valve clearance 2013 renault twingo 2 d4f

    Hello people, tried to use the search option and google, but didnt find a clear answer so far yet. I'm looking for the values of the valve clearance for a 2013 renault twingo 1149 16v 4cilinder D4F engine. Vehicle runs on LPG. Does anyone know the correct valve clearances for this vehicle (+...
  10. 02 Clio 1.2 16V - Misfire and sparks from coil pack

    Hey, My faithful 2002 Renault Clio II 1.2 16V (D4F engine) has had a few problems as of late. I’ve had a search around and can’t seem to find anything with all these symptoms, so I hope you can help! About a month ago I encountered a drop in engine power whilst ferrying my housemates around...
  11. how to replace coolant?

    Heating & cooling
    I need step by step tutorial how to replace coolant on my car... CLIO 3 (2009) 1,2 D4F engine. Better will be video someone can do this with same car like mine - it will be verry helpful. And also i need special tools for this work or?
  12. Problem with Clio 1.2 D4F 16V 2001

    Issue with my Clio II 16V 2001 main issues are; -Overheating -Drink oil and coolant -Smoke when accelerating but seems to be gone no longer does it. What could be the issue I brought the car at 140,000 it now has 147,500 miles.
  13. Problem with starting 1,2 D4F

    Hello, I have problems with starting only in summer. Starting procedure - insert key and start (position II) not starting, once again start and successfull like new. Where is the problem? I must start twice for success or rewind with the key to position I (where is available only electronic...
  14. Clio 1.2 16v Dynamic D4F starter noise - howl * FIXED *

    Hi. I got a lot of useful stuff from the forum so I thought I'd post this. Clio 1.2 16v Dynamic 2003. D4F engine. The starter failed and I replaced it. (Original Valeo D7E1, replacement D7E39) The new starter didn't sound "right" - during cranking it sounded like it was...
  15. Problems with engine after cylinder head machined

    Hi folks, I have a D4D 1.0 16v in a Clio which is VERY similar to the D4F. I had to send my head off to be skimmed (blown gasket after overheating - water leak) and got all the valves and seats grinded as i have a high mileage engine. New valve guide seals. The machine shop put the head back...
  16. 2002 Clio 16v D4F 1.2 misfiring

    Hi all, I've recently been having problems with misfires on my 2002 1.2 16v Clio Expression (D4F engine I believe). I only noticed the problem when my amber check engine light started flashing, so I limped the car home and an OBD reader pointed at codes P0440 - EVAP Emission Control System...
  17. 2002 Clio 1.2 16v D4F HT Lead broken off

    Hi All, My first post, and unfortunately it's due to a problem I have encountered. Have recently bought a Clio 1.2 Dynamique as a run around, and am slowly fixing various issues. I replaced the rocker gasket, and adjusted the valve clearances yesterday and now the car is misfiring. Believe I...
  18. Clio mk2 D4F Knock Sensor

    Hi I'm currently having this issue with the car not starting. The OBD says Knock sensor - Circuit Malfunction. If i wiggle the wire the car can then start again. So i replaced the Sensor and the connector and the issue still persists. I replaced the TDC sensor and plug just in case. Still having...
  19. 2004 Clio 1.2 16v cylinder head d4f for sale - SOLD!!

    For sale
    Clio 1.2 16v cylinder head for sale surplus to requirements someone could put it to use ?? D4f 722 will come with valve cover and inlet manifold £60 o.n.o Could post but would cost quite a bit to do so any questions just ask. Based in Shropshire
  20. Clio 1.2 16v d4f engine options

    Hi hope someone can answer a question are d4f engine blocks interchangeable?? Will d4f722 head fit a d4f712 block? I have a knackered bottom end and been offered the 712 block but if I can't use it then I'll have to keep looking! Thanks