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  1. Twingo D7F 1.2 8v Engine Hesitates

    Hi Guys/Girls. New to Renaults. Just been given a 2010 Twingo Freeway 1.2 8v (D7F engine?) with a hesitant engine!! Cleaned the Throttle body, MAP Sensor on Inlet manifold and replaced air filter. Car has new plugs and battery. It starts but very soon the EML comes on along with the Spanner...
  2. Clio 1 D7f gasoline, sudden loss of power

    Hi! I had driven 15 miles, when car suddenly lost power(hill). The power loss was complete, engine was still running and then some 10 seconds later it shut down. I restarted it and there was no power when accelerating(pressing pedal) and it shut down again. Before it shut down for the second...
  3. D4F head on a D7F block

    I was wondering if i could fit a D4F 16v head on a D7F 8v block are the oil channels different or is it impossible to do?
  4. Clio II 1.2 D7F - no start

    Hi Renault fans! I'm just checking in from Volvo-land (where we love a good C- or F-series engine!), as I am helping a friend bring his 2nd gen Clio back to life after a cambelt failure (not due on mileage, but years overdue age-wise!). We've replaced the valves, and put it back together, but...
  5. Valve clearances D7F Clio

    Hi, i'm just rebuilding the cylinder head on my wife's 2000 Clio 1.2 8v after a cambelt failure. I decided to buy a complete new set of valves (not genuine Renault) and lapped them all in nicely, no leaks after a paraffin test. My query relates to when i refitted the rocker arm assembly to do...
  6. D7f in Renault Twingo

    Hi. So, i bought recently a 1994 Renault Twingo. Short story, the engine c3g was already gone and so i decided to go look for a replacement. After looking in several scrap yards, and after mounting two "new" c3g engines that were already broken (under the warranty of the scrap yard) i decided...
  7. Thirsty Underpowered D7F fixed

    I bought a 2007 Clio 2 Campus 1.2 8V for my daughter to lean to drive. It had 2 cat D rite offs before. At £850 and only needing a front wheel bearing I thought it was worth a punt. 44.5K on the clock. I thought it was a little underpowered even for a 1.2and was quite disappointed with 24mpg...
  8. Renault Clio D7F Engine and gearbox, complete with ancilaries including ECU

    For sale
    Complete engine and gearbox from a renault clio. This is an 1149cc D7F engine which came from a late Mk1 phase 3 car so should also be compatible with the Mk II clio and comes complete with a gearbox and engine ancillaries including alternator, ECU etc, ready to drop in. Milleage believed to be...
  9. Clio D7F Help to identify a part please?

    Hi people I'd like to know if any other people with a Clio D7F engine (I believe mine is this type?) have a certain tube or pipe which appears to have nothing connected to it - it's something I recently discovered below the throttle body but it's hard to get a photo of it due to its position...
  10. Clio 1.2 D7F losing strength

    Regards, My problem is when im driving along it will just cut out and my car take away his throttle itself in 3.4 seconds, and then also back itself. Because of inexperienced service I changed the accelerator pedale, pump cartridge and the problem still exists in the diagnosis shows no...
  11. Cooling Fan Relay - 1998 1.2 D7F

    Hi Hoping someone can shed some light on this situation for me as I can't find the answers anywhere. The cooling fan will not engage when the engine gets hot, I've nearly had it in maximum temperature and still nothing. I have removed the fan and applied direct power from a 12v battery and it...
  12. Clio mk1 d7f into a Renault 5

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I have put a Clio d7f into a Renault five and have hit a snag as the fuel lines and tank are not set up for pressure , will a Clio fuel tank fit a Renault 5 , it looks very similar , but is it the same size? as the pump/sender fitting is not the same in the two tanks, has any one else done...
  13. Clio 1.2 8v D7F Oil in air intake

    Hi all, I have recently cleared out the throttle body (what looks like for the first time in the cars lifetime) and have noticed a deposit of oil in the air intake hose between the throttle body and the air filter (the U shaped hose). I have removed this and cleaned it, and have also removed the...
  14. Rocker cover gasket d7f

    Hi guys. Need to change a gasket on my rocker cover as ive got a leak. its a 2002 1.2 8v D7F engine Never done this before and how hard is it. Does anyone have any steps etc. Plus do I need to torque all the bolts etc. Is the rocker gasket the only one I need to change. From just looking...
  15. 2000 Clio S 1.4 K7J engine blown, possible to replace with a 1.2 D7F?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me here! I have a friend who has a 2000 Clio S with a blown 1.4 K7J engine; is it possible to replace it with the 1.2 D7F engine from his 2000 Clio RT? If so, what else would need to be carried over? This isn't about power anymore, it's making it move...
  16. 01 Clio MK2 D7F Immobiliser light flashing

    Hi there. Ill try explaining as best I can. The other day I got into my clio and turned the key and the engine started and died after two seconds. Turned the key again and it started but cut out after 1 second. Now when you turn the key the starter motor is turning over but there is no spark...
  17. 1.2 8V (D7F) TPS sensor bad?

    I'm measuring strange values on my TPS. According to the docs I found in the Dialogys NT 2621A resistance shoud be: Pin A-B: 1200 ohm (idle and full throttle) Pin A-C: 1260 - 2200 Pin B-C: 2200 - 1260 I checked it with the ohmmeter and the results are: A-B: 1.7k ohm all the way, looks good A-C...
  18. Clio II (d7f) power steering belt removal

    Car that I'm working on has two belts, one for alternator and another one for power steering. I was about to change both belts yesterday and I thought that it take 15 minutes like with other cars, but no...i couldn't even remove the power steering belt. I couldn't find any adjustment bolt...
  19. 1.2 8V D7F engine injectors

    Is it possible to remove the injectors for cleaning without also removing the intake manifold?
  20. Difficult Start , Smell of Petrol White smoke Clio 2 PH.3 D7F

    Greatings to all members. I own a 2006 Clio 2 phase 3 1.2 8v (D7F) that running on LPG. The thing is that every morning the engine is difficult to start and after it does i can smell petrol , Also after circa 20 seconds white smoke comes of the exhaust which disappears one minute after the car...