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    my daughter has a renalt clio dynamique 16v 1149cc 2003 you are driving along when all of a sudden u lose power to about 15 mph and light in middle of dashboard comes on when you turn power off sometimes car goes back to normal sometimes it does'nt i have had it hooked up to computer which said...
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    Ouchy,a very lucky boy.....
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    Hi Everyone, I have a son who drives a Clio Dynamique DCi80 ans a daughter who drives a Clio Dynamique DCi65, the DCi80 we have had in the family for 6 yrs and the DCi65 bought a couple of months ago. I am looking forward to learning more about how we can keep these cars running with the...
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    I'm taking my two 'erberts to this does anyone else fancy coming along
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  6. My mottah!
    Hi guys, Im new to the forum and I found it very interesting, there are so many fixs and people that really love their rides.... it's nice to be here... :d Im starting to play around the manteinance of my dad's Megane, so a days ago I decided to takea whole day to clean its motor up :o... It...
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    My dad is addicted to smoking since last 20 years, earlier it didn’t had much effect but now when he is 50+ his cough level has considerably increased. He is also willing to quit smoking, but he always ended up smoking again. Can anyone help me find a proper guide or procedure to quit smoking...
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    Hiya guys and girls. My Step Dad has got snags with his Rover 214. Before all the jokes come out this car is ace, it has lasted me years then i gave it to him when i got the Megane. Normally don't have any problems with it but, hey, it all comes around in the end. Anyway. I have posted on the...
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    This afternoon, my 9 yr old daughter won the Cornwall County Schools Cross Country race. She won a series of qualifiers during the winter and qualified to represent the"district council" in the County Final today. Over a demanding hilly 1500metre course, ( it is demanding for 9 yr olds) 70 yr5...
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    A beautiful little girl was born into the world yesterday morning and I can't tell you enough how proud I am to be the father of little Emily Jayne, I feel like I'm on top of the world and want every body to share in me and the wifes bundle of joy!
  12. My mottah!
    heres my motor Renault 19 Chamade phase 1 (1.4 :o ) heres my dads vauxhall vectra sri (2.5 v6 :devil: ) slight difference eh! :p (still love mine more espc when the bodykit is on!!!!)