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  1. dirt or damage

    General Chat
    once i enlarge the picture on the right it looks to me like damage but enlarge any more it goes out of focus , so what do you think owner saying mud i dont think so
  2. Minor Damage to Injector - Trafic SL27

    Hi Having just bought this van a few days ago, I've been 'getting to know it'. One of the issues I found - in time, I guess - is that the air cleaner box was sitting too low on the engine, with the result that it has been rubbing on the connections to one of the injectors (see photo, red...
  3. clio mk2 16v ABS and serv light on since wiring damage

    I had some damage to wiring loom a while back when i fitted incorrect coil pack and a specialist garage fixed the wiring.I had got a spare ecu also but original was ok.Some of the wiring loom had been damaged and since then the abs and serv light is on.I suspect that this is from the same...
  4. Megane 2005 Crankshaft and Connecting Rod Damage

    This forum is about a 2005 Megane 2 1.5 TDCI. I have encountered this problem for yet the third time and would like an answer to why it is happening. I am a mechanic and the third client has come in with this problem. The crankshaft shields and connecting rod are worn out, always happening on...
  5. Scenic Headlamps UV damage

    One of the headlights on my Scenic has started to delaminate due to UV damage. Before I get to work with the buffing wheel and toothpaste can anyone suggest how I might remove the top layer (a thin plastic layer) which, as you can see from the photo, is peeling off the lens which I assume is...
  6. Nissan Note Boot lock not working due to wire loom damage - repaired

    Other makes
    Today in the family's list of cars to fix, was MIL Nissan Note 1.4 - boot lock switch not working as wiring loom rubbed through in roof, located fault and repaired and a oil change thrown in for good measure - was fun as all wires are yellow!!
  7. Renault Clio Damage Need Advice

    Hello, So recently I've managed to drive in to a low down carpark bollard, the damage isn't too major but it has done some damage, it's in the front right wheel arch area, I believe it's called the right wing panel? I've attached some photos of the Damage, I'm just wondering what I can do to go...
  8. Stone chip damage ?

    General Chat
    Is it just me or is anyone experiencing an increased number of windscreen road debris strikes resulting in screen damage compared to their driving past ? I have never had so many, three strikes in six months, where honestly the last time that happened to me and it was only the once was about...
  9. Massive damage after retaining bolt Failed

    So driving home the other night my scenic 2 1.9 DCI (54) had a caliper retaining bolt failure. Alloys ripped inside, caliper snapped, ABS sender in half - it wasn't pretty. So recon parts ordered and fitted, fluid changed brakes bled. Had a whiting noise and realised no spring on recon...
  10. Renault Master 2.2dci engine damage question...

    Hi there- my 2001 Renault Master campervan 2.2dci had a fuel injection problem which I found out was due to a leaking injector. The injector was replaced one month ago but straight after the injector was replaced, lots of smoke was appearing from the exhaust. At the time I thought it was fuel...
  11. Renault Trafic1,9dCI water damage

    Hello, im here in this forum because of a school project. I've recived a task where i need to look into possible damages that are caused by driving through deep water. Since I dont have the car myself and i cant seem to find any repair manuals (free ones) then im hoping that maybe i can get few...
  12. EGR Disc gone - will it do any damage elsewhere?

    Just pulled out the EGR from a 2002 Scenic 1.9dCi. The end disc is gone - apparently a commonplace thing. Question is... will it go anywhere dangerous (inlet manifold say) or will it just meander off down the exhaust pipe?
  13. ECU damage

    Hey. I've got this damage on my ECU. It's completely seperating circuit 58B. Can someone please tell me what 58 B is????? Sent from my LG-E980 using Tapatalk
  14. Rear quarter, drivers side damage

    Hi, Just wanted to see if I could find out a rough quote about some damage on my car that had happened today. I'd backed into a post and now have dents and large but not so deep scratches along the drivers side, rear quarter. Need it sorting as it looks a mess. Also by any chance could...
  15. Renault trafic accident damage

    For sale
    I have a Trafic ) only 40k miles boyfriend had few bumps and I had a big bump on a roundabout. it has been taken to a garage by police as unroadworthy the problems are tyres, water bottle, and bent steering bar plus a few light covers cracked. I need to get rid asap but cant afford to take it...
  16. Can you damage the steering rack replacing the clutch and slave cyclinder?

    Odd question maybe, let me explain. About 6 weeks ago the slave cylinder went. All sorts of dramas getting that fixed with much help from this forum. Thanks again guys. Anyways, since then Maggie developed a new noise while doing any heavy steering. Like reverse parking or anything lock to...
  17. 'Possible damage to hub carrier' Renault Kangoo 2007

    Steering and Suspension
    Recently took my (newly bought) second hand Kangoo 2007 for a service. I knew when I bought it that it had a couple of category C claims on it, so wasn't too surprised when I was told that the front driver side camber angle was out due to possible damage to the hub carrier. At the same time as...
  18. CLIO 1.2 timing belt gone. whats the damage?

    Hi.. timing belt recently snaped..changed it over and attempted to start the car but its not sounding like it wants to happily did start but didnt sound like usual.. I have now proceded to remove the camsharft cover to expose the tappets and there is no obvious damage in there? can...
  19. Gutierrez to miss qualifying with chassis damage

    Formula 1 news Gutierrez will be forced to sit out qualifying in Montreal after Sauber determined that his chassis needs to be changed following a crash in FP3. The Mexican lost the rear of his C33 coming through Turn 3 and slid sideways into the...
  20. Runaway engine damage 1.9dci

    I am considering buying a laguna2 1.9 dci that suffered a runaway engine and now has no compression. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what is typically found in this case. Is there a good chance that it just bent the valves or do they often put holes in the pistons? I will try turning it...