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  1. 2011 Trafic injector bolts cylinder head damaged

    I have owned my 2011 Renault Trafic from new. In August 2017 I had three of the injectors replaced after originally complaining to Renault UK about them being heavily corroded due to the much documented scuttle panel seal failing. The dealer and Renault UK shared the cost of the repair and I...
  2. Handy cheap tool for damaged threads

    General Chat
    Just accidentally came across this while browsing on YouTube .... looks a very useful item to have in the toolbox Deburring external chamfer tool
  3. Clio Key Circuit damaged (Burnt)

    How can I bypass my Clio 2003 Immobilizer as my car can't start due to the fob key circuit being damaged. Car doesn't start when i try to disarm as the key electrics is damaged, can't get another one. Bypass is my best option
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  5. Damaged metallic trim strip in 2014 Megane dashboard. **Fixed**

    I thought it was a good idea on a French holiday to mount both our mobile phones using sticky backed velcro on the metallic strip (with the etched "Renault" diamonds). However in removing the velcro and then trying to remove the glue residue I have damaged the diamond etchings and am well...
  6. RS 200 Cat D damaged will not start help

    Hi all As some of you know I have got a damaged 62 reg Clio RS 200 air bag gone off and it will not start this is not something new to us and have had no probs in the past getting MK3 PH2 clio's started after an impacted we have replaced the airbag ECU with a one with no crash data cleared the...
  7. Clio indicator wiring harness damaged

    I've got a Clio III and my indicators have failed, I've removed the indicator stalk and the problem seems to be a wire had broken in the 10-way connector that joins the indicator stalk to the wiper stalk. Unfortunately in removing it I have dislodged another 2 wires so I now have 3 broken...
  8. damaged egr gasket

    hi all. I drive 1.9dci scenic2005. Recently turbo went and am on replacing. My problem is I have damaged a stainless steel gasket on the egr unit(where the valve sits into the housing)when I removed it for cleaning. Thats part of the problem the other part is I dont know what the particular...
  9. Legal Advice Required: Dealership has broken my car

    General Chat
    Hi. I hope someone can help please. I took my 2002 Laguna II into a dealership to have a new key card programmed. Somewhere in between my dropping it and their getting it into their garage, both the steering lock and the card reader have mysteriously decided to fail. The dealership tells me...
  10. Clio III Electric Wing Mirror damaged - opens, then opens some more (180 degrees!)

    My left mirror has taken some knocks. Now, whenever I open the mirrors from closed, or turn the electrics on when they're in the correct open position, the left mirror continues to turn as far as it can, until it gets to almost 180 degrees. From closed, it does click into place when opening...
  11. Wheel nuts have damaged rim

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi i recently have been hearing a very loud noise from my from my driver sides tyre. So on inspection i have noticed the wheel nuts seem to have created new holes . Please could someone tell me why this has happening. Thank you
  12. Advice on damaged seat backs

    Hi all I have a Renault espace and the backs of the seats with cup holders in have been scratched and have marks all over them from previous owner who used to throw buggy and prams in back any advice, was going to rub down and respray but someone mentioned using a heat gun!!! Not sure what will...
  13. A shreaded fan belt damaged a valve on my 1.9dCi Engine but was it my fault

    I had been driving along for around 3 miles when the yellow serv light came on because of low oil. I stopped and put some oil in the enginge i didnt overfill it, it was dark so some oil may have missed or dripped over the edge. I then started the engine the yellow serv light had gone off and I...
  14. 2005 renault megane damaged sill

    Very stupidly I went up he kerb and run over a rock don't ask lol. The damage dented the bottom sill In 3 places m I right in saying this is part of the car structure and is not replaceable? Am I able to body fill your help and advice would be much appreciated
  15. Alternator Belt broken now garage says engine damaged

    I am really devastated! On starting my Clio 1.4 (no previous problems - good runner 77,000 on the clock - new clutch just fitted - sailed through MOT) I noticed a clattering sound coming from under the bonnet. I had a look, and it seemed to be coming from the fan belt/alternator belt area. I...
  16. Laguna 2l 16V RXT bodywork damaged after dephaser fitted

    Hello guys Please help, I am very distressed since I got my car back this morning after a dephaser replacement. The authorised service and repair agents have a very bad reputation among myself and people I know. I have been working on my many Renaults since the early 60's but with the Laguna...
  17. Grand Scenic (2011) underside bar damaged

    Dear all, the other day I loaded my car with some heavy materials and while trying to go down the my parking door, I managed to hit the floor with the underside of the car. Checking under the car, I can see a metal bar running from left to right, which is bolted with two screws and is now...
  18. damaged electronic brake system

    Hi Folks! I am a retired Englishman now living in Spain. My 2004 Scenic has developed a fault with the braking system, which showed up during a Diagnostic test at my local Renault dealership. We all know the cost of fixing these, approx. €600 here in Spain. I do have an Electrical/Mechanical...
  19. Damaged UCH (Transponder) or BSI unit

    A leaking sun roof over time appears to have damaged the UCH unit, the car would appear dead when trying to start but later would start and run until it finally failed to start no matter what we did. We have traced the problem to the UCH unit which is an N4 model to control electric windows...
  20. novice need help with damaged pipe on grand espace 2001

    Heating & cooling
    please could anyone help me i have noticed a tear in the thick corrugated pipe at the top of the engine also one end of the pipe is not attached to anything although it has what looks like a connector on the end. I think it is possible the heater hose but not sure. i have removed the damaged...