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  1. Those damn alloy wheel centre cap keys...

    General Chat
    So, I've discovered the hard way that removing the funny looking bolt the secures the centre cap on my Clio's alloys can be a PITA. In my case, the drivers front bolt is siezed right in and no amount if persuasion using pliers, mole grips and a tap of a chisel have worked. To make matters worse...
  2. damn this french turd - megane II starting issue

    Nothing but frencg gremlins in this turd, jeez, car started and drove fine thie morn, went to start it to come home from work, it wouldnt start nor crank. says press clutch and start (which is what i always do) nothing, so tried the other way of brake pedal and start..still nothing. It bumps and...
  3. Why are those damn A/T solenoids burning up???

    Hello fellow renault masochists :d FWIW, here are my 2 cents of experience with Renault Auto-transmissions and solenoid nightmares... I've got a 1997 Renault Megane with AD4 gearbox. I like the car (pretty tough build and great hatchback form factor for mounting a rear bike carrier with several...
  4. Damn scenic windows!

    Hello all! you have probably heard this many times before , but my passenger window doesn't move at all! Also my drivers window go down 2'' then stops, then I have to press the button again for another 2'', same going back up! I'm sure this could be the regulators but just want to make sure...
  5. those damn plastic fixings

    that i have on my laguna - must have had about 8 broken over time. anyway just bought these from *bay they seem to fit the items in the engine bay and trim in the boot too. so just incase you need some -...
  6. damn and blast its written off!

    General Chat
    Had an accident which has left my scenic written off and sees me as liable. Thank heavens no-one's been hurt, but I'm a novice at this and in need of any helpful support! cirhossa1
  7. That damn Engine Warning Light ! Clio 1.2 16v

    Hi Guys....had the Engine Warning Light come on intermittently....usually comes after a flat spot in 4th Gear at approx 2000-2200 rpm.....changed the coil pack, plugs and filters......checked on the OBD II and get a P0314 code....misfire unspecified cylinder.....hows that?!?.....pulled each lead...
  8. God damn limp mode :( anyone got any ideas?

    Hi all, You may remember me as the hapless guy that had a turbo replaced recently. Anyway I have a new problem: I was driving along a country road and hit a pothole (I had no idea that it was there as there was a sneaky puddle covering the road). There was a big thump and them the electrical...
  9. Damn Vandals!!

    Hi all, I'm new here so i hope I'm posting in the right place (great site btw!) My Laguna 2 was unfortunately attacked by some mindless idiot last night who has managed to wrench the N/S wing mirror so much so that the spring mechanism no longer works and the mirror flops about rather limply...
  10. Damn clock

    I have a laguna II initiale with satnav my problem is my clock.When i get into the car and start the ignition the clock displays the time from when i was last in the car(it doesnt keep time)after a while when i start to pick up satalites which can take upto 10mins the clock gives the right...
  11. damn interior lights

    hi guys, is there a modual/timer for the interior lights, mine stay on for ages even while drivin?? please help or the bulbs are comin out lol. my car is a 51 laguna II sportplus 1.6 16v
  12. Damn key cards!! WHY!?

    Having read lots of threads on here I see that we are certainly not alone in having an issue with the Scenic keycard. We have a 53 plate Scenic with 2 keys - both of which have always worked normally. Until last week when my husbands key suddenly wasn't detected - although it still opens and...
  13. Damn Wii Fit!

    General Chat
    It says i have put on 2lb this week. Any more nonsense like that and it will be getting lashed!:crazy:
  14. Damn you Microsoft

    Computer Club
    Can anybody explain to me why on Earth Vista has not only touched a drive other than the selected volume during Windows set up, but installed the sodding bootloader on it such that when I remove my temporary 1TB backup drive, I can no longer boot the Windows install on my RAID 0 array? I hate...
  15. its damn cold and i am struggling to bleed my heater matrix

    Heating & cooling
    hi folks i am new here and have joined since having to fit a new radiator since some kind person forced a screwdriver through the one i had! as many of you may have found the 2.2dti is a pig to work on, and parts are sparce to say the least, so when the new rad arived and was differant to the...
  16. Damn radiator

    Heating & cooling
    After a long run of normal service my clio mk1 diesel disgraced itself and left a puddle in the works car park. On reading how easy it was to replace the radiator in my Haynes manual (Ha! Ha!) I decided to carry out the work myself and purchased a nice shine new radiator. Pretty straightforward...
  17. Those damn screw down battery terminals

    Has anyone got a way to ensure that you can get a good solid connection between the screw down battery terminals and the battery. I have an ongoing problem which seems to be electrically related. My wife was going out this morning and tried to start the car and it got a bare glug and died. I...
  18. Damn bleed nipple... Nearly there.... Oops I snapped it!

    Wheels & tyres
    Bloody thing! As far as i can tell the brake fluid had never been changed on my clio. The fluid was a dark grey and the pedal was feeling a bit spongey so i thought i'd have a go at changing it and bleeding the system. All was going well until i came to the rear left bleed nipple, the third in...