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  1. Electronics
    My Clio is Mk3 reg 2012 recently serviced my Clio after service due light came on Didn't really need servicing as far as i could see now Spanner shape light on dashboard has come on this morning cant switch it off. I'm away from base and that's were the owners manual is, any one know a what...
  2. Electronics
    Can anyone help? I have purchased a Megane RS 250 2010. All the lights work indicators, Door open, seat belt warning lights etc but no noise which is weird. Any clues?
  3. Electronics
    Hi all New to here,hoping someone can help. I have a 17 plate Megane GT Line. It has this strange fault that it keeps having where I get a 19mph or 31mph message on dash near to the speedo and the centre console loses power. You hear a relay click and the centre console goes off....after...
  4. Electronics
    hi there my daughter just brought clio 2007 and after 10 mins driving the stop light and battery light on dash goes on theres no loss on power nothing else it has new alternator from previous owner hopefully she hasnt brought a dud
  5. Electronics
    Hi 2010 Renault master 3 with 2.3 euro 5 engine - workshop light on and dashboard message saying check auto lights. Can***8217;t find any info in book, workshop manual, online or even from the Renault mechanic I spoke to..... Anyone got any ideas where I can start fault finding it?
  6. Interiors
    Hi, I'm wanting to utilise the A4 sized shelf above the main dash panel on my 2014 Kangoo maxi van , see photo, I've trawled many sites and fora but can't work out how to remove this to get access behind. All I need to do is find a route from this area to the back of the radio so I can install...
  7. Electronics
    Hi Got my 04 1.9 scenic back today from the garage after having a new clutch and duel mass flywheel, while it was at the garage they accidentally snapped the clock spring wire thing for the airbag/horn on the steering column, they have had to order a new unit so I had the car delivered back to...
  8. Electronics
    Need to install dash camera but don't know which fuse to use as there is no way of know what's what. See picture attached of some of the fuse box. Can someone please help
  9. Ask the Experts
    Hi, I have been looking at upgrading the speakers in a 99 Clio MK2 1.2 RN. It seems to have bass drivers in the doors and tweeters in the dash. So, if I just replace the door speakers with 2 or 3 way coaxial speakers with their own built in tweeters, will they receive any high frequency...
  10. Ask the Experts
    hi any one got any ideas Brake (ABS/ESP - stop light on .these are all codes found but hand brake still working fine auto and manual, could clear all codes except parking brake ones . the epb did not respond to diagonostic scan when told to erase faults. any help appreciate thanks for...
  11. Electronics
    Good evening. I am restoring my scenic's radio to standard but am getting no display. This is because the digital dash has been replaced at some point in its life and the wrong one fitted. I contacted my renault dealer (Renault Leicester)and they said could get one for £600+ but were not allowed...
  12. Ask the Experts
    I am trying to fit a front Dash Cam to my 15 plate Renault Scenic, using a "Hardwire Kit". Which fuse do I connect the "Fuse Tap Cable" to?
  13. Electronics
    hello, i have another wonderful problem from this FRENCH (boo/hiss) car. the little light has appeared, i believe it is the "electric fault" light. the gas pedal stopped responding and the car wont move. i switched the engine off, walked back home and got my obd2 reader, got back to my car to...
  14. Interiors
    My car has a rattle coming from the big grille on top of the dash. When I press it firm, it stops. I've tried prising it up a bit to jam some padding in, but it doesn't seem to want to come out easily - if I could get the whole thing out, I could put something around the rim... So how does that...
1-14 of 500 Results