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dashboard lights

  1. 2004 Laguna - Headlights not working but indicator is on dashboard

    Hello guys, Got a 2004 (54 plate) Laguna, believe it is the MK2, it is the 2.0 16v petrol engine and I got some issue with it that I cant work out. One of the xenon bulbs in the headlights was gone and i went about trying to change it and I couldnt as I got the wrong bulbs in the first place...
  2. Clio Mk3 Speedo/Instrument Cluster Light Bulibs

    Hi all, The bulbs in my speedo seem to have stopped working on my mk3 clio. Can I replace these bulbs, is there just for the whole speedo or different ones? If so how to I access them? Thanks!
  3. laguna 2 turn signal resets dashboard

    hi! im having problems with my laguna 2 2004 1.6 16v 79kw the problem is: if i turn on hazzard or turn (left, right) switch my dash board goes turns it self off and reboot its self. all so deletes my current fuel consumptions this only happens when i use turn signal or triangel. so far: i...
  4. only central locking and hazard lights working

    Tried to start my grand scenic 1.9 diesel 06 plate today after being stood for a couple of days. It turned over a couple of times quite healthy then died. All dashboard lights are out nothing apart from the start button and the card slot are illuminated. The hazards work and central locking but...
  5. Flashing dashboard lights when indicating or depressing brake pedal

    When driving and indicating to the right, the lights on the dashboard will flash while the indicator light is flashing. The dashboard light will also flash when depressing the brake pedal. Is this fuse or an electrical problem or something more severe?
  6. Dashboard Lights

    Hi, All the lights on the car are working ok (headlights, sidelights, Service Lights etc... on the dashboard) apart from no light for the Speedometer & rev counter. The dials themselves work, but when dark the dials are not visible. There has been no incident to memory that could have caused...
  7. Dashboard lights on ..No rev counter

    1999 Scenic 1.4 Patrol. Battery was replaced recently as not able to hold a charge. The car got a tow and post the towing and battery change some of the dashboard lights are on. The Engine management and STOP lights are on but are dimmer than normal. (All other lights are full brightness and go...
  8. Auto Light on dash, Clio 1.6 1998

    I bought the car in december and the light kept coming on, as the car was still under warranty I took it back to the garage I bought it from and whatever they did seemed to fix the problem, the problem being that the auto light on the dash just seems to turn on randomly which slows down my car...