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  1. Dashboard RED STOP light

    Hi all, I just bought a Modus 1.5 dci 86 oasis, On my way home the Red Stop light came on and after a few seconds it went of again, any idea what that means? Many Thanks Dom
  2. Dashboard Symbol

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what this symbol means, please?
  3. 2010 clio initiale dashboard centre air vent repair or replace

    hi i reciently purchased my lovely 2010 clio initiale carminat tomtom 1.6 automatic. have a couple of problems i would like to share incase someone can help. 1) the centre air vent console has the plastic direction flaps dislodged and wont work.... can i replace the unit and is it a garage...
  4. All Dashboard lights flashing (Clio 1.5dCi 2007

    General Chat
    Hi All My daughter's 2007 Clio 1.5 dCi has something wrong. Battery is always flat for few weeks. few days ago jump started and went to garage and they said no electrical problem but battery. New fully charged battery fitted. All is OK. Travelled 200 miles and back to London yesterday no...
  5. Nothing on dashboard after battery charging

    On Monday evening, I parked my Laguna III having driven 180 miles. On returning to the car on Wenesday morning, a friend said that the hazard light had been flashing all of Monday night and most of Tuesday. I went to the car on Tuesday afternooon and was able to enter with the electronic...
  6. Espace 4 dashboard replace

    My 2004 Espace has a sagem dashboard can I replace it with a johnson Johnson one both have the same wiring connections and both are non satnav
  7. Dashboard symbols

    Ask the Experts
    2018 Megan GT line This symbol on the dash to the right of the centre dial. Can anyone***8217;s not in the book or on the Renault Webb site as far as I can see.
  8. Megane 2 - rattling dashboard

    So I've had a rattling dashboard for the past few years and felt it was progressively getting worse to the point it was seriously annoying me while driving lol Anyway I read elsewhere that silicone spray can fix it and so I took a chance on it. I kind of worked out the main rattle was coming...
  9. Renault Laguna3 dashboard time problem

    He everybody, Could somebody my problem? Because I have connected my Can clip tools to My car 2009, LAguna3 2,0dci and I wanted to change the time format(12h or 24h), but the can program wrote a message "its not support" when I tried change 12h format and immediatly the time dissapear. I wanted...
  10. Laguna II 2.0 16v 2005 - Dashboard Issue and missfire

    I hope this is the correct section. I have been having an intermitent problem with the dash on my Laguna II for a little while, where the dash would reset itsself. This would happen about once a week, the whole dash would go off the come back on, as though the car had just been started, the...
  11. 2004 Laguna - Headlights not working but indicator is on dashboard

    Hello guys, Got a 2004 (54 plate) Laguna, believe it is the MK2, it is the 2.0 16v petrol engine and I got some issue with it that I cant work out. One of the xenon bulbs in the headlights was gone and i went about trying to change it and I couldnt as I got the wrong bulbs in the first place...
  12. Xmod (14 reg) Tom Tom dashboard issues

    Hi, I have Xmod and loving it. However, when I go to switch on the radio or nav as both are on. The problem I have is that it will not switch on immediately. Now sometimes it does then switches off. Also when I switch it on it thinks about then goes through a sequence where it switches on and...
  13. Grand Scenic 3 dashboard display changed **Fixed**

    Hi folks, looking for some advice. I was servicing the wife's car and was trying to find where the cabin pollen filter goes, so I removed the lower section of the dashboard. I discovered that I had to remove the clutch pedal assembly, so that is a job for a drier day. Anyway, I reassembled...
  14. Kangoo Dashboard Cluster Display Housing

    Hello everyone :). I don't suppose someone could please help me in locating a dashboard cluster display housing? I am mainly after the housing itself and not so much the electronics that is mounted inside the cluster. This cluster also sits in the middle and on top of the dashboard. My...
  15. Driving without Dashboard display (Scenic II)

    Hi there, I am planning on sending my scenic mk II dashboard display away to be repaired. Just wondering, am I still allowed to drive without it because obviously I won't be able to see what speed I'm doing. I do plan on using a separate speedometer that I already own but I was just...
  16. Renault Clio 1.2 16v Dashboard inop?

    Hi, ive got a clio 1.2 16v the dashclocks seem to have stopped working, no rpm or speed working and the digital dash at the top is not working so can't see mileage, temp or fuel level. The fuses are not blown and when running the car the speedo and rpm needles flicker/jump sounds like a relay...
  17. Scenic dashboard display

    I have just bought a 2012 Scenic as my car in Spain. We have no manuals but have managed to work out most things using google etc. One thing we can find no reference to is the dashboard display of a car with 2 leaves by it which sometimes changes to a cloud. It is permanently there when we are...
  18. Clio Dashboard Melting

    Help I need someone to look at this problem for me. My 2016 (December) Clio has been showing a kind of melting in the pattern on the dashpad. It usually has a diamond pattern, but very early on, before the first service, I noticed a little area that had blended in pattern. I reported it to...
  19. Modus dashboard removal

    Hi folks, My Modus air-con system has a leak, but despite doing everything it can with pressure testing and dyes, my garage can't find the source of the leak in the engine bay. They say it's probably in the cabin, which makes sense because you could smell the oil when the air-con was running...
  20. Laguna II 1.9DCI grandtour 2006 dashboard peeling

    Hi to everyone My laguna dash is peeling off badly on the top section. Both left and right. Has anyone had this problem before or seen this before, and has anyone repaired such damage before. It seems to be a common problem. I searched on second hand cars of the same year/model, and found that...