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  1. Electronics
    The green light stays on on the dash even with the card removed and the lights off. There is no problem with the lights except the rear centre is out apparently. Any ideas? Cheers! :d
  2. Engines
    Hi, difficulty navigating this site so here's hoping I'm in the right place! My problem is with a 2002 1.9 megane authentique tdi. Left it over new year for 4 days. Despite record low temp, there was plenty battery, starter turning but not starting. Glowplug light and rear screen heater light...
  3. Electronics
    On my 1999 Laguna the Radio/Temp/Clock display at the top of the dashboard has gone all dim. Can anyone help? Regards Alfie
  4. Electronics
    Hello All, I seem to be having a problem since installing a new headunit, the dash cluster backlight is no longer working (the dash does not light up when the headlamps are on), ( The battery also was dissconected when I done this) although indicators lights etc.... work. Also the brake light...
  5. Electronics
    hello peps hope you can help with this ive spent all my cash on a 2003 53 1.5dci megane estate for myself and am now getting probs that i realy havent got the funds to take to renault to sort out so any ides or help would be greatfully appreciated here we go no 1 the hand brake light, the lcd...
  6. Electronics
    Hiya any 1 know what the amber light on dash means? (MEGANE 2003).its staying on..looks like alternator warning..but also has same symbol in red and that goes out when started.any clues.only just bought car ..cheers!!!!1