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  1. Dodgy keysystem? and trip computer loses data

    Our 2011 Laguna 3 has been a bit temperamental twice now. The battery shows as being in good condition. The alarm went off The car ignored the cardkey Opened with the little elbow key insert okay Internal lights all off It ignored the cardkey when it was inserted into the dashboard I got out...
  2. forum problems inc can we use your data

    General Chat
    its been around 2 mths and i still cant see or remove likes received now every time i goto a new page i get can we use your data its starting to pee me off Ron in fact let me know via email when its fixed
  3. Technical Data about FAP/DPF 2.0dci

    Good morning! I would like to ask if anyone can assist with some accurate technical information regarding the DPF and associated system. In my case this is relating to a late 2006 GEspace 2.0dCi 175 manual. There is a lot of miss information around on the internet about DPF's and outside this...
  4. CLIO 1.5dci egr tester data explanation

    Dear members, I am new owner of 2004 CLIO 1.5 dci, 60kw, 280.000 kilometers. Have the tester delphi ds150e. But I am still learning and would need your opinion of the data I get. Problems of the car: the main problem is that car is cutting out and when cold has very strange noises. The voltage...
  5. Useful Car Data

    Tools & equipment
    This link I stumbled across may be of interest to some owners for servicing and users of OBD Renault Clio II 1.2 16V 2001-2012 D4F-706 Car Repair Manual
  6. Help reading data from torque app

    Hi, after being told my upstream 02 sensor may be on its way out, as the car is running rich, mpg is bad and noticeable loss of power, I used torque app to get some 02 data readings from sensor 1 as I'm getting no fault code for the o2 sensor or not got any management lights on either, only...
  7. 2004 kangoo dci code reader and live data

    Tools & equipment
    Hi all I'm looking for a code reader and live data reader to diagnose a running fault on my van. Can anyone suggest a decent one under £50 that will read live data,fuel pressure etc and code read ? Thanks
  8. No data link connection

    My dci scenic is going into to limp mode and when I plugged in my delphi diognostic tool it was showing no faults but when I plugged in snap on solus pro today there was no data link connection. I've checked all the fuses and non are blown, I've also check and there is power to some of the...
  9. ECU running ok, but no diagnostic data available

    Hello all, I have a mk1 phase2 laguna first registered in 2000, it also has an LPG conversion. It appears to be running a little bit rich so I took it to the LPG garage for a service it was almost due for anyway. Unfortunately when they hooked their computer up to the OBD2 port they were...
  10. Live data for failing diesel injector

    Following on from a previous thread,would a live data check show up and tell me which of my injectors is on its way out?As the local garage I use said they would do a live data check free of charge as the car seems to missfiring on tickover and the engine is knocking when accelerating,but fine...
  11. Siemens EGR Valve. Test voltages, data. 1.9 DCi

    Hi, Can anyone give me the expected voltages/data for a Siemens EGR valve on a 2006 Megane 1.9 DCi 130hp. (not Piersburg). As the 12v feed comes from the ECU, (not a fuse directly) should it be constant or fluctuating? What circuits share the 5v reference? I only have 1.5v. Fault code P0486 EGR...
  12. Data plate location.

    Hi all, I've just purchased a 2002 Renault Master LM35 ambulance to convert to a Motor Home. I would like to know where to find the vehicle data plate, as my local parts store can't find any parts with my reg number, any help would be gratefully received. Thanks Colin
  13. airbag crash data

    Hi, got a 09 renault clio 1.5 diesel here and one seat airbags were deployed, is there a device like autel, launch or snap on that can clear the data without removing the airbag module from the car..thanks
  14. Emission data for Trafic 1.9dci

    Hello all. I just bought a Trafic 2003 model, and discovered that it probably does not satisfy Euro 4 emissions standards (I'm going to use it an environmental zone in Germany). However, before I sell it on, I would like to check if this really is the case, as there seem to be some pre-2006...
  15. Personal data not saving!

    Mornin all, I have noticed in the last 2 days that: What's in my garage info at the bottom of any thread, has vanished, also if you go on your own page, you can alter info of what you drive, where are you, what other car have you got etc, but it won't save it. Anybody else notice this or got an...
  16. megane data link connect not connecting

    hi i have just bought a renault megane wityh the timing belt snapped so i stripped it down and put valves in ect ect.. but when coming to start it it did not fire. i pulled the fuel line off to see if there was any fuel gettin up and there was nothing so thought it might be the fuel pump so...
  17. Trafic / Vivaro opcom data help please

    Vivaro 2.5CDTI 2005 80k miles I have had trouble starting my van in the cold, the mpg seems low; the engine temp doesn't get warm enough; its sluggish below 2000 rpm; ticks over very well; not erratic; starts when warm; So today I've replaced the fuel filter, air filter and cleaned the egr...
  18. Williams ECU and wiring Diagnostic data

    Hello gents I'm trying to find some data so I can do a diagnostic check of the wiring at the ecu. (ohms resistance readings of the various sensors and voltage figures again for the variuos sensors, etc Throttle Position Sensor, engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, crank position and so on) I've...
  19. iPhone Users Data Usage *WARNING!*

    General Chat
    Just a quick post in case any of you on here have an iPhone... To cut to the chase I'm on a monthly contract, which includes 750MB of data a month, this usually lasts me about 3-4 weeks UNTIL.... My bill was settled on Monday 12th December, thus resetting all my allowances for the following...
  20. Fuel consumption data on OBD II?

    Hi, i own a 2000 Renault Clio 1.4 16v MTV. I bought an OBD II diagnostic tool in order to get (among others) fuel consumption data. However, no such data appears? Do you know if my vehicle supports fuel consumption data? Note that the diagnostic tool has been succesfully connected on the OBD II...