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  1. Upto date Sat Nav CD for 2005 Laguna

    Hi all, I've recently acquired a 2005 laguna, however, the Sat Nav CD is so out of date, the street I live on, which was built 12 years ago, isn't on it. Can i get an up to date cd or will i need to change the system to a more modern one?
  2. Curious about my biggest issue to date (starting issue)...

    So I recently had the starter motor replaced at an eye watering cost of close to £500 on my mk3 1.2tce Clio :crying2: as it failed to start and the RAC said it was categorically the starter. I knew I was getting ripped off here but I desperately needed my car that week! Two weeks later, and the...
  3. Batfinks Valentine Date!

    General Chat
    True Scumbags Tale A clothes designer who tried to let a man down gently*following just one date received a request for cash from him to cover the money he spent on drinks. ********38, from London, was only on her second date after joining the online apps Plenty of Fish and Tinder when a...
  4. Are your Garage details entered and up to date !

    General Chat
    Hi everybody ! Can you please check you have entered the 'In My Garage' section of the membership/dashboard & also that details are up to date. In the last few days we have had several OP's with blank info & others showing details of vehicles past. A lot of members here go to a lot of...
  5. McLaren reveal 2015 car launch date

    Formula 1 news have become the first team to confirm details of their 2015 car launch, with the wraps set to come off its new Honda-powered machine in a digital launch on Thursday January 29. Images and information about the MP4-30 will be...
  6. Date and temp?

    My date and temp has never been on display? Any reason as to why and how to fix this
  7. Ferrari announce launch date and name options for 2014 car

    Formula 1 news have become the latest team to reveal the launch date for their 2014 challenger, announcing that it will be unveiled on January 25 at 1430 CET, three days before pre-season testing begins in Spain. In a novel move, the Italian...
  8. Sat nav up date

    I want to up date my sat nav in my 2008 laguna iii but where do you get a disc and where do you put it any help
  9. FIA sets June date for Mercedes-Pirelli test hearing

    Formula 1 news FIA's International Tribunal (IT) is to meet in Paris on June 20 to hear the case against Mercedes and Pirelli concerning their recent tyre test, it was announced on Monday. It follows the protest lodged by Red Bull and Ferrari at the...
  10. Ferrari sign De la Rosa, confirm launch date

    Formula 1 news have recruited Formula One veteran Pedro de la Rosa to their development driver line-up. The former McLaren tester, who raced for HRT last season, will be tasked with helping the Italian team improve their simulator. De la Rosa...
  11. up date turbo

    up date told by my local garage £1200 then £2000 found some one esle £700 fitted new turbo oil change ect
  12. Adjusting the date and time

    I own a 2004 Megane Auto CC and I do not know how to change the date/time on my clock. I'm sure there's an easy explanation, but the only reset button I can find is for the trip computer, but I an't see any obvious set button for the clock. Can anyone help? :confused:
  13. Engine Manufacture Date

    Does anyone know how to read the engine block number to work out what year of manufacture it was or is there some listing I could obtain this info from. Mine starts with the letters PB7705 etc. Any help gratefully rcieved.
  14. Renault Manufacture date

    Cars & motoring
    Does anybody know how I can find out when exactly my Renaul was manufactured. Apparently you get 7 differant timing belts on 1.9 diesel engines, 2 differant belts on my Extra van, one on those manufactured before August 1996 and another on the ones manufactured after August. Gates gave me the...
  15. Build date

    I wonder if anyone can help me please, I am trying to find out my build date, am I right in saying I can do this via the vin number. I have tried to find a vin decoder with no joy. Many thanks for any hep you can give
  16. installing a upto date radio???

    hi everyone i have a R reg Renalut Megane scenic RN now i wish to replace the old radio for a new one the old one has steering controls is this still possible for me to change the radio and any ideas on howto do this job also the actual dashboard i think my new radio looks smaller so how do i...
  17. diesel use by date

    does diesel have a kinda use by in after a certain amount of time does it start to go bad? apperently petrol should really be used within about 6 - 8 weeks..before it starts to go bad. I have diesel in my van that has been there for approx 6 months. it still looks pretty clear.. should...
  18. Things Not to Say on Your Valentine's Date

    General Chat
    1. I really don't like this restaurant that much, but I wanted to use this 2-for-1 coupon before it expired. 2. People say I remind them of Eddie Haskell. 3. I used to come here all the time with my ex. 4. I never said you NEED a nose job. I just said it wouldn't hurt to consider it. 5...
  19. Scottish meet date set 27th May

    Regional activity
    Hi folks, The date for the Scottish meet is Sunday the 27th May, At Loch Morlich near Aviemore. :) We hope as many as possible will attend, It should be a great day out. :) Bring your own grub or packed lunch or just dine at one of the many eating places near by. :) We will be posting...
  20. Windows XP execution date set

    Computer Club
    Windows XP execution date set