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  1. Scenic dci130 2005 lossing power

    Ive always had slight flat spots whilst hard acceleration where if i slam foot too the floor it would accelerate then ease off a little and accelerate a easy off again and that would happen about 4 or 5 times between each gear change. now it is going into limp mode inconsistently. Its also not...
  2. 2006 Master dCi130 Cam Belt (?)

    I have the above engine / chassis in a Burstner Motorhome. Can anyone advise conclusively whether or not it has a cambelt? Thanks.
  3. Looking for advice

    Cars & motoring
    Hi! I am really new to this forum. I have had a 2005 Megane cc2.0t before, but it got stolen. Now i'm looking to buy the same car, but with a Diesel engine. My main problem is deciding if i should buy the 1.9 or the 2.0 dci. is this the appropriate place to ask such a question? If its not...
  4. grand scenic dci130- extend warranty to 4 or 5 years???

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys, I am interested to extent the warranty for my newly purchased grand scenic sci 130. Do you think it worth the extra 360 to extent it from 4 to 5 (360 for an extra year). Are there many problems that may come up at the fifth year?.
  5. wrong oil! Does it really matter????

    Hi, i have a few thousand miles ago had my new laguna 1.9 dci serviced, as i do with any car i have bought. When my mechanic told me it had the wrong oil in i didnt think anything of it. But three months later was looking at my servicing book and wondered why the renault dealer had put "the...
  6. dci130 g.scenic poorly once again

    well to say this car is the most unreliable car ive had is an understatement after all the trials and tribulations ive been thru already within the first year of ownership the car is poorly once again problem: car seems to warm up very quick-gets to 5 bars within 2-3 miles now car seems to...
  7. grand scenic dci130 problem

    Hi guys,wondering if anyone could help me please i got a 55 reg grand scenic dci130 ,purchased last sept with 73k on the clock and just had a servic and cambelt,pulleys changed car has been ok ,had a service light on for a number of weeks and when i read it on my computer it came up with glow...