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  1. Renault Clio battery dead and can’t get inside

    Ask the Experts
    So Renault Clio c2003 battery is dead. Key fob won’t work. Passenger side is parked too close to the house for the door to open in the one key slot on th car. I can’t get into the boot - I was going to get the towing point but not an option... Any ideas how I can get this car moved?? It’s road...
  2. Dead Handbrake Scenic II

    Ask the Experts
    Hello, I hope someone can help. The handbrake on my 55 plate scenic II won't release. Up to this morning it worked ok, (just a handbrake fault warning 2 days prior). Come to use it this morning, and nothing. No light on dashboard unit, no fault warning on dashboard. Just a handbrake that won't...
  3. Wierd advice Jumping dead Motor, to unlock.

    Last night, on another Forum. Bloke had flattened battery. Key Didn't work either. (As usual no spare Key). Usual advice given to jump to Alt or Starter. Also advised to jump to Pin 4 12S Tow Socket. Then along comes another Bloke who suggests:- I'm thinking he should repair his lock or...
  4. Dead car after loud hissing noise and smoke

    Scenic 2 dci 130 .Hi guys,see if you shed any light on this one,on the way home earlier, going up a steep hill,we heard a loud hissing noise, and smoke ,pulled over immediately, and engine stopped.then noticed no electrics working ! Great stuck on a steep hill no handbrake ! (Stupid design )...
  5. Clio IV - speedometer dead

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with speedometer. It doesn't show any information. Just lights up. It started from not showing some digits, and now nothing is visible. I think I have to look at speedometer connector - maybe there something gone wrong. Have anybody disassembly top dash for...
  6. Totally dead Kangoo

    Hey all, Looking for advice - 2007 Kangoo. The battery died (I think, potentially due to a fault in the rear side door Central locking - it appeared to be the source of clicking having returned to the van after a few days). Anyhoo - I had to run to a job, and my nephew came round (in my absence...
  7. Dead USB Port for Radiosat 3D Sound By Arkamys Bluetooth in 09 Megane Mk3 iMusic

    I've searched about a bit and can't seem to find anything concrete about this issue. I've got a 2009 Megane iMusic, which is kitted out with slightly better than awful stereo gear and uses the "Radiosat 3D Sound By Arkamys Bluetooth" system, complete with usb and aux connections for audio...
  8. Megane ll 1.6 16v 2003 almost dead **Fixed**

    Bought it a week ago and everything has worked until one day refuses to go around the starter engine. I have 3 key cards, put in the key and the display shows press clutch and then press brake and start the car (not verbatim) press the start button and nothing happens. When I look at fuses in...
  9. 2011 Air con Issue Cost vs Worth

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Everyone, My first post on a forum. Today at 32c heat my air con on my 2011 Modus decided to give up the ghost. I am going to try the fuse in the engine bay first. If its not that then from reading on here its going to be about 700 pounds to replace the AC compressor as there is no click as...
  10. Scenic 2 dead.

    I have a problem with my 2008 Scenic 2 1.9dci 130. My sidelight has gone which turns out to be the fuse. Having checked the glovebox fuses and further reading on this site I looked, without success, for the under bonnet fuses. I dismantled a lot of stuff to get to the fuses but in the end gave...
  11. Instrument panel � gps � radio went dead

    Instrument panel – gps – radio went dead As of this morning my instrument panel – gps and radio just died on my 2014 Grand Scenic. Any ideas on what might be wrong?
  12. Radio completely dead and blank tom tom screen

    Hi everyone my cigarette lighter wasn’t working and I changed the fuse and now it’s working but ever since I changed the fuse my radio won’t work and my tomtom screen is completely blank. I have a mk3 Clio 62 plate, any help of advice would greatly be appreciated.
  13. Clio MK2 2.0 16v gearbox dead. Suggestions?

    Hello! A new Clio MK2 2.0 2001 owner from Latvia here. Run into a problem. Due to loose maintenance of previous owner, after couple of days in my ownership the gearbox died. Clutch or no clutch, whichever gear - car won`t move. Got the car to the repair specialist. After having a look he says it...
  14. Ignition erratically as if battery is dead, any reason other than bad battery?

    This has happened a few of times now, this time I was rigorous taking readings. 1. There's power but the ignition doesn't even turn over. Single clunk as if battery is dead. No other symptoms. OBD reports no faults, there is no parasitic drain. Battery at time of death is 12.6v cold. 2. Charge...
  15. Dead battery

    My boot was opening on its own yesterday, then went to my car today and car is completely dead, would a low battery cause my boot to open on its own?
  16. cordless tools battery dead

    General Chat
    so we have all been there good drill evan an expensive one but the battery is dead do you bin it NO i used to make up new battery packs from sub c cells was about to do the same again on my 14v / 18v drill and 24v rattle gun but things have moved on you can now turn them into li-on battery...
  17. Dead Battery

    Hi folks, recent problem on my daughter's Modus 1.5. Fully charged battery to start with but it does not appear to be being charged in normal use. Battery will be 'dead' next time ignition is switched on. There does appear to be a buzzing, clicking sound in what looks like electrics box under...
  18. Scenic 1.9DCi 2002 Intermittently dead-baffled **Fixed**

    2002 Scenic 1.9DCi in very nice condition, low mileage, regularly serviced, doesn't use oil or water, doesn't smoke and runs well. Always starts on the button without hesitation and in any weather. - until yesterday. I started up normally and the car drove perfectly for about 3 miles to the...
  19. Battery dead and rescue key not working

    Need help please, have an 04 scenic, the key card was playing up yesterday alarm and locks setting and resetting constantly seemed ok this morning though. However came out this evening to find car totally dead (battery probably flat now), however when trying to ***373;use the little rescue key...
  20. 07 Megane totaly dead

    Hi All. I am new to the forum and hoping somebody can help with an electrical/electronic problem I have. I have read through similar experiences but cant find anything total like my issue. I started off when I was unable to open the door using the key card so I used the manual key instead. I got...