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  1. Dealer Brake Fluid Change

    Afternoo The car went in for it's 4th service today which supposedly included a brake fluid change. The fluid was fairly clean anyway, so its hard to tell from the resevoir whether they actually changed the fluid. But the bleed nipples look untouched, photo attached. Any thoughts?
  2. Trafic 2012, dealer advises sale

    General Chat
    The SME I work for has a couple of vans, one of which is a traffic with 130k. The gov website says it's a 2.0L (handbook has 2 models 1.9D and 2D, presumably making this the 2.0D) It has always been dealer serviced. It went in recently to have a key programmed and despite never having given any...
  3. MPG drop after dealer service

    Fuel Economy
    Hi I have a megane tourer 2012 1.5dci with 116k miles - full dealer service history. The car always done 53-55 mpg, however that DROPPED to 48 max after a recent full major service at a local renault dealer (just before xmas). I chalked the drop maybe upto worn tyres / shorter colder trips but...
  4. Megane - Power Steering - Main Dealer

    Steering and Suspension
    I want to share my experience with people here about my Megane Power Steering problem. I had not driven my Megane for about 6 weeks. On start, the battery appeared to be weak to start the engine. Then the Power Steering Fault light came on, power steering failed. As I thought the car is 8...
  5. Laguna 2 Dealer Roofbox

    longshot, but I had a genuine Renault box for my last laguna, that clamped directly onto the roofbars and was very sleek / low / secure. anyone selling one???
  6. New peed off with renault and dealer Kadjar owner

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I took delivery of a new Kadjar in December. Since owning the car i have had to sort out a false alarm issue myself by making some adjustments to the interior sensors. And now ALL the extra large wheel arch mouldings that came with the adventure pack(£798) are coming away from the car...
  7. Engine Knackered? Get a second opinion

    General Chat
    Hi all Put the car (lag 2 V6)into a dealer because it was convenient - the car has a major engine wobble - turned out cylinder 6 had a miss-fire. Dealer tells me they swapped around the coils and the M.S was still there so it must be the valves/pistons - probably a write off then. Engine has...
  8. Dealer diagnostic check

    Hi all, can anyone tell me how much a dealer would charge to do a diagnostic check on my Megane 3 or if anyone has had this done. The independent garage I initially took it to found numerous error codes when a check was done and therefore wasn't sure what the problem was so suggested I take it...
  9. GAP Insurance - from a car dealer? Really?!

    GAP INSURANCE - from a car dealer? Really?! If you're buying a new car in the coming weeks you might also be considering GAP Insurance. But do you really want to be buying an insurance product from a car dealer? Wouldn't you have more peace of mind if you used an insurance expert who can give...
  10. Dealer charged me for 1st years Road tax

    Cars & motoring
    I had a new clio that was a total loss in an accident It was only 4 weeks old. so when I went to claim my vehicle tax back DVLA said the first year tax is nil,so no refund is due. yet i was charged £130 by the dealer on my invoice. I questiond this and was told that it was included in the on the...
  11. Last thing any car dealer wants to see

    General Chat
    Oh dear. But there is a 5000 euro reward.
  12. repairs by uk renault dealer on a french registered espace

    Good morning to you all.This is my first post on here since joining your community so bear with me if I am not posting this question on the relevant question to you all is I have a Renault espace 2.2 cdi 2005 which I purchased in France so is obviously a left hand drive.has anyone...
  13. Cambelt change - Main dealer on Independant?

    Hey there, New to this forum and just wanted some advice. I have just bought a Renault Megane CC which doesn't look has had a cambelt change, even thou it has full service history. Therefore thought it best to get the cambelt full kit changed/Water pump. I have spoken to Renault in Cardiff and...
  14. Recent experience with Renault Dealer & Customer Service

    Cars & motoring
    Could have put this in other sections - it was an electrical problem so "electronics"? But was also a review on the local dealer and customer services so "garages"? Decided to put it in here as it would give a greater exposure AND let people know that they aren't too bad after all. "Check air...
  15. Motorist gets angry with car dealer

    Cars & motoring
    A motorist local to me got angry with a major car dealership after his car failed MOT. He threatened to wreck the showroom, etc. The dealership concerned is a mutli-national company who hold numerous dealership licences for various brands Renault being one of them. See link below for details...
  16. Dealer Complaint, just wanted your thoughts on the situation.

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys, I had a very infuriating experience with my local Renault dealer yesterday and wanted to share it with you to get your feedback. Firstly, this is the second time that I have had to complain to Renault UK about this dealer, :censored: I have a 2002 Clio V6 and on Sunday noticed that my...
  17. Dealer that can make change to ECU on laguna coupe

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I'm wondering if there is a Renault dealer in Ireland/Northern Ireland who can make a change to the ECU on a laguna coupe. To make a long story short I have been getting injector warning light on bring it to Renault they clear it and 8000km later same thing, a friend of mine with the same...
  18. Vel Satis manual and dealer plates

    For sale
    I've just listed a pair of Vel Satis dealer plates and an original factory electrical manual on eBay - 99p start and no reserve.
  19. problem with renault dealer

    General Chat
    Hi, recently purchased a clio,having lots of issues, talking to customer services, but does not seem to be getting anywhere,thinking of contacting manager director Renault uk, can anyone help?
  20. Trading Up at a Dealer: Negotiate on Price of Older or Newer Vehicle?

    General Chat
    One thing I've never understood, and about which there seems to be no discussion online, is price negotiation at a secondhand car dealer on the trade-in value versus asking price for the newer vehicle. Under current etiquette, dealers appear steadfast on their asking price whilst making Joe...