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  1. Engines
    Nearly 2 weeks ago, I took my Grande Scenic into my local dealer as soon as I got a "Low Oil Pressure" warning on the dash. They advised me that it was almost certainly just low on oil. I disputed that, (as they had serviced the car only 4 weeks previous) but they assured me to put oil in it and...
  2. Electronics
    Hi guys :driving:I was looking through old threads re radio codes, as weve just bought a 53 megane 1.9dCi (120) and though very pleased with the car, it didnt come with any paperwork (handbok etc lost at dealers during service prior to use buying it (yeah woteva!) Anyroads, long story short...
  3. Electronics
    Hi All, I have a 2003 52 plate Clio 1.4 16v Billabong. A few weeks ago I had the engine management light pop up on my dash. I took the car to someone I know locally who has a diagnostics machine. The code was coming up as a faulty air temperature sensor. I ordered the part from Renault...
  4. Cars & motoring
    Online Parts Suppliers I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this but can anyone recommend a good online parts supplier. I am looking for a timing belt kit ( for a Lag II ) and also a Xenon ballast unit. I have tried Europarts but they dont have any and I am wary of going to Ebay...
  5. Cars & motoring
    Is it common to be charged for a courtesy car whilst the car is in for recall work? Given that you bought the car from that particular dealer? Thanks.
  6. Cars & motoring
    I bought a used Scenic from an independent dealers a few months ago. They have put there dealers sticker on the inside top edge of the rear glass. I have removed them before on other cars with a sharp scraper and white spirit. The problem I have with this one is that the sticker has been placed...
1-6 of 11 Results