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  1. Any breakers or spares dealers in Greater Manchester / Cheshire / Derbyshire areas?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, all! Do you know the names of any reasonable and reliable breakers or spares / scrap dealers for parts in the Greater Manchester / Cheshire / Derbyshire areas, please? I need to buy some parts for my Megane Dynamique. Thanks in advance!
  2. Edd China quits Wheeler Dealers

    General Chat
    Hi Just seen that Edd China has quit Wheeler Dealers. :crying2: Thank you for the thirteen series of fun and explanatory solutions to many issues that we see so often. Alan
  3. Oh Dear Renault Dealers

    General Chat
    I am so very tempted to post dashcam footage of my car in a Renault dealers ...not naming them for ovious reasons just now Put Clio in for erratic running from cold and was told they could find no faults, checked plugs etc so they said , fault is intermittent so let it develop they said Today a...
  4. Anyone Watch Wheeler Dealers?

    General Chat
    If you do watch it you will have seen the Honda S2000 what they did this week? I felt pretty sorry for the bloke who sold the car to them for next to nothing and then Mike seemed to have ripped him off when he sold it back to him for more than the asking price.. Anyway good on the bloke as it...
  5. dealers rubbish not renualt

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi,new boy,just my view on dealers,my megane had a tapping sound wife took it local dealer,said it was the pulley(rubber/steel lamernate)new one r900, put on next day.dreaded phone call,not fixed it,needed to take off the head for further investigation. To cut the story ended up with head...
  6. New Dealers in East Anglia - GAD Tuning

    Performance Partners
    We are proud to announce and welcome a few new dealers on board with GAD Tuning.... Locations and Type of work carried out are listed below. ECU Remapping in Cambridge - Remapping OBD, Tricore and BDM ECU Remapping in Sudbury - OBD ONLY ECU Remapping in chelmsford - OBD, Tricore and BDM...
  7. Where did you buy your latest USED Renault?

    Where did you buy your latest USED Renault? Vehicle Auction Rooms On-line Auction website Private Sale Used Car Dealers (Independent) New/Used Regional Car Dealerships (non- Renault) Official Renault Dealership How satisfied are you with your purchase:- Very satisfied Mediocre...
  8. Are all car dealers bad? Is it time to look privately?

    General Chat
    I went to look at a Megane II with 55,000 miles on the clock full service history and 1 lady owner. Car was advertised as Runs and drives 100% superb. What do you think. Heres the sound of the engine. Hands up who thinks Trumpton's train!! Car 2 I went to see had the wing mirror missing...
  9. Does anyone on here work in the parts dept at a dealers?

    General Chat
    I have a bit of a favour to ask and I think that directly calling a dealers may be a bit cheeky. I'm having a few issues with the abs system on my scenic and suspect that the abs ecu has failed but I can't 100% rule out the wiring. A local independant has offered to connect up another ecu...
  10. Wheeler Dealers Alpine A310

    General Chat
    Hello! :) Having just watched the recent Wheeler Dealers episode regarding the (cough) DIY fix-and-sell-on-an-Alpine episode have to say... Wow! Renault... and then I remembered, of course! Now, I knew what one was, but, having just seen one "in the flesh" (well, in HD) I have to say I'm...
  11. Good Renault parts dealers and/or breakers?

    General Chat
    Hi All, I'm compiling a list of good renault breakers and parts dealers, the kind that get recommended on forums. Are there any parts specialists in particular that you can recommend? Anywhere in the UK, as long as they dispatch. Many thanks, Tom
  12. Tracing information from Renault main dealers

    I need a radio code for my scenic and was wondering if anyone has approached Renault for this service. I understand that sometimes a small payment is required, in which case, isthere any other information that can be requested at the same time. I would like a Key number and any service info that...
  13. dephaser replaced 1 year ago at renualt dealers is it true they replace the cam belt

    had it fixed under warranty but read on here they would have changed cambelt etc as it was done at a proper renault dealers.well any ways its back to conking out and the nice rattle is there yet again been quoted 700 to have it replaced after a year.700 pounds a year seems an expensive car to...
  14. Our forums know more about our Renaults than the dealer!

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, OK so I'm looking to fit tyre pressure sensors to my Mégane, after I heard from a forum member that he has done this to his Meg. It's very easy, it's just a case of checking whether or not an RF receiver is built in to the ECU. If so, the feature can be activated, the sensors coded in and...
  15. Are dealers been fair

    General Chat
    Hi all, after reading alot of threads on here and through my own experiances I have come to the conclusion that dealers are more interested in making a buck rather than looking after their customers and their cars, please someone prove me wrong!!!!
  16. Dealers and Low Oil Pressure!

    Nearly 2 weeks ago, I took my Grande Scenic into my local dealer as soon as I got a "Low Oil Pressure" warning on the dash. They advised me that it was almost certainly just low on oil. I disputed that, (as they had serviced the car only 4 weeks previous) but they assured me to put oil in it and...
  17. Radio code on dealers invoice?

    Hi guys :driving:I was looking through old threads re radio codes, as weve just bought a 53 megane 1.9dCi (120) and though very pleased with the car, it didnt come with any paperwork (handbok etc lost at dealers during service prior to use buying it (yeah woteva!) Anyroads, long story short...
  18. Why don't car dealers do this?

    General Chat
    I have a Kawasaki and looking for some spares I found this. Four clicks of your mouse and the spare you want is sent the next day ! You get full access to the companies micro fiche where you look up the spare you need, all spares have the...
  19. Engine Management Light - New ECU?

    Hi All, I have a 2003 52 plate Clio 1.4 16v Billabong. A few weeks ago I had the engine management light pop up on my dash. I took the car to someone I know locally who has a diagnostics machine. The code was coming up as a faulty air temperature sensor. I ordered the part from Renault...
  20. New Series of Wheeler Dealers....

    General Chat
    Starts tomorrow :d I know there are some dodgy bits, like the porsche head gasket look for mayo on the oil, and the BMW 325 having a "stainless exhaust" But I like it!!! New series starts tomorrow, 9pm Discovery realtime on a ferrari 308 GT4! This series looks to have, The Ferrari, a mini...