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  1. Heko wind deflectors Megane Coupe 3- on a 2010 plate ** SOLD **

    For sale
    My car is being traded in next week and I will be removing my wind deflectors. They are in good clean condition, from a Smoke free environment. Will need new double sided tape but will have the metal clips included. Looking for £20 (gifted PayPal payment) including post by myhermes. Ideally I...
  2. renault megane 3 sport tourer wind deflectors

    Exterior styling
    Hi guys l own a renault megane 3 dynamic sport tourer and l want to buy a set of wind deflectors. l have seen some after market ones at the local shops. But they all fit the same on the rubber and windows of the doors l would like to know if there are wind deflectors for renault that fit on...
  3. Mk 3 Megane Coupe Wind Deflectors

    For sale
    Took these off me car before it went as thought they may be of help to someone on here.. They are the Team Heko ones. Like I say they may be of use to someone. Would like pick up if possible as they are quite big and would be awkward to post.. £15
  4. Mk4 Clio Wind Deflectors

    For sale
    I'm selling a used front set of wind deflectors for a Mk4 (2013) Renault Clio. Bought from a Renault dealer. No clips needed, just slot into rubber seal. £20 from Laindon, Essex. Collection Only or I will be at the CS Saturday event tomorrow if you want to collect from me there.
  5. Headlight Deflectors for Europe

    General Chat
    Hi, Going to Belgium on Thursday and just need a little tip with headlight deflectors, I have Osram Nightbreakers and the beam is very strong on the kick up to the left.. I put a thick piece of tape just to the top left of the dipped beam bulb, and it seems to block the kick up when facing a...
  6. Wind Deflectors

    Exterior styling
    has anyone got a pictures of a red laguna estate 2002 with wind deflectors? just wanna see if its worth getting them or not
  7. Refitting Wind Deflectors

    Exterior styling
    I have Had my car a few weeks now came with wind Deflectors but passenger side has lost its grip looks like they were taped. Does anyone id The Double sided Car reg plate and accessory mounting tape would reattach it? Sorry to sound dumb but got used to having them on. :)
  8. Wind Deflectors for new Clio mk4

    Exterior styling
    Hey, Does anyone know where i can get wind deflectors for a mk4 Clio? I cant find them on ebay and was hoping to have them for when i pick it up from the dealer in october :( Thanks everyone in advance
  9. Megane 03 onwards Wind Deflectors

    For sale
    For all four doors £20, can post for extra Paypal accepted Im based in Northern Ireland
  10. Fitting Team Heko Wind Deflectors on Clio MK2

    Exterior styling
    Well everyone :) My new set of wind deflectors just arrived for my clio, but I've came across a problem. I was watching a fitting video (yes I know they're real simple to put in) and the guy had put 4 clips in the window. Me not thinking anymore of it I put in the 4 clips. Soon after doing...
  11. grand scenic wind deflectors

    General Chat
    Has anyone fitted wind deflectors to a Grand Scenic, if so what type is the best - self adhesive ones or the type that fit in the window channels? Thanks
  12. how do i fit beam deflectors to my modus

    i have a 2005 1.5 dci modus; i am travelling to europe shortly. i purchased supposedly universal eurolite beam deflectors for fitting to my headlamps. my problem is there is no indication as to where they go on the headlamps. the instructions cover every car known to man except the modus!! can...
  13. Clio III Wind Deflectors?

    Exterior styling
    anyone got these and also where they get them from? i know they is a few around ebay but i got some team heko ones on my corsa and would like some of the same quality? cheers jay
  14. Clio 3 Wind Deflectors

    Exterior styling
    Hi there, I have been looking at getting some wind deflectors for my 3 dr 07 Clio. Anyone got any or could recommend some? Cheers Ed
  15. scenic II headlight deflectors

    :confused: I,m off to spain soon and need fit deflectors, but there are no marks on the outer plastic lens. Anyone know where you fit them ? thanks
  16. Wind Deflectors

    Exterior styling
    Anyone know if official Renault wind deflectors that fit inside the window channel are OK with anti-crush auto up windows on a Laguna II? I bought a set of wind deflectors from a European company on eBay and although they fitted easily and looked good, they interefered with the the window when...
  17. Renault Laguna 2 - Headlight Beam Deflectors

    Cars & motoring
    Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend suitable headlamp beam deflectors for driving in france for my laguna 2 sport tourer '56 reg. Many thanks, Chris:d
  18. Pic's of my new wind deflectors

    My mottah!
    Hi,i thought i would post some pic's of my new wind deflectors from ebay a German company price £35 all in 50 Euro's once converted for the set of 4 took 8 days to arrive and were well packed and took about 30 minutes to fit i hope you like cheers all the best Donald.
  19. Laguna - Headlight Deflectors

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there I own a laguna estate car, and we are going to france next week, can anyone advise on fitting the headlight deflectors thanks Tom
  20. Wind Deflectors

    Anyone used wind deflectors on a Scenic II ? Renault Scenic 2003 -up wind deflectors visors 5dr 4pcs - eBay Exterior Styling, Car Tuning Styling, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 07-Oct-07 08:10:31 BST)