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  1. Radio line no power - Megane 1.5 eco Drive Deisel - 61

    Hello All, I had my megane purchased a few months back from a private individual. When buying the car radio did not work, but the person told me it will be just fuse, and can be fixed easily. After buying the car, I checked the 10A radio fuse (based on location specified in the manual) in the...
  2. Renault Modus 1.5 Deisel starting problems

    My Modus fails to start when cold. RAC fault code reader shows DF015 & DF025. Also wipers occasionally switch on bg themselves. disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting (software reset?) sorts the starting issue. I've been told the non starting is a glow plug issue? But it was...
  3. Megane 1.9cc 2007 - deisel leak

    Hi all, I had some trouble starting my car yesterday, first thing it would not start, I had to hold button in and pump the pedal to get it going, have never needed to do this before. All day it started find, I got home and tried it 2 hours later and same problem. I had a look today and...
  4. Laguna deisel that wont start

    Hi I have a mk3 2008 2L diesel that the other night just stopped, i have been unable to get it to start since, do you know if i have any fuse under the bonnet for the pump cut off etc, the fuel is getting there ok, i replaced the fuel filter still the same its trying to start, but semms like...
  5. deisel in the engine

    hi had a guy fix my scenic ,2 injectors didn't work ,put new ones in car ticks over but wont run properly, then he tells me the turbos gone ,replaced it then he says he's found diesel in the oil,8 inch over the dipstick mark, takes it out and it knocking from the bottom end, and filling up...
  6. cleo 1500 deisel wont start 52 plate

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    cleo 1500 diesel wont start looks like it getting to much fuel :confused:
  7. megane3 deisel 1.5 egr removal

    Hi All can anyone point me in the right direction please. Where is the egr located on a 1.5 dci 2009 Megane I cant find it? any help will be much appreciated
  8. megane 3 1.5 deisel heater not working

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, ive had water ingress through to passenger foot well. ive cleaned out drain holes and now that problem is fixed. Now heater blowers are not working on any setting (climate control is on and and can adjust). I was advised by a mate of a mate on how to test heater resistor (bridge/earth it on...
  9. Exhaust noise/renault laguna 2006 deisel

    I have a hissing noise coming from the front of my exhaust on my Renault laguna deisel 2006.
  10. 04 Espace 2.2 dci deisel will not start

    hi all this is my 1st post so forgive me if i'm posting in the wrong forum, I have had the car for about 2 months with no problems, then I went to start it 1 morning and after the 4th attempt there was nothing, all the electrics worked fine and I couldn't see any warning lights apart from the...
  11. Clio 1.5 deisel not start following clutch replacement

    Hi folks, My 2005 Clio 1.5 (deisel) is currently in my local garage where it has had a problem with the clutch and has since been replaced. However, the garage have had problems with the car starting and when it does, it cutrs out, and they are unsure as to the reason for this. (The car was...
  12. 2011 clio sport tourer 1.5 deisel

    Hi my brake pads and discs need replacing on the front of my car is this something I could do myself and are there any electronics involved the local Renault garage want £300 to do the work but I would rather do them myself. Where can I get the parts also. Thanks Dave
  13. Kangoo 1.9 deisel 65D

    Hi All, new to the forum. Been looking at starting probs with Kangoos and I have one. Its got to be something simple but need guidance. Where do I post the problem? Thanks
  14. Latest 2013 Renault Clio Deisel 1500cc dCi

    Fuel Economy
    I hired an 'Economy Car' from Geneva Airport ( French sector ) last month for 2 days, it was the latest 5 Door Renault Clio Deisel 1.5 dCi. Was travelling on mountain roads along with some motorways most of the days. On the second day I was a bit concerned that the fuel gauge might be...
  15. 1.5 Deisel Scenic idle problem

    Afternoon gents and ladies I hope you can help. My wife has recently bought a 2004 1.5DCI scenic and it's just had a new fuel pump and all four injectors replaced by the garage however after having driven it a while we have noticed that the idle is pretty hit and miss it seems to vibrate a lot...
  16. espace 2.1 turbo deisel

    For sale
    got some bits for sale gearbox turbo lights alloy wheels with very good tyres radiator sunroofs glass bonnet not mint but servicable some switches they will need to be picked up, make me an offer anglesey
  17. Deisel 03 Clio misfires when starting and blows out smelly smoke,

    Deisel 03 Clio misfires when starting and blows out smelly smoke, then runs ok when w it warms up. I just started to happen when I started up one morning. I removed the tdc sensor and emeried off the end, but no avail. I then gave it to my local garage man and he tried a few things, but agin no...
  18. Espace IV 2008 2 litre Deisel

    Hi there The rear heated screen has stopped working, I checked the fuse and that is good, I wondered what to check next, is there a relay if so where is it located? Is there a common fault with these? Hope someone can help Thanks DAve
  19. Clio GT 106 Deisel rear brakes

    Hi i was trying to change the rear pads on my clio Gt over the weekend as they are squeeling like hell and the garange didint want to know anything about it under warranty. I got to changing the pads and noticed that the piston wouldnt reset, not wanting to force it back i left it. Does...
  20. deisel everywhere

    Tried starting car, after a little unusual cranking(normally fires up easy?), it fired only to be met with a strong smell of deisel, opened the bonnet and deisel was dripping down the front of the engine block, switched off and got my head down there under what I think is the injection body?.I...