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  1. Clio Mk2 2005 - Side Airbag Deployed - Do I Replace Side Sensor?

    Hi, Daughter lost control of her clio and ended up mounting a kerb and plastic bollard. Damage detailed below: Drivers Side airbag Deployed including seatbelt pretensioner. Rear Axle and Alloy damaged Dent in Sil where Plastic Bollard hit What I have done so far (thanks to a local mechanic...
  2. Clio Airbag + SERV Light

    Sorry if this question has been hammered to death but none of my searches match my problem. Have a '52 clio dynamique with Airbag + SERV light activated on dash. Side passenger airbag has been deployed. I have a replacement airbag ECU which I have fitted today but the lights are still...
  3. Crashed air bag deployed now what

    As the title really I had a crash 2days ago and I hit the right handside of the car on a curb the car is a left hand drive and the drivers side seat airbag went off as did the pretensioner and only the rear seat behind the driver (left) my question is how do I get the air baglight to go off now...
  4. Fog ligh on dashboard comes on when footbrake is deployed

    As the subject says really, its on my 2002 clio 1.2. I also have the clock on my dashboard in the centre which has dimmed and isnt visible but iv read that could be the backlight bulb
  5. Air bag deployed unexpectedly

    Hello, I have a Megane Coupe. This week the air bag went off while I was driving. Has this ever happened to anyone before?... Two weeks ago my steering wheel started 'clicking', then my horn started going off when I turned it for corners and round-abouts. Later the same day my air bag light...
  6. Seat airbag deployed - how to tell if pretensioner has gone off too?

    As above, is there an obvious way to tell if the pretensioner has gone off also? thanks Ian
  7. Airbag deployed

    Hi, During the icy bit before christmas, the back end of my car slipped out and hit a curb, (only going about 20mph max). Passenger seat airbag deployed, no other problems. Been to renault to find out what i needed to do they have said a list thats sgoing to cost around a 1000 pounds if all...
  8. Megane III What to do after accident, air bag deployed, engine won�t start.

    Megane III What to do after accident, air bag deployed, engine won’t start. Hi all, need help from you guys! I have a Megane III 2009 1.6 petrol. It’s been in an accident. Seat airbag deployed. I would like to start the engine but no possible I suppose from the crash. I don’t want to...
  9. Clio II 1.416v - Side Airbag Deployed - now what

    My sister in law drove over a curb and the driver side-air bag deployed. i don't have a manual for the car as is 2nd/3rd/more hand so what needs to happen now ? Visit the official service centre ? I assume this isn't a 'order a replacement online' type job ? The seat trim looks to have, by...
  10. 2004 Clio Driver Side Airbag deployed

    Hi, I was hoping somebody here could help me, I have read all the posts regarding my problem on these forums and haven't found one that answers my specific question. I have a 2004 Clio 1.4 that I want to sell, however another car bumped me on the side, there was almost 0 body work damage but...
  11. Renault Clio II- Airbag deployed

    Air Bags 02 Clio Hi i have a 1.2 02plate clio dynamique. I have had nothing but faults with it since day one, but i have had a good few months when yesterday, being the plonk i am, got freaked when warning lights flashed up, veered off to the left and caught the curb, unlucky for me there was a...
  12. Air bag deployed - 2002 Clio Dynamique - passenger seat.

    Wife's Clio hit a kerb hard enough to deploy the front passenger seat airbag - as a result the upholstery has come apart and seat belt stalk disfigured. Best solution without going to main dealer for a massively expensive fix? Whole new second hand seat sourced from a breaker? Can a replacement...
  13. Clio 2 Initiale airbags deployed

    Hello. I recently had an accident which caused both front airbags and driver's seat airbag to deploy. Both seat belt pre-tensioners fired too. The crash wasn't too big - driver's wheel was busted together with suspension, but everything else was OK. The car is repaired and it looks intact. Since...
  14. Clio Driver Seat Airbag Deployed

    Hello all, Recently had a small accident in m 2003 Dci Clio (Dynamique Billabong). I hit the rear right hand wheel of the car against a curb, deploying the seat airbag and pretensioner. My reckoning is I have 2options to fix this: 1) Buy airbag and pretensioner unit and fit 2) Attempt to...
  15. Seat air bag deployed - what next

    Hoping someone can help. My car 03 clio was stolen and found later that day and it had skidded quit hard side on into a kerb which deployed the drivers seat air bag. Does the whole seat need replacing ? and is there a sensor somewhere that will also need replacing. Also does anyone know a good...
  16. Renault -Clio - Airbag Deployed

    :confused: got my self a tidy 52plate 1.4 16v clio, privilege. Drivers seat side airbag deployed & not sure how or who can help me fix it & affraid to ask main dealer cost. Anybody know most reasonable course of action or maybe who i might contact? Had damaged rims but the ones fitted to my...