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  1. Car Design

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    Walked past a Ford dealership today and saw the new (bigger) Ford Focus - nice looking car, but I think there is a close resemblance to a 10 year old Mazda 3...……. I'm looking at the bonnet shape/edges and the body creases over the wheels...…. Ford have a share in Mazda don't they, maybe they...
  2. Bad design!!!

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    Here's a couple... Apple's Magic Mouse 2 charging port... And here's one I discovered only just today, on a Clio III, I've overlaid the description diagram and scaled it so you can see directly what it relates to... Seriously Renault, someone actually designed this?????? If you can't see...
  3. Congrats on the new design

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    Just signed in and not been on for two days, holy crap this looks amazing, great job guys the website looks stunning and is so much easier to navigate. big thumbs up from me :wink2::grin2::grin2:
  4. FIA clarifies new helmet design rules

    Formula 1 news One racing's governing body the FIA has published new helmet livery rules intended to make the drivers more recognisable while they are out on track Click here to read more »
  5. 1.9 dci design rubbish

    on doing a oil change it was a messy v slow process to refill sump with new oil........I could only put a teaspoon of oli in at a time:mad: ejse it overflowed..........:crazy::crazy::crazy: unless its me:d
  6. Megane CC - discreet Martini Racing design

    My mottah!
  7. Espace rear seat design

    I picked up my new to me espace iv yesterday & ive been playing with the seating, I have come to the conclusion a couple of the seats arent very well thought out. Obviously the 5 rear seats are identical, but with the fold/recline lever being on the left side of the seat it makes it difficult...
  8. Lotus confident radical nose design is legal

    Formula 1 news technical director Nick Chester is confident that the radical split-nose design that appears on the team's 2014 car complies with the technical regulations. The asymmetric design caused something of a stir when digital renderings of...
  9. Awful spare wheel housing design!

    Dreadful design for spare heel housing release on Renault Clios 2006 models.
  10. Great Design Ideas

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    To offset the 'Design Fault' thread,how about the great pieces of design on cars that you've owned/driven. One that sticks in my mind is the dashboard readout on the early Toyota Yaris,it looks like the old Astro Wars computer game.When I first saw it in the Toyota I was amused for...
  11. Basic Design Faults

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    We've all experienced them,the basic design faults of our cars that any sane person would have realised were a bad idea before putting them into production. One of my most recent experiences was with a 2008 Citroen Relay van (same as a Fiat Ducato/Peugeot Boxer).Someone in their infinite wisdom...
  12. Ferrari reorganise design office with eye on 2014

    Formula 1 news principal Stefano Domenicali has said that Ferrari will use separate design coordinators for their 2013 and 2014 Formula One cars in a bid to make its technical department more efficient. There will be major changes to the technical...
  13. Red Bull set to change floor design for Canada

    Formula 1 news Bull are expected to revise the much-talked-about 'holes' in their car's rear floor ahead of next weekend's Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada, after the FIA issued teams with clarification on the matter. Although rivals chose not to...
  14. TO ESPACE 3 OWNER; bad r/handbrake cable bracket design - damage and squeaking FIXED.

    I suggest Espace 3 owners go take a look at their rear handbrake cables, to investigate if preventative maintenance work is required: This is a carry-over from a thread where I thought at first the squeaking I was suffering was a suspension issue...
  15. Design a Twizy Competition

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    My daughter Laura has entered the design a Renault Twizy competition. If you like her design and would like to support her in the competition please click the LIKE button next to the car on this Renault page. Thanks.
  16. Kobayashi sports Linkin Park helmet design

    Formula 1 news's Kamui Kobayashi is wearing a special helmet livery in Brazil this weekend, personally designed for him by Joe Hahn, producer and member of US rock group Linkin Park. The helmet will be auctioned after Sunday's race to raise money...
  17. Renault aiming for top three with 'brave' new car design

    Formula 1 news are targeting a return to the top three in the constructors' championship in 2011 thanks to the bold design of their new car, the R31. The team, who last won the title back in 2006, haven't finished higher than fourth in the...
  18. Design evolution of the Renault logo

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  19. Team input 'invaluable' to Indian circuit design

    Formula 1 news of next year's inaugural Indian Grand Prix are hoping that input from Formula One teams into the design of the new circuit will help make it one of the most challenging and exciting on the F1 calendar. Hermann Tilke, the...
  20. New roundabout design - the Vortex

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    Check out this new design for roundabouts, all the way from Japan