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  1. Visionary vehicle concept designer joins forces with HRT

    Formula 1 news vehicle concept designer and visionary illustrator, Daniel Simon, has reached an agreement with HRT to create a dynamic new corporate image for the Spanish team as they enter their second Formula One season. Simon shot to...
  2. Tyrrell designer Derek Gardner passes away

    Formula 1 news Tyrrell designer Derek Gardner has died at the age of 79. Gardner began his Formula One career in 1969, developing a four-wheel drive system for the Matra team. He joined Ken Tyrrell's outfit a year later and designed the Tyrrell...
  3. McLaren designer goes electric

    Motoring news
    F1 designer reveals world's most efficient electric car An ex-Formula One designer has revealed the prototype for what he believes will be the world's most efficient electric car. Gordon Murray showed off the petrol version of his T.27 vehicle yesterday at the launch of a £9million project to...
  4. Do car designer live in the real world?

    General Chat
    This thought has sprung to mind many times when working on cars, do the people who sit on the a***s in nice cosy offices designing cars actually ever have to repair one? I suspect not. Tonight I had a look at the rear wiper on the Lag, it had come away from it's rubber mountings, why because it...
  5. Designer Dogs

    General Chat