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  1. Megane 2 1.6. 2008 owner in despair

    I'm Faizel and I've had my megane2 for a few months before the "check injection" light came on. To date I have : Changed all the plugs/ replaced map sensor and o2 sensor/ had coils checked/ replaced fuel pump at the advice of the mechanic- worked for a week albeit rich in fumes/ then it started...
  2. What makes me despair ?

    General Chat
    Yesterday whilst at the garage, the owner gets a call. Seems bloke had gone into *1 Autocentre for a service. When he went to collect it the car was not done. The reason, "We are not prepared to service this, as the Engine Management Light is on".
  3. Renault Clio of Despair!

    Hi all! This is regarding my wife's clio which we have only owned for about two weeks. Bought privately so taking it back is not an option. Besides, it's lovely when it's working and only has 41k on the clock. Renault Clio (N plate) '94-'95. 1.4 RT Auto. A few days ago after heavy rain, water...
  4. help im in despair!!!!!!!

    :crazy:hi all, im hoping someone can help me......... i have a renault megane 1.6 convertable s reg, there are a few problems with it which is really getting on my t--s! the warning light keeps coming on and the speedo drops as well as the revs getting stuck, if im at traffic lights the car gets...
  5. I despair...

    Cars & motoring
    ...of main dealers! :steam: The Hearse has had, as some of you may know, it's fair share of problems over the last few months including head gasket failure and a new clutch. I've got a good warranty so I'm not out of pocket, but it's just been a plain old pain in the a$$! The head gasket...