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    Hello all this is my first post. Does anyone have the contact number for a good mobile diagnostics mechanic in the Stoke-On-Trent area. I have a Clio 2014 1.5 dci with spanner light on and a none starter car
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  3. Electronics
    any one recommend any diagnostic software to buy and that does everything that Renault dealers use, have tried Delphi, is very good but not good enough to pin point what I need. have seen some software for Renault on ebay but only works on 32 bit pc and mine is 64 bit, thanks mostyn3
  4. Electronics
    hello guys Which scanner can I use to read a 12-pin OBD?
  5. Electronics
    I was watching YouTube whereby a guy had the same vehicle as my own (Clio dynamique 2007) and it automatically displayed a fault on his dashboard. How do I get my vehicle to display this also?
  6. Engines
    Hi guys, Apologies if something similar has been asked, I'm new here and don't know alot about cars. Took my car to a garage for a diag because the engine management light had come on and an orange warning message 'check anti polution system' was displaying. Long story short they blagged...
  7. General Chat
    ok so i have alot of them my main one is the launch crp 129 . i was looking at the launch touch pro but for 3 times the price it has little extra than the crp 129 . so thought i would look around to see whats about and came across this never heard of it before and possible a copy of something...
  8. Electronics
    Looking to get a OBD-II Engine System Diagnostic Tool for using on my Primastar. Could anyone suggest a reasonably priced one to get that is know to work on the Primastar. Bought an Ancel AD510 but advised by manufacturer it is not suitable, so have returned it.
  9. Engines
    Hi all, My Laguna has thrown the check injection light on again and I suspect oil dilution (2.0DCi 180hp). Has anyone used a Renault-COM diagnostic? Available if you do a quick google search. Just wondering if they can see the soot level of the dpf etc It does say they can regen Renault dpf...
  10. Tools & equipment
    Hi there, I'm trying to find a good quality diagnostic, tool reasonably priced for my Renault Master 2015 2.3. The normal odbll plug is different, there seems to only 11 pins and a rectangular shape. Any advice or information would be appreciated, thanks
  11. Electronics
    Hello. I changed my car stereo ( also battery was disconnected) and now it asks fo system diagnostic menu code - from where and how i can receive it?
  12. Steering and Suspension
    Engine immobiliser on car want start steering column fault showing on diagnostic. Hi I have a 2008 espace 2.0 dci it cut out on me as I was driving along and flashed immobiliser fault I have had a diagnostic report and it shows a steering column fault sterling lock not engaged...
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    Hi Everyone, I am a novice user of a car diagnostic tools. It is however a task I would like to brush upon and improve. Injector maintainance is another area that I wish to work on. I am sure this forum will be instrumental in both respects and in others.
  14. Tools & equipment
    Hello, Please could someone advise me as to which diagnostic equipment would be the best for checking and clearing error codes on my 2006 Renault Espace 2,2 DCI?
  15. Electronics
    Hi I have got a 2007 lag 2 with the abs light on , the software I have on my laptop is a Scan master Elm, this only gives fault codes for glow plugs etc and isn't helping with the abs diagnosing. What can I get to help with this ? Thanks
  16. Electronics
    As above people , my sons `06 Clio has had the usual Serv / Air Bag light. I have been all over the car investigating the usual suspects and even replaced the airbag module and am now at a dead end regarding the basic faultfinding process so now i feel it is time to dig a little deeper and get...
  17. Electronics
    Hi guys! I have an Espace 2003 2.0T which has the airbag light on all the time and I wanted to use the Ohno diagnostic software to see whats what. I have the Ohno software installed on my android phone and using it with an elm327 bluetooth obd box, which worked perfectly with my old scenic II...
  18. Tools & equipment
    Hi, i've just acquired a 2012 renault kangoo with the 1.5dci 70bhp engine. I'm interested to find out if anyone has any recommendations on diagnostic software for my engine? I've had a quick look around the internet and there are so many to choose from at wildly varying prices. I'm a...
  19. Electronics
    Hi guys, Laguna ii 2003 1.9dci is lacking power and kangarooing between 1500 and 2500 hundred revs. No engine warnings on dash. Fault codes showing are :- DF067 valve set to summer no setting available DF067 two valves set to summer are showing the same setting DF052 DF052 After clearing the...