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  1. Electronics
    Any one every try thses blubs on there cars
  2. Bodywork
    help please, does anyone know were I can get a replacement front diamond emblem for my 2014 Clio, unfortunately had a ding and it's snapped, from what can see no damage to the grille, any help/advise would be greatly appreciated as struggling to find anything online, thanks in advance
  3. General Chat
    To celebrate the Renault Owners Club’s 60th Anniversary, we are holding a weekend event at Bewl Water on the Kent Sussex borders on the 21st and 22nd of July. We have been here before with our regional rallies and they have been very popular. As usual for our anniversary events this is open to...
  4. Bodywork
    How do u remove the rear diamond badge i want it off to paint tomorrow how do you do it the front came off no problem
  5. Announcements
    Since we abandoned the reputation system some time ago, we have been remiss in not setting up the Diamond member system to reflect people's contribution to the forum. As of today, Diamond members will receive their badge based on the following: o Must have been registered for 3 months. o Must...
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    Due to some problems that we are experiencing, Diamond member status has temporarily been suspended. As soon as I've sorted out what is causing the problem, it will return. Thanks very much.
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    Is it still a requisite for 'diamon member' status to have been awarded 100 reputation points? I ask, as this feature has only recently returned after a long sabbatical. Also, given that the reputation system was halted because of inappropriate awards, it seems that many may be may have earned...
  8. General Chat
    Many thanks to whoever made me a diamond member over the moon made my day thanks :d
  9. Announcements
    Sorry again, but my mailbox has gone from 500 to just 25 now :confused:
  10. General Chat
    I really don't know what to say, I would like to thank the Acade... Ooops wrong speech. I'm speechless or should that be textless. anyway thanks to everyone on this super forum :o Regards The Ottoman
  11. Announcements
    No - not a new Austin Powers film - a new user group here at RenaultForums We have some fantastic users on our forums and one of the ways that we can thank them is define some custom user groups. We now have a new user group: This is awarded to members after: Receiving 100+ reputation...