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  1. reverse lights stuck on after electrics' die :\

    Hi guys, just got back from Tesco after breaking down, with a turn of the key the car wouldn't start couldn't even hear the starter motor. Had this problem a few times whilst driving, the car would just loose all power but then would kick back in because the car was in motion. So today after a...
  2. Another personality die's

    General Chat
    Carrie Fisher has now died passed away today after having a stroke:frown2:
  3. Trafic 2003 intermittent die on first start in the morning

    Hi folks, I have had a long wade through various threads and other forums but unfortunately can't seem to get to the bottom of this problem. I hoping someone might have a idea. Problem If the van is left for any period of time (say 3hr+) it will start no problem, rev fine, ticker fine but...
  4. Indicator causes lights to die

    Hi, I have a 2004 Trafic but have a problem with the electrics it seems. If I have the headlights on and then turn the indicator on then the head lights go out, the dashboard lighting goes out too. Anyone got any ideas? Cheer
  5. Twingo GT electrics die completely then come back. PLEASE HELP

    Evening all, I have 2008 Twingo GT. I have had this problem twice now and need some help/advice. Has anyone had this or heard of this? Right, You walk up to the car and press the unlock button, nothing happens. Hmm you think batteries gone in the remote. So you unlock the door manually and...
  6. Hiking in Die Hel South Africa

    My sport of choice is hiking, and i bought my Kangoo to get away to interesting places on gravel roads. The kind of places where people generally only go in four wheel drive vehicle. Over the Easter weekend we went to Die Hel (The Hell) the Gamkaskloof valley near to Oudtshoorn. The trip was...
  7. Clio 1.2 8v - can dead battery cause car to die when running?

    I'm a bit puzzled by this issue to be honest. A close friends Clio (which I should add is under warranty and being looked at tomorrow - this is more for my curiosity at the min and to make sure the garage don't just fling on a new battery if it isn't the issue) had problems today where it...
  8. engine die's

    help ! 1998 espace 2.0 petrol auto. turning right or rounderbouts car splutters and some times die's, have checked power steering , earth straps, changed fuel filter and new plugs and leads, still splutters,can anyone help please....and also asked Renualt uk for advice no help...
  9. engine die's

    hi all, please i need help ?. i have a 98 espace 2.0 auto petrol, every time i turn right or have to use a roundabout it starts to judder and if you don't get the rev's up it die's.. have taken it to a garage with no can't find a problem.....has anyone had or heard of same problem...please help...
  10. Is my car about to die???? HELP

    Hi folks.. As some of you may be aware from previous posts, I own a 2005 Renault Megane 1.5dci that I use for driving instruction purposes. The car at present has 96000 miles on the clock and I am experiencing a few problems. I need to know whether it would be feasable to carry out repairs...
  11. i think my turbo is about to die?

    hi, as many of you know from all my posts i have a renault 1.5dci that has recently been away for a reconditioned engine fitted, upon retern i had a couple of problems one being a "whistle" that i belive to be from the turbo, the last couple of days i have smelt a oily smell , thinking...
  12. Is my Laguna 2.0 IDE going to DIE

    Hi i have a 2002 laguna 2.0 ide initaile with 80K on the clock, when the car is sat still the engine seems to move and rock and be quite noisey but the idle sits still on the rev counter. When i drive it it has plenty of poke upto 4000/4500rpm then it seems to splutter a little (not in first or...
  13. All electrics die during driving

    I have a T-reg clio 1.4 and when I'm driving it all the ellectrics die including the speedo, the lights, indicators, the abs, everything so obviously not safe to drive. The exhaust manifold is cracked, so not sure if this has anything to do with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated as to...
  14. Computer Mouse to Die Imminently says Gartner

    Computer Club
  15. Gene: I thought I was going to die

    Other motorsports news
    Marc Gene says he thought he was going to die when he crashed and rolled a Peugeot 908 HDi at Le Mans yesterday. The former grand prix driver, who was sharing the No.7 car with Nicolas Minassian and Jacques Villeneuve in the test day for 24 Hours, spun and rolled into a barrier in the Porsche...
  16. Seven die and two children are hurt in ‘boy racer’ crash

    General Chat
    So very very sad
  17. Lose 30 Stone or Die

    General Chat
    ITV: Lose 30 Stone or Die Has anyone been watching this programme tonight? This guy really is inspiring and deserves to be proud of himself. I have been rather judgemental of obese people in the past, but this guy has opened my eyes :) Good luck to him :beer:
  18. Turbo about to die?? Noisy whistling

    I gave my 52 plate laguna 1.9dci a third gear 'clearout' running the engine at about 4-4.5k for about 2 miles or so to clear out the engine prior to it getting mot'd last week. Ever since then the turbo has been noticibly noisier, it sounds like a very distant ambulance siren as i change up...
  19. scenic starting to die

    ever since she overheard me talking about her replacement last month the scenic has been in one and is slowly falling apart, so far she has: started to refuse going into 5th gear sometimes and slips into 3rd instead, usually on bends (clutch going?) also very clunky going into 1st gear when...