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  1. Jose Antonio Reyes 35 dies in car crash

    Ex-Arsenal striker Jose Antonio Reyes, 35, has died in a car crash, his former club Sevilla FC has confirmed. Posting an image of the club's crest with a black ribbon, the club said on Twitter: "We couldn't be confirming worse news. Beloved Sevilla star Jose Antonio Reyes has died in a...
  2. Scenic II Dies after ten seconds, unless you rev.

    Hello Every one, I have skimmed the FAQS and although I've seen similar symptoms, I've not seen anything as specific. My Renault is a '54 Megane Scenic II 'rush' 1.6 Petrol The car would sometimes have a bit of trouble starting first time in the mornings, but the second time you push the...
  3. F1 race director Charlie Whiting dies aged 66

    Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting has passed away at the age of 66 A statement from the FIA confirmed that the Briton died from a pulmonary embolism in Melbourne on the eve of the Australian Grand Prix weekend. FIA president Jean Todt said: “It is with immense sadness that I learned...
  4. Car dies when starting **Fixed**

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys any help appreciated. Have 2010 fluence 1.5 dci. Randomly when get into the car and put key fob in slot and let the car set itself up and the message reads OK on the display, press the start button and car dies altogether. All dash lights go off and wont lock or unlock at all. Open...
  5. Geoff from rainbow dies age 76

    General Chat

    Has anyone had a similar fault diagnosis. Engine starts fine and runs well but every now and again engine management light comes on (heater coil symbol in orange) and engine dies, no power, no accelerator. Put pedal down to floor and engine will just turn over, keep it flat to floor and engine...
  7. Espace 1.9 dies rear main oil seal

    I intend removing the engine on my Espace 1900 diesel as it has an annoying oil leak from the rear main oil seal. I believe I could remove the gearbox instead but I want to change all the gaskets and oil seals while I'm at it. My wirry is that I read somewhere that somebody had replaced their...
  8. Renault Clio Mk2 Ph1 1.2 8v Starts, but dies

    Hi, having issues with my 1.2 Clio. The fuel pump died, which I have replaced with a brand new pump. Now when starting the car, I can hear the fuel pump prime and the car will start, but then dies after 30 secs or so or if I touch the accelerator pedal and try to raise the revs. Thanks for...
  9. Clio Starts & Dies Anyone else suffering?

    pls can anyone here help me cuz my clio 1.2 1999 will start and turn off in few second
  10. 2007 2.0DCI trafic Dies when moved **Fixed**

    can anyone help My van just died yesterday and had to call the RAC. engine starts fine but as soon as you drive forward it dies but noticed today that its fine in reverse, but any forward gear and it just dies. Any help would be fantastic
  11. F1 driver Jules Bianchi dies from crash injuries.

    Formula 1
    More here;"
  12. renault scenic 53 plate. battery dies one day and not the next.

    Hi, my renault scenic has been driving me mad for the last 6months. Basically, I never know from one day to the next if I'm going to be going out to a flat battery or not. I finally thought I'd found the problem, which was the boot light wasn't going off, so I unplugged it and two days later my...
  13. 2005 Renault clio vavavoom jerking, speedo not working, powersteering dies.

    Hi, I am new to this forum and this is my first time posting something. I have a renault clio vavavoom 2005. A few months back my car started jerking when i am driving but when it idles and you rev it revs fine. The speedo does not work and sometimes it is as if the power steering dies when i...
  14. 51 plate 1.2 clio erratic running then dies

    Hi, A mate of mine has a 51 plate clio with a strange running issue. It starts fine, then idles erratically for 20 or 30 seconds before smoothing out at a high idle and then cuts out. This is all without any input on the accelerator. It just revs up and down settles at high revs then dies...
  15. Battery dies in less than an HOUR

    My battery dies within an hour, it happened all of a sudden. Started it the other day and it struggled, but actually started. Tried the next day and it's completely dead. The ignition will turn on, but when i press the button with my foot on the brake it will release the steering wheel...
  16. Scenic II Auto 1.6 - Throttle dies intermittently

    Hi, This one seems to be beyond my local dealer. We have a 2008 Scenic II 1.6 Dynamique Auto. In January the dealer changed a "solenoid" in the gearbox. After a couple of months the car started with an intermittent fault where the throttle occasionally "dies" for a few seconds when the car...
  17. 1.9 dci Trafic dies after 35km!

    Hi, Firstly I apologise for this long winded post, but I am desperate for help.I find your information extremely useful, hope you might help me out with my tale of woe. I drive a 04 reg 1.9 renault trafic which became difficult to start around November last year, thought it might be battery so...
  18. engine dies on acceleration

    espace 2.2dci ( :crazy: ) been to renault who changed fuel filter , still no improvement , engine just cuts with no warning whenever power required , drives fine if driven like a pussycat . Ive read about low pressure fuel filter breaking up and getting into injectors . is this feasible ? would...
  19. engine dies on acceleration

    hi all been on her before with espace 2.2dci pwer loss probs , reanult replaced EGR valve , EGR inlet pipe ( The steel one ) , turbo sensor and turbo which cured the fault for a month or so . car pulled like a train . Now however it just dies on acceleration , no warning lights , no...
  20. Clio just dies when hot...

    Clio 2001 1.2 16v Starts first time runs perfectly for 20 mins then just dies.... You then have to wait for 20-30 mins for it to cool down (not overheating just normal running temp) When it dies has no spark..... Fitted new coil pack... (didn't help) Going to fit new crankshaft position...