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  1. Clio dies

    My son's 5 year old Clio wouldn't start today. He tried jump leads to no avail. I got him to tow me in it and bump started it but it died almost immediately and then there were some funny noises and the dashboard lights disappeared and then came back on. HELP!
  2. help my clio dies out

    a warning light that looks like a box with zigzig lines and below a glow plug light but its not diesel, when this light is on once you get past 3000rpm it dies out, below that rpm it is a bit sluggish. how would i locate the lambda sensor???? i was told it might be the fault ne advice? thanks in...
  3. Former F1 driver Swaters dies

    Formula 1 news
    Belgian former Formula 1 driver Jacques Swaters has died at the age of 84. Born in Brussels in 1926, Swaters began his racing career in the 1948 Spa 24 hours, sharing an MG with Paul Frere. :MORE @ A sad day for motorsport
  4. '05 Scenic engine dies after starting

    Hello, I'm new to this. I have an '05 Scenic with problems. I purchased the car in September and since then it has been with the dealership for almost half the time I've owned it. 1st problem was a horrible bag of hammers noise when starting which they could not fix. 2nd problem the dash quit...
  5. Engine dies at startup (with log graph pictures)

    Hi all, I've been looking through this and other Renault fora for answers to my problem, but so far all suggestions I've read and attempted have been unsuccessful, so I thought I'd post yet another 'Engine dies at startup' query, as I've changed/checked most things suggested, the car is a 2003...
  6. Shoya Tomizawa Dies In Moto2 Accident

    Bikes news
    Shoya Tomizawa has died as a result of injuries sustained in a crash in todays Moto2 race at Misano.... These are difficult times for motorcycle racing,Tomizawa's death coming a week after young Peter Lenz was killed in a support...
  7. engine dies after about 1 hrs driving

    my 06 scenic 1.6 goes along merrily for about an hour and then it wont start but if i leave it 20 mins it starts again but dies about 10 mins after and so
  8. Clio engine dies when turn on lights!

    My son has a 1993 Clio 1.2RL. In the last few days the car has twice "died" when he turned on the lights whilst he was driving! i.e engine stops, all the lights go out and there is no sign of life :confused: After a few minutes the car restarts and drives normally. Sounds to me like there could...
  9. Senic dies when car stopped

    Hi all. Im new to this forum so forgive me if im posting in the wrong place. The problem is that my wifes Senic II 1994 dies when you stop at a junction/traffic lights. The car will always start ok but will not idle and just stops. Its not like it has stalled and there are no warning lights on...
  10. Donington owner Tom Wheatcroft dies

    Formula 1 news
    :[email protected] RIP Tom, a great loss to British motorsport
  11. Henry Surtees Dies After F2 Accident

    Other motorsports
    Henry Surtees,son of 1964 F1 World Champion John Surtees,has died as a result of injuries sustained in an accident during the F2 race at Brands Hatch this weekend.... A very tragic,freak accident made all the worse by the fact that Henry was...
  12. Laguna II 1600 cold engine dies on throttle from idle

    Hi, I have a 2003 Renault Laguna II 1600. I start it up in the morning and it starts fine and idles okay. Then when I go to take off, the revs drop suddenly and if I attempt to let out the clutch, it dies. If I catch it, the engine will start to rev fine, though again trying to take off will...
  13. Scenic dCi had low battery fault, sometime starts but then dies? please help me...

    Hello everyone this morning when starting my scenic it seemed to struggle more than normal - but I did the school run (about 5 miles there and back). a few hours later the car wouldnt start on 1st attempt but managed to on 2nd. i live at the bottom of quite a steep street and when i got to...
  14. Laguna Battery dies in 2-4 days

    Hi, I have a Laguna 1.9Dci dynamique... One fine day the car refused to start up...had to call RAC..the guy asked me to lock and shut the car and checked the battery by disconnecting the positive lead off the battery (i am guessing it was a multi-meter or voltmeter but i am not sure) and said...
  15. hard to start engine dies when gas pedal is depressed

    Hi i'm new to this forum so please bare with me thanks !, my daughter has a clio 1.4 alize all of a sudden its very hard to start then when started very hard to keep running for the first 5 mins after that when you deppress acelerator the revs die stinks of petrol and loads of black smoke...
  16. Former Isle of Man TT winner Robert Dunlop dies in horrific crash

    Very sad news, My thoughts are with his family at this very tragic time. The Dunlop family have given much to the sport at a terrible cost to them. It will be 8 years in july since his brother Joey Dunlop died. R.I.P Robert...
  17. Renault Clio 1.4 auto, starts then dies

    Hi I have a 2001 renault clio 1.4 16v (k4j engine) full service history and just had new alternator belt fitted yesterday. It broke down this morning, horrible rattling noise from engine bay then it cut out. Tt will start with a lot of revs but soon as you lift off it cuts out. None of...
  18. 2003 Renault Trafic 1.9 100DCi dies!

    Hi all this is my first thread here and just trying to find out some answers as to why my van died this morning. It is a 2003 1.9DCi that has only done 32K miles. It was running fine last night when I got home and started first flick of the key this morning. But when I was about 1 mile away from...
  19. Laguna I 2.0 RTi - Engine idle problems when starting (engine dies)

    Hello all, I've just developed a fault with my V-reg (75k miles) Renault Laguna and I'm hoping to get a bit of advice before taking it to a garage. I'd spent the weekend in Eastbourne with the car parked out on the road from Friday night to Sunday evening when I tried to leave. The car started...
  20. trip resets and radio dies

    Hi Hope you can help before i go to the garage. I have a r reg 2litre scenic in the last few days when i start the car starts fine the trip clock resets itself and the radio is as if the battery has been disconected and i have to put in th code. Well i did say it started fine it doesnt any more...