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  1. Engines
    Hello! Writing this post here to see if anyone might have experienced a similar problem and found a solution for it. As stated in the title my engine is making a weird scratching kind of noise whenever you put on a bit of gas. The car is a 2012 megane 1.5 DCI 6speed gearbox It seems to happen...
  2. Engines
    Hi! I wonder if someone give me advice to finally repair my engine. So... I have problem with my 1.5 DCI 106KM with Siemens Injectors. when I reach +/- 3000 revs I got Injection Fault (DF301 Inlet Air Circuit 1.DEF). After that I think I get into some kind of emergency mode - with limited power...
  3. Engines
    Hi. I have a 2005 renault kangoo 1.5 dci 68 with 160k on the clock, full service history from new and have a problem that I can't solve. I have brought the car to two different mechanics and they both can't find the problem either. Ever since owning the car the past year it has been constantly...
  4. Engines
    Hi, I have a Renault tragic from 2003, diesel, and it has been funny sometimes. A few times now the engine shuts down whilst driving, and I can't really figure out in what situation but I have the feeling it happened when I was getting more speed but it's kind of unpredictable.. in my last long...
  5. Engines
    Hi All When the engine is cold, its totally without power until 2500-300RPM .. Not much smoke, new air/fuel filter Any good ideas on what this may be?? Thanks ! Tor-Olav
  6. Engines
    Hi all, as an advocate for economical driving I try and drive as gently as possibly in my 2001 Clio dCi although I had someone suggest a good blast now and again is good. I would tend to put some injector cleaner in and put my foot down in 2nd and go up to around 4k or maybe 5k rpm and see black...
  7. Engines
    Hi all, I checked the oil to see if it needs changin and i have a heavy smell of diesel coming from the dipstick, should I be worried ?
  8. Engines
    Probably all my own fault but here goes. 2007 2.0 Dynamique, 185,000 glorious miles .. all well .. bodywork looks like it's been thrown off a cliff .. but still working and regularly serviced. Been an epic car. Like a prat, I ran it dry and ended up out of fuel by the side of the road...
  9. Electronics
    Hi all, My 2013 Megane 3 stopped working a few days ago, big red STOP light on the dash and warning coming up that steering may lock. Having tested a few things (keycard, etc) garage has come back to me and said its the ESL module that's had it and its a dealer only part. He's contacted Reno...
  10. Engines
    Can anyone tell me where to find the diesel filter on Clio 1.5 dci.
  11. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    what is average cost replace clutch in 1992 diesel 2.0 Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  12. Engines
    Does anyone know where I can but replacement connectors that go on to the injector for the diesel return rail for a 1.5 DCI 2013 Megane. Can't see anything on eBay
  13. Other makes
    As you guys may know I get the honor to help sort funky customer or agents screwed control systems on a range of vehicles. So have a guy arrive with this animal having spent a ton of money on timing chain kits, fuel pump rebuild, injector rebuild, turbo rebuild fuel filter replaced ...
  14. Electronics
    Hi all Just purchased a 2010 Grand Modus. Everything appears fine with it except there's no diesel preheating light showing on the dashboard. All the vids I've seen are for replacing the 6 main speedo background bulbs. Anyone know if these have individual lights for the clusters either side...
  15. Electronics
    hi everyone i have a solid red immobiliser light on checked fuses tried spare key no joy so i brought a ecu kit for bus changed key with barrel changed uch changed ecu still no joy driving me crazy is there any relays which could cause a problem i also have stripped wiring that comes of ecu to...
  16. Ask the Experts
    for about 18 months, i have had an intermittent starting issue on my clio. If it is started too early it will just keep turning and turning over without firing up. The key fob has been on the way out for awhile and after taking it to my local garage he suggested that i replace this. Which i did...
  17. Electronics
    No other choice but to get a 4th key card reprogrammed. And at a cost of 150 euros within the last 6 months I have got 4 new key cards. All the key cards still start the engine but seems like something goes wrong and I cannot auto lock the doors. So a new key card and I'm.back in business. I...
1-17 of 500 Results