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  1. Engines
    How many other thousands of people with Renaults have had this pain in the ¤¤¤¤ EGR fault. I think I made a mistake buying renault again, the last one was knackered from the previous owner and this one is the same (Kangoo 1.5dci). Would I be right to say if you own a renault always service them...
  2. Clio
    anyone here ever use a OBD reader with their diesel Clio II? what brand? btw where is the connector hidden on the car? many thanks. B :beer: ps from this website i found that diesel Clio IIs do not use ISO but use PWM standard in their OBD List of Confirmed Vehicle OBD-II Scan Tool Protocols
  3. Engines
    Hi All I have an 1994 Trafic 2.5 diesel (non turbo). Whilst I appreciate its got very low gearing it seems as slow as a slug. Are these engines goverened or soemthing? It is possibly incorrectly timed as it does seem loud as if its slightly too advanced (I think). But I thought I'd just check...
1-3 of 4 Results