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  1. Bodywork
    Hey all, I have a liquid yellow 4 year old Clio IV RS 200 I was in process in debadging my car today. I notice when I removed the C badge and cleaned and wax there is still noticeable difference in paint. I was wondering is there anyway at all to fix this or anyone had similar problem? How did...
  2. Engines
    Maybe somebody knows what the difference is between the M9R700 engine im M9R740?
  3. Steering and Suspension
    Just got the axle bushes on my Lag2 replaced, thanks all, but there's a difference in ride height of about 1 1/2" at the back (nearside is high). Should I be concerned? I'm pretty sure I haven't effed anything up. I don't know if it's changed, no reason to check before. Could it just be a weak...
  4. Transmissions
    Hi, everyone! Sorry I am new in this forum and don't be to rough with me if such a post is available in this forum. I have renault megane, 1.5 dci, 2013. I have a problem with my edc gearbox. I want to replace it. On my transmission I found the article number DC4-005. Now I found the gearbox...
  5. Bodywork
    hi guys a quick question i understand the wings are different as the sizes are listed on the wing 185 and 195 but i am sure the bumpers are all the same after working on so many clio's the only thing that makes the bumpers different physically (not visually due to trim levels) is that all the...
  6. Engines
    Is it is the map? Is it the amount of boost it will allow to build? Injector timing? Is there something mechnically different like bigger turbo or diffeent injectors etc? Does anyone actually know, 100% certain? I don't want to do it, I'm just curious, but what would I need to do to make my...
  7. Interiors
    I'm looking to buy Renault Kadjar 2016 diesel automatic, however there are two cars of the same year but with two different gearbox sticks (see attachments). Does anyone know if there's any difference in functionality between the two? If so, then which one would be most recommended? Thank you.
  8. Engines
    Hi, apologies if this is in the incorrect section, but as the answer could be mechanical or electrical related. I have bought a used DTUK tuning box for a Renault / Qashqai dci 150 engine. I misunderstood the advert, thinking it was to boost the renault 2.0 dci engine bhp from 115 to 150. I...
  9. Engines
    Hi all, i've got a clio 1.2 16v 2004 Engine 712 I'm going to do the valve clearance and the book says there is two types, one with a groove and one without, has any one got pictures of the two differences Thanks
  10. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi all, Apart from the 7 seats, is there any difference between the Scenic and Grand Scenic? Spotted 2 on auto trader although they seem the same price as a normal Scenic? Do they use the same engine, all the same components? The same reliability? The two I've spotted are a 2011 grand scenic...
  11. Wheels & tyres
    Anyone has experience with grand scenic with 17" alloys? Getting a new one but the pack I want include an "upgrade" to bigger alloys, which I am not too keen on. Am I likely too see any difference in ride quality or the difference is too small to notice? Especially on rough surfaces and country...
  12. Transmissions
    Hi There I hope you guys and girls can help I have a PK6 box and a PF6 box in my van and I am hoping that there is not much difference so I can put the pk box in my van as the PF6 box is missing sixth and second is noisy. Any help gratefully received.
  13. Engines
    Hi, does anyone have information on what's the difference between the 2.2 dCi engines when they have different codes? I have an 2005 Laguna II with an G9T-706 engine that needs to be replaced and was wondering if I can fit an engine with different code? Thanks!
1-13 of 84 Results