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  1. Difficulty finding front wiper motor for 02 reg MK1 Renault Megane

    as per title really. Its a 02 reg MK1 megane coupe. Somehow the mechanism has sheered off the motor, rendering both the motor and the mechanism scrap as its broken off the mounting points where everything attaches to and the wipers packed up and the motor and mechanism was just dangling by the...
  2. Difficulty in getting right paint!

    Having recently purchased a 2002 Renault Laguna, I have tried to get a Tetrosyl Carplan Colour Match for this vehicle. Renault say that the colour is TEB65 Gris Agathe, and the CarPlan range covers approximately 30 silver colour types, but its becoming impossible to find the correct type. Even...
  3. Difficulty trying to remove spare on Espace III

    Wheels & tyres
    After many attempts to drop the spare down, going through the manual etc, I'm hoping someone could give me a hint as to which way the spare comes off, lowered ok to a point but now it won't even wind up, so a bit stuck? I,m guessing by the centre swivel cap that it needs to come more down to...
  4. Megane 1.6vvt difficulty to start (with videos)

    Hi guys, I have bought used megane 1.6vvt convertible 2006. After 2 weeks it's started to act funny as it takes more and more attempts to start. Once when it's worms up its easier, which mean that I don't need to try it 10 times for 7 seconds but maybe just 2 times. There are some mornings when...
  5. Difficulty going into first gear on times Renault clio

    Cars & motoring
    Hay I currently have difficulty going into first gear on times, usually this will happen, when I am driving around (not from a cold start) so what could be causing this problem? Renault clio RT 1998 mk2
  6. "Check Injection" after months of difficulty on start up (losing power completely)

    "Check Injection" after months of difficulty on start up (losing power completely) Sorry, I'm not mechanically clued up at all and the words I use might be inaccurate so please ask if I've used a word which doesn't describe what's actually happening very well. I have a 2005 Megane Cab Coupe...
  7. Difficulty boosting

    2005 Grand Scenic 1.5DCi. Having problems getting the turbo to boost when depressing the accelerator pedal hard. If I raise my foot and then gently depress it, the turbo boosts fine, and stays on boost through the gears. It just won't boost when I really need it to!! The turbo and EGR valve have...
  8. Difficulty engaging 4th gear

    Hi all, I have been grinding 4th gear recentely when trying to change up especially if I am going through the gears quickly, often if I lift and drop the clutch again it is fine. Any ideas other than my dad's which was to change gears more slowly :d By the way She has just past 80K, so I...
  9. Difficulty in starting my Clio Expression 03

    I have read numerous articles regarding wiring loom faults and the little black metal box at the back of the engine! My car suddenly had intermittent starting problems, once started there is lack of engine power and occasional juddering. Q:- Will a new wiring loom sort the problem? Q:- How...
  10. Difficulty engaging 1st Gear since clutch replaced

    A few weeks ago my son had his clutch changed on his 1.5 DCI Clio (1992). Immediately after he had difficulty selecting 1st and second gear - he had to be at a standstill for 1st and quiet slow for 2nd, when changing down. The mechanic adjusted something and second became better, but 1st is...
  11. Megane Scenic 1.9DCi '03 difficulty in starting

    I have the above vehicle but which is struggling to start. The battery is in A1 condition and fully charged. The glow light indicator comes on and goes off as normal. The engine turns over but doesn't ignite. The time it did start up was when I heated the engine with a fan heater when Initially...
  12. difficulty engaging first gear

    Hi, I've a problem with engaging first gear in my 2000 plate megane. It's been playing up for a while but earlier today it really wouldn't go in I tried forcing it I almost rolled into the car behind me. Engaging other gears are fine and ther is no problem if the engine isn't running, so sites...
  13. Laguna II Gearbox Difficulty Engaging Gears

    My 2001 1.9 DCI Laguna II PK6 gearbox has gradually become more difficult to select gears, gears 1 and 2 are the worst but all the gears feel a bit notchy. Once in gear the all seems fine and there are no noises from the gearbox, the only noise I get is the occasional crunch, usually second gear...
  14. Difficulty in satrting when hot

    Hi all, this has happened 3 times in the last 4 months, driving away no probs, park, go off to do some shopping or whatever for about ten minutes come back and the thing won't start. Turns over fine but won't fire. Leave it for 30 mins and it will start again!!!! Not a clue as to why Any...
  15. Clio dCi65 - Difficulty fitting air duct between turbo and EGR

    It would seem that I have a pressure leak caused by the air duct that sits between the boost side of the turbo and the EGR. It's the plastic piece with the upstream air temperature sensor and a small hose going to the turbo pressure sensor (on the air filter assembly). The end that connects to...
  16. 95 Espace difficulty selecting gears in cold weather

    Hi. I have a 95 2.0 petrol Espace that a brought with a heavy clutch. Soon after i brought it the clutch cable snapped. It had frayed. I replaced the cable and was expecting a much lighter clutch with a new cable but the problem presists. The car is very difficult to get into first and from...
  17. Difficulty engaging gears

    I have now just about given up, after having the engine changed and sorted the misfire, i have now got round to addressing this problem. Ever since the engine has been changed i have difficulty in engaging mainly 1st and 2nd gears. Sometimes they go in no bother, other times i have to double...
  18. Difficulty starting

    Is there anybody out there with any suggestions before I pay through the nose at renault? I have an 03 Scenic auto 1.6. It starts on the button from cold and runs brilliantly. However, If I use it for a short journey, it has difficulty starting again once warm. I think it's fuel as it sounds...
  19. Scenic - Clutch Squeak Difficulty Engaging Gears

    I wonder if I could introduce myself and then tell you my problem with my car !!! I'm a thirty something mum of two with a Renault Scenic Dynamique (2006) -which I have had since new. Just recently my clutch pedal has developed a squeak on depressing and releasing it. I also have problems...
  20. Clio - difficulty getting into 1st and second

    Hi, my clio is having a wierd problem where it sometimes wont go into second gear unless i completly release the clutch and then press it back down. Ive learnt to live with it because its not all the time but it is slightly annoying. And first gear is sometimes a bit hard to get in. Any ideas?