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    Been to get immobiliser code for my Renault scenic today and they got all details off the v5 and gave me a 8 digit code for the immobiliser:confused:. l've read on here about 4 digit codes but not a 8 digit code so how do l get to disarm the immobiliser with a 8 digit code.. Help and answer please
  2. Electronics
    hi I was given a 8 digits code for my scenic, I found that weird because it seems it is only 4 in all the stories I read on line, but the reasssure that was the right code. Now, how do I put it on? PLEASE, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eSTHER
  3. Electronics
    Hello. I'm new to the forum and a recent Kangoo owner. I picked up a very low milage ( 11K) 51 plate RXE 1.4 which I really love, its a great vehicle. I have 2 single button remote keys that came with the vehicle. One does central locking & engine, but the second will only open the doors &...
  4. Cars & motoring
    Hi i have a broken key plip on the i.r system. i have been looking into getting a second hand key from lets say eBay! on further investigation i have been told that these keys can be reprogramed but you will require a 8 digit sercurity code that supposeidly came with the car when it was new i...
  5. Electronics
    i have 1.8 rsi 1996 clio nothing happens when i hit the fob .i wired up a stereo and since then it hasent worked i got a 4 digit code from awebsite thats suppose 2 fix it does anyone know how 2 put it in ?or have any solutions instead of main dealer!2 much money!!!
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    hi, i need some help plz, i am trying to find the genorator for the 4 digit immobilizer code to my laguna, i found the genorator here somr time ago and due to my pc crashing i lost the programme, and now i cant find it can some one help:confused: thanks in advance