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  1. Phase II Espace Dilemma

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Guys I have a renault phase II espace, I superb vehicle in fact the best I have ever owned, purchased many moons ago with 98k on the clock and full service history, a very reliable vehicle that I changed the oil and filter every 5k, and repaired and replaced parts brakes, tyres, balljoints...
  2. Engine model dilemma

    Hi, Having recently added a Kangoo 1.5dci 2004 to the household I have had trouble identifying the exact engine type. When trying to order some parts online it states a K01 type, my log book says that I have a: Kangoo Expression DCI 80 Varient KCR8EF cc 1461 is this a...
  3. flywheel dilemma

    My Renault megane scenic 2002 auto has a faulty starter motor ( which is still under warranty with the r.a.c)However the r.a.c.are now telling me that it is a problem with the flywheel and will not replace/repair until the flywheel has been replaced... Anybody any advice on whether its worth...
  4. Diagnostic Dilemma

    My renault megane 2005 suddenly displayed the warning STOP sign with a bleeping sound that disappeared after a few seconds and then reoccurred repeatedly after varying intervals. Took it to a local garage who put it on a diagnostic machine that said the fault was maybe DF079 (injection)...
  5. Dilemma

    General Chat
    Hi there. As you will probably be aware, I very recently (just over a week ago), bought a motorbike. The wife was a bit sceptical, but 'ok' about the purchase. I had a bit of a nightmare journey home - primarily due to a duff battery, and the wife said she didn't want the worry. So for a...
  6. vin dilemma

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, first timer here. Been searching q&a to see if I can see an answer to my problem but nothing that specific so I hope I am not covering old ground here. I have just imported a 2008 laguna dci 180 gt hatchback into New Zealand. Quite a mission but that's another story. I haven't seen it in...
  7. Clio 1.4 16v 2002 starting problems dilemma

    Hello to all, first time posting. I have a clio, 1.4 16v 2002. Problem : Put key in ignition and turn key the starter motor turns for 2-3 seconds and stops. If I leave the key switched to the second position all dashboard lights on for 5-10 seconds turn key nothing - starter motor doesn't...
  8. Dilemma

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys, Well been on here since buying the 54 grand scenic last July, I have finally got it all working and my dilemma now is to keep it or trade it in for a 54 Zafira. The problems I had and how fixed are as follows, I'm wondering what else is likely to go wrong if I keep it and is the...
  9. New car dilemma

    General Chat
    Well it looks like Laguna no.5 might be on the horizon. I've been poking around other brands, and you really don't get a whole lot of Passat etc. for your money. I'm also pretty much sold on the idea of Carminat TomTom. In some ways, it's going to be better than the supposedly superior DVD...
  10. Dilemma with wheel..

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi people, be very grateful if i could get some sort of help/direction in where to go with a problem i have.. Right.. I have a 1.2 1999 Clio. Was having my brakes changed last week, and whilst the wheels were coming off 2 of the nuts on my wheels have snapped.. So basically, half of the nut is...
  11. No resources dilemma for Ferrari

    Formula 1 news
    :MORE @ I should hope they don't have a resource issue. It's all about how much cash you can throw at it, and they've got plenty
  12. Renault admit development dilemma

    Formula 1 news
    Former world champions Renault admit they are facing a dilemma in splitting their resources between improving this year's car and accelerating development on next season's. With a radical overhaul of Formula One's technical regulations coming next season, some teams like Honda Racing have...
  13. Laguna dilemma

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, I used to buy nothng but Renaults, but for one reason or another drifted away. I have seen a really well kept Laguna 11. Petrol 1.8 Automatic - Authentique. It drove great and brought back to me just how comfortable Renaults are (and good to drive). Trouble is, I keep hearing horror...
  14. Extended warranty dilemma!!!

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all - just bought an Espace 2005 (54) 2.2DCi Expression Auto (with 25,000 miles), and had a 1 year extended warranty (Supreme cover, top one) with no excess, but only £1000 single claim limit, thrown in from private dealer. They say it will cost me £100 to up claim limit to £1500 for 1...
  15. KONI Shocks on Clio... Dilemma!

    Steering and Suspension
    I had a rear shock absorber failure on my Clio last month, and after looking around at all the options I decided to replace the pair with KONI Red Special D's instead of the standard fitted parts because there was little difference in the price, so I thought 'What the heck, I'll upgrade and...
  16. A dilemma, stick with the Kangoo or ditch it

    Cars & motoring
    I have a dilemma. I got a 03 Kangoo in July, it had just come to the end of it's warranty. It had a full service history and just over 40,000 on the clock. I love the Kangoo, I am a gardener and the spacious boot is ideal for getting lawnmowers in and out and I also use it as a family car. In...
  17. Renault 19 bonnet wanted/ bonnet dilemma

    Cars & motoring
    Renault 19 1.4 RT (1390cc) 1994 M-reg 160K After nearly 100k miles of motorway driving (160K total) and countless stone chips hitting my bonnet in the process, rust has taken over it there is now a gaping big hole where the front of my bonnet used be, just last week I had to physically break a...
  18. Dilemma

    The car is a 2002 Model 1.9Dci Laguna Sport Tourer, 45k, full Renault Service history. This car now appears to be suffering from the initial symptoms of turbo failure, lack of power, burst intercooler, possible EGR valve fault. The question is do I, 1. Put the car in for repair and take the...