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  1. Clio 3/MK3 2007 Dim Radio Dash Display

    Hello, my unit is dim which displays the radio, time ect, i can see the screen works but seems like a bulb is out.. is this a easy fix and how would i pull the unit up from the dash to change.
  2. Clio III very dim sidelights

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    My trusty 2012 Clio estate continues to serve me well but lately the side light bulbs on both front headlights are very dim with almost just a orange glowing filament. All other lights and electrics work perfectly so I suspect it must be a poor earth or such like. I replaced the bulbs with LED...
  3. Espace 2007 rear mirror conversion to auto dim?

    Hi, I tried searching for more info here but couldn't find any results, hope someone can help me here. My 2007 2.0Dci Espace has a standard rear view mirror. I had been told they are pretty easy to replace by an auto dimmer version. Sometimes there is apparently already a plug behind the...
  4. Replace mk3 auto dim rear view mirror

    Hi can anyone tell me how easy is it to replace the auto dim rear view mirror, on my clio mk3 ,i need to buy a new one as my mirror has lots of black marks on the mirror itself. Is it hard to take off? Does anyone know how? Thank you in advance
  5. Panel dim

    The clock/radio display panel on my Clio is very dim in daylight how can I make brighter any advice thanks
  6. Dim clock/radio display on mt Clio II Dimoneque 2003

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    Can't see the display only had the car two days so getting used to the little car but otherwise really happy with her
  7. Dashboard Lights Dim

    Hi, I have a Renault Espace 2005. Once I turn the engine on the dashboard lights dim significantly. It is very hard to see the speed I am travelling at. Once I turn the engine off the dashboard lights go back to their normal brightness. Anybody ever have the same problem or please if you have...
  8. Megane 1.5dci 106 Headlights dim

    Hi newbie here thanks for having me. I'm sure this has been covered etc but I cannot find exactly what I'm looking for so will ask you experts. My Megane headlights are really dim at night, last night I put my fog lights on and was Soooooooooooooo much brighter. The headlights outers look ok no...
  9. dashboard lights go dim when headlights are turned on

    Hi All, I have a laguna 3 2.0dci GTline estate, problem started today, when I turn the headlights on, I always drive with my lights on, my dashboard lights go off/very dim, ive checked the dimmer wheel, its not that, ive also noticed my number plate lights & tail lights are off too, checked...
  10. 2007 Megane dim headlights **Fixed**

    Hi All, Just bought the good lady an '07' Megane Extreme 1.4 petrol. The dipped headlights are the glass orb type (don't know how else to describe them, sorry). However, they are that dim they hardly shine on the road - you're lucky to see the beams if you drive up to the car in front. It...
  11. instrument panel goes very dim when headlights turned on

    Have a 2011 Grand Scenic. When I turn on the headlight or parkers on the instrument panel goes so dim I can't see it if its anyway bright. Fine for complete darkness, but not for street lights, thro tunnel etc. Also like to have lights on when raining. I believe this is separate to the known...
  12. Dim xenon lights

    The lights on our phase 2 Laguna II were noticeably dim compared to other cars with normal halogen lights so I took them off and proceeded to cut the back off so that I could get the projector out along with the glass lens. I found that the nearside light had been replaced in 2009. On both...
  13. Laguna 3 Dip beam very dim

    Looking for some help from the brains of the forum: The dip beam on my Laguna 3 is pathetic, very dim. Projector type lights. The only thing I have noticed is the projector lens has a cloudy look about it (both sides). Fast, easy & cheap solutions please! Thanks, Paul.
  14. Dim clock on my 1.4 2005 MODUS

    When I push the fascia on the clock I can see the whole display trying to light up then it goes back to very dim ...ANY IDEAS ... And is it easy to get at the display to fix it !
  15. Renault Clio 2003 (Authentique) - Electrics - Indicators dim when I break.

    Hopefully someone can help! I'll start by saying that, individually, my indicators, breaks etc. all seem to work fine... but the problems start when I try to multi-task. For example, If i indicate and then break at the same time, the indicators will dim so much that they're barely visible...
  16. Clio Clock Light Dim

    Have an 02 Clio, the clock/temp display are really faint, you can only just see them and it's possible to change the time which makes me think that the bulbs are gone? However I turned the radio on (it doesn't work just fuzz for each station) but when I did for some reason the display lit up...
  17. Modus lcd screen very dim

    HI, The radio-clock- temp display screen on my 2005 modus has gone very dim so can not see it, i have put new bulbs in but just the same as before, i had the same thing happen on a clock in a jag and it turned out to be the ribbon that go's to the glass panel, if this is it can it be fixed? is...
  18. Retro Fit Auto Dim Mirror (Renault Scenic II)

    I thought I would share my recent install of a Auto Dimming mirror I purchased from a salvage yard for £5. The Auto Dim Mirror has two wires, Negative (Black) and Positive (white or Pink). I used a 2 Pin connector from a PC fan to join loom to mirror so it can be removed, but you could...
  19. dim headlights

    Hi, 1st post and really appreciate a place where I can ask these kinds of things. Anyway, the headlights of my 98 megane scenic 1.6 have recently become very,err,dim. So much that they aren't throwing any light out. They are on to look at,but driving at night is impossible. The offside side...
  20. my orange clock and temp feadings dim

    when lights turned on at weird:eek: when lights switched off they glow brighter:cool: megane 1 yes the rheostat is full up