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  1. Electronics
    **ALL SOLVED THANKS** Hey again guys. I was driving on the motor way in my mk2 clio dynamique and I noticed the light on the dashboard that indicates the dipped headlights are on was not lit up so I pulled over and checked the lights and low and behold they didn't work. All other lights work...
  2. Electronics
    last night went out in the car lights worked fine drove 5 kms and the diped stopped working but main worked fine checked the fuses all ok the stalk seems fine , is there a relay to control the diped beam help
  3. Engines
    hi i have a renault grand scenic 1.6 vvt 2007 the problem i have is im not sure about the dip stick i think their is a part missing off the end ie the checkerd piece that tells you see the level on their is just a ball any ideas or help please
  4. Electronics
    I have a 2016 Clio Dynamique S Nav, and want to know how to carry out a headlight dip adjustment for visits to mainland Europe. I understand it can be done, but there are no instructions anywhere around other than visit the dealer. Is it a problematic adjustment or is it in fact fairly easy both...
  5. Electronics
    Hi, the O/S dip beam on my 2010 sport tourer has stopped working. Very easy to get at the bulb which I changed but it still doesn't work. I don't suppose the headlights have separate fuses or is this shivering feeling I have because I will have to take it to a dealer? Any help very much...
  6. Electronics
    Looking for some help from the brains of the forum: The dip beam on my Laguna 3 is pathetic, very dim. Projector type lights. The only thing I have noticed is the projector lens has a cloudy look about it (both sides). Fast, easy & cheap solutions please! Thanks, Paul.
  7. Engines
    i own a 2015 clio for two days now and have noticed that the idling of the 3 cylinder engine just doesn't seem right. On my driveway there are noticeable soot marks!! and when checking the oli stick, i found something that resembled chewing gum on the bottom of it:eek:
  8. Engines
    I bought a new dip stick and cap from ebay as the one I had missing end not sure when as it was like this when I bought car (not sure where end went could be in sump) However it seemed to catch on something when I unscrewed the cap, this morning it snapped and I am left with 1/4 to 1/3 of a...
  9. Engines
    Afternoon all, I have purchased a 2004 1.5 dci 100 and it seems the the dipstick has snapped of... not by me but the previous owner. There is only the remains of the handle lol. Its going for a service next week so the mechanic will investigate IF the metal is stuck inside the tube. I need to...
  10. Electronics
    Hi folks, i cannot find the fuse for the headlights, they are not in the glove box ones and theres a small section behind the battery thats a bit fiddly but i didnt see any diagram as to which fuse is which, any advice please?
  11. Electronics
    Hi. I don't have a problem but can someone tell me the colour of the live wire to the dip headlight, I have a choice of beige,blue or green. The Haynes book says that "conventional method of using colour coding does not apply" Many Thanks PhantomFR4.
  12. Electronics
    Hi All. I have a 2012 Renault Clio Dynamique Tomtom 1.5 DCI. I'm Changing the bulbs but can't get them out. I see quite a few posts that say you need take of the bumper but this seems extreme. I can get hold of the bulbs but don't cant move them to take out. Any Help please??? here is a...
  13. Engines
    Drama.......The Dip stick has snapped in my 51 plated, Cleo. It has snapped at the point were the thin blade joins the bung shaped neck. The whole of the blade remained in the engine housing tube and is not visible. I am pretty confident it has dropped all the way down the tube. Will this...
  14. Electronics
    Hi, Clio Dynamique 1.5 DCi - 2009 Any ideas, the dip beam on my Clio has gone off - both sides so I don't think it's a bulb problem, but have not checked them yet. Handbook say's check fuses yet there are none listed for headlights. I read somewhere that there are relays under the passenger...
  15. Electronics
    Car failed MOT due to bad dip beam alignment but garage say adjuster too stiff to try and want me to spend a cool 680€ on new lights. Does anyone know of a way to free these off and where they are, how to get at them etc. Thanks in advance.
  16. Engines
    Hi there. Has anyone ever replaced the dip stick tube on a Kangoo 04 1.5dci van , Have I got to take off the sump? I took off the top bolt which made it very loose to twist but that is as far as I got.Any advise Thanks
  17. Electronics
    Hi all, i have a 1987 trafic camper, the headlamps only work on full beam there is power going to the yellow wire but none to brown and orange at headlamp connection, hope you can advise many thanks
  18. Engines
    dip lights come on but will not switch from dip to main beam , recently fitted new horn which was after market, is there likley to be any conflict with cheap aftermarket horn. i can hear a relay clicking but does not switch the lights
1-19 of 32 Results