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  1. Firefox browser disaster today

    General Chat
    Boy ................. is there a loot of real crap on this site and also everywhere else I normally visit :nerd::surprise:- I don't normally see it because I have an efficient adblocker and many many many custom rules. Firefox's addon system fell over during the last few hours and if your...
  2. I Messed up! Reno CLio 1.2 petrol

    So.... My precious little 1.2 Reno Clio Campus started revving low on idle last week. After a look around i decided it must be the MAF/MAP sensor... give it a little clean, maybe replace it. No biggie this car has been amazing over the 10.5 years I've owned it little senor here or there...
  3. Clacton disaster

    General Chat
    Just putting together a box of things, mostly toys for the victims of the gas explosion which wrecked 2 houses and badly damaged a third. Subject to permission from the mods, there is also a Justgiving page link. I can find out what else is still needed and post it on here Karen xx
  4. Strange coincidence or electronic disaster?

    I'm not sure whether I am unlucky enough to have several lights pack up around the same time, or if it indicates that there is something up the spout with the electrics. It only seems to have happened in the last day, but I have the following working / not working with the lights at the front...
  5. EGR disaster

    can anyone help? i resently cleaned my egr valve and serviced my lag 2.2 est being abit smokey thought all was well then the light came back :( so iv just stripped the egr again to find very greasy/oily s ubstance and i think water in the bottom the diagnostic said egr system not efficiant.
  6. Major disaster Renault Master 2.5 dci 2005

    Got a master that had snapped the cambelt so head was removed checked skimmed and refiited with new bolts and gaskets. The only real damage caused by the cambelt failure had been a couple of broken rocker bolts, Engine reassembled and nothing works cranks over and sounds as if there is...
  7. Diesel Fuel Pump Disaster

    I have a 5 yr old Clio 1.5 Hatchback. The fuel pump failed with disastrous results sending metal fragments through the complete fuel system. To date it apparently requires some £3000 in parts including fuel tank, fuel rails, injectors etc with a further £2000 required for labour costs. The...
  8. Espace dashboard disaster......

    Hi - I drive a 2004 Espace 2.0 diesel. The dashboard has been flashing on and off occasionally for a few weeks, and has now decided to stop working completely. Help! It's even worse as I've had to spend £1500 in the last 2 months on the car already - first the fan belt went and wrapped itself...
  9. DISASTER! Front window has popped out!!

    As above, Went to put my window up after going through a drive through and it has popped out the frame of the door.... also heard what sounded like a plastic piece of the mechanism fall to the bottom of the door panel! Just wonder if this has happened to anyone before and if its an easy fix...
  10. Clio sport cambelt change disaster!

    My son bought a 2005 Clio sport 3 weeks ago, car running perfectly only 28 thousand miles, was very happy. Thought as a precaution he'd have the cambelt changed, and put it into garage. Had a phone call from mechanic to say he'd fitted new cambelt but when he started engine it was making a funny...
  11. Scenic - Jacking disaster

    Right, you can all have a good laugh at me on this one, i just got a puncture in the rear nearside tyre and had to change the wheel in the dark..... i got all the kit out and jacked up on the jacking point....... except it wasn't the jacking point, just some plastic cap on the bottom of the sill...
  12. cambelt disaster

    broke down on the motorway as the engine completely cut out, so had to be towed back home today only 30 minutes into our holiday, what a disaater! On arrival back we worked out it is the cambelt that has broken. Spoke with our local mechanic who usually helps us out with our 1.2 clio, and he...
  13. Clio 1.2 8v – Cambelt Replacement

    hi all. i am new to this forum and am after some advise please asap. i am thinking of doing this job for a friend but need some info first or advise before i do this job. apparently the person was driving the car at about 65 to 70mph then the car seem to die and stall ,no noises bangs etc ...
  14. Disaster!!

    The aux drive belt was wearing a bit on my scenic, but like an idiot, i left it and said i would change it on the weekend...................on thursday it snapped!!.......not normally a major problem however, mine decided to wrap itself around the crankshaft causing the timing belt to jump its...
  15. The Gross Bathroom Disaster

    Jokes & funny stuff
    :eek: The Gross Bathroom Disaster A little boy blows up his balloon and starts flicking it all around the house with his finger. His mother tells him to stop it as he's liable to break something. The boy continues. "Johnny!" mom screams. "Knock it off. You're going to break something."...
  16. HT lead disaster,

    hi all, iwent too change the plugs on the car today and the rubber ends of the leads have come off and are stuck down the pots stuck on the plugs, the pots are deep and there on a slant does anyone know best way of getting the rubber ends out ive put fresh leads on but there leaking ht...
  17. Disaster crash caused by air rage

    Jokes & funny stuff
  18. Today is the 20th anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster

    General Chat
    167 men from across the globe lost their lives, 61 survivors . A high price to pay for our fuel I will be attending the Memorial service at Aberdeen's Hazelhead park today My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones and the survivors who are still marked by this tragedy R.I.P Piper...
  19. Mopeds + Roundabout = Disaster

  20. disaster

    Cars & motoring
    driving home from work last night loud bang lots of vibration pull up oil all over road pop bonnet small fire at bottom end panic ! throw contents of washer tank on to put it out rescued by RAC .go to it this morning starts but lots of banging suspect somthing at bottom end gone need a new...