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  1. Bosch brake discs

    Hi guys picked up a box of bosch brake discs from euro carparts today the boxed was all battered and open how can i be sure that they are bosch in the box ? Should there be and stamp on the disc to say bosch ?
  2. Grand Scenic Brake Discs

    I need to replace these, but a bit confused on sizing. Can i use any size meant for my vehicle? So far ive found 2 sizes on ebay which are compatible to my reg. size 1 front:296mm rear: 260mm size2 front: 296mm rear: 274mm im leaning more towards size 2.... can anyone shed some light?
  3. Grand Scenic 3 Discs help..

    Hi all, I've had a search through and can't find what I need so I'm hoping someone can help. I'm wanting to change the discs and pads all around on my GS3 1.5Dci. But there seems to be alot of variation in sizing. Could anybody tell me from experience, the correct dimensions for front and rear...
  4. Discs

    Handling & braking
    Hi need to change my front discs so i thought i'd buy some performance discs but cant seem to find many with 5 stud pattern could anyone point me in the right direction have searched ebay thanks
  5. Vauxhall corsa front discs

    For sale
    Brand new from ECP and still in the box. Suitable for a corsa C 2007 to about 2013. Eicher number 104580709 £26.50 including delivery.
  6. Clio mk2 brake discs. Do ineed to fit ventilated discs?

    I have a Clio campus mk2 1.2 16v . The front brake discs came up as an advisory in the last MOT as being pitted and worn . I have decided to replace them and to do this job myself. I ordered the replacement discs and new pads from a well known national car parts supplier . With the help of my...
  7. any car front brake discs

    Other makes
    this answer will prob to any car that has those countersunk screws to hold the front discs into place. drivers side comes out easy, passenger side is stuck. going to try heat, but if that fails - do the discs need the have the screws put back in? as it's held in place by the wheel.... (and just...
  8. ABS Light Showing After Fitting New Rear Brake Discs?

    I've recently had my rear brake discs and pads replaced. Since then, the ABS and Spanner icons have been lit on the dashboard. The display shows "Check ABS". New wheel bearings have also been fitted. In short, the mechanic accidentally installed the new discs without fitting any ABS sensor...
  9. Laguna 3 rear Brakes poor after changing pads and discs

    Hi all hope you can help! I have changed the rear pad and discs on a Laguna 3 manual handbrake, since then the handbrake is very poor, also when I keep pressure on foot brake it goes to the floor, have bleed rear brakes but to no avail am afraid, anyone any tips as to what the problem could be...
  10. why do my discs get glazed over

    I am my second set of front discs and pads in 6 months on my 2007 laguna 2.016v and am experiencing brake judder from them again ( like warped discs ) . On inspection of the discs the outer surfaces look fine and the pads have bedded ok , but the inner faces on both discs are really glazed...
  11. 14 Plate Clio Discs

    Just wondering if anybody can help with the size of the discs on a 14 plate 1.2 Clio? I bought a pair with brake pads online and the company rang me to say that after further investigation they realised the discs wouldn't fit as they were 258mm and the car actually needs 260mm. The price then...
  12. Laguna 2 (2001)1.6 front brake discs

    Now that it's passed it's MOT once again, I noticed that the front pads are low and there's quite a lip on the discs. there seems to be 280mm and 300mm according to the haynes manual (might get out in the morning to measure) but if they are 280mm is there any reason you wouldn't buy these...
  13. Laguna III pads and discs renewal

    Hi. Think I'll shortly need new pads and discs all round. Never worked on this car before and with no Haynes manual available is there anything I should know or be wary of - it has electronic handbrake. Is there enough space to replace discs by just removing old pads and not removing calipers...
  14. Renault clio brake pads and discs replacement

    I've just recently replaced my brake discs and pads which i purchased from eurocarparts and decided to go with Brembo, after I got them all fitted on my 54 plate clio it was all good, the brakes felt really sharp and responsive, however I have noticed that when I move off I now have to lift the...
  15. Pagid Front Brake Discs & Pads (New)

    For sale
    Purchased earlier this year from Euro Car Parts, I have included the product code so you can search the product on their site to confirm if the items are suitable for your vehicle. I suspect due to the weight that postage may be out of the question, unless of course you know of a cheap courier...
  16. Rear Discs change

    Wheels & tyres
    I have a Grand Scenic 2010 with electric parking brake and need to change rear discs. Do I need to disable these before changing, if so how do I do it ? Thanks in advance.
  17. scenic II identify rear discs

    Hi I'm needing to do rear brakes on a scenic II but I am seeing there's a few options (some with same dia disc) Can anyone tell me what needs to be measured ? I am thinking it's the diameter of the stub once this disc and bearing is off but It's really not clear anywhere I look ! I know some...
  18. Brake discs

    Hello All Can any one give me an idea how often brake discs need replacing. I have a Meagan Scenic 1500. My mileage per year is approx. 14000.
  19. Laguna 3 57 plate Rear discs and pads with electronic handbrake

    Morning Very sorry if this is answered elsewhere but I can not find much info any where. I have a petrol laguna 3 with elec handbrake. I need to do rear d's and p's. Does any one have a definitive guide on this? In particular do the handbrak need setting at the dealer? Will it engage when...
  20. Brake discs

    Hi I want to put new front discs and pads on my wife's 2006 megane 1.9 dci cabriolet but on euro car parts it comes up with 2 different size discs and 2 different shape pads. I'm not sure what make of brake system is fitted so not sure what kit to buy. Could anyone e give me some sound advice on...