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  1. Radio Display Query

    I own a Renault Clio Campus Mk2. I wondered what is the radio display at the top actually suppose to display? Mine at the moment has just the clock but I have seen elsewhere it is able to display outside temperature and some radio channel functions as well. Does anyone know if this varies with...

    In Car Entertainment
    Greetings to all, I wish to change navigation system (Carminat) that was factory assembled beacuse all the maps are out dated. Carminat system comes with CDs, and that is the problem. The latest version i have is from 2014 and Renault will not be making new ones. I wish someone could give me...
  3. Trip Computer Display Issues

    Hi guys,I’ve just purchased a 2010 Clio 1.6 Initiale T-Tom VVT,I bought it from my mother in law so I have the last 3 years history on it,I’ve had it 2 weeks and I am now having issues with the trip computer display,it goes from really bright to almost unreadable,never know what it’s going to...
  4. Mileage display not displaying anything

    Hey guys! Recently my mileage display has been going dim and not is not showing anything! The clock and radio display is working, I have changed the fuse and it worked temporarily but now is not working again! Any ideas?
  5. Laguna III PDC graphical display gone?

    Can some one point me in the direction of which ECU I should be looking in to enable the PDC lines in the display in the instrument cluster. Mine has vanished. PDC is working perfectly front and rear. Thanks.
  6. Radio for Scenic II, stock display usable?

    Hi there, I just a got a "new" Renault Scenic II from 2004. I want to give it a new radio but I'm a bit confused here and there. Installed is the stock radio, CD and FM, I want to upgrade to Bluetooth and USB, nothing special. Now I'm asking myself if there's any way to still use the...
  7. Master 2 (2006) total mileage display

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help on here as it has me baffled. My Master has been with me for 4 years and has never shown the total KM's. It did try when I first had it with a series of 0's (bottom half of 8's), but as it goes through it's start up cycle these disappear. On the advice of...
  8. Grand Scenic dash display part number. **Fixed**

    Good evening. I am restoring my scenic's radio to standard but am getting no display. This is because the digital dash has been replaced at some point in its life and the wrong one fitted. I contacted my renault dealer (Renault Leicester)and they said could get one for £600+ but were not allowed...
  9. Clio 3/MK3 2007 Dim Radio Dash Display

    Hello, my unit is dim which displays the radio, time ect, i can see the screen works but seems like a bulb is out.. is this a easy fix and how would i pull the unit up from the dash to change.
  10. What happens to stereo display on dash if I fit an aftermarket head unit on Kangoo 1

    Can it be made to display from the new stereo, or does it just display the clock? Kangoo MK1:smile2:
  11. I can't find my laguna radio display ANYWHERE

    Hi guys, I have a 2.2 dci privilege laguna with a rather special, one of a kind radio display. Problem is it's not working, and I've recently disconnected the battery pole and now my radio isn't working since I have to enter the radio code on a display I can't see... I have this issue for...
  12. Renault Trafic 2 - Central display wiring

    Hi, I've just bought a 52 plate Renault Trafic 2 and the central display over the stereo isn't working. This is mainly due to the complete lack of harness into the back of it. There is an after market stereo in the dash with 2 original looking plugs going into it and a spare yellow plug, but...
  13. Grand Scenic 3 dashboard display changed **Fixed**

    Hi folks, looking for some advice. I was servicing the wife's car and was trying to find where the cabin pollen filter goes, so I removed the lower section of the dashboard. I discovered that I had to remove the clutch pedal assembly, so that is a job for a drier day. Anyway, I reassembled...
  14. laguna 3 lost Sat nav, display, heater, speakers **Fixed**

    hi I have no sat nav display or sound from speakers also have lost heater controls and the display and the heated screen switch not lighting up I did have radio out looking for its aux port and everything was fine before this Could it hopefully be a fuse if so is there one to control all...
  15. Kangoo Dashboard Cluster Display Housing

    Hello everyone :). I don't suppose someone could please help me in locating a dashboard cluster display housing? I am mainly after the housing itself and not so much the electronics that is mounted inside the cluster. This cluster also sits in the middle and on top of the dashboard. My...
  16. Driving without Dashboard display (Scenic II)

    Hi there, I am planning on sending my scenic mk II dashboard display away to be repaired. Just wondering, am I still allowed to drive without it because obviously I won't be able to see what speed I'm doing. I do plan on using a separate speedometer that I already own but I was just...
  17. Trip/Info screen problem,mpg display

    I have a 2014 Grand Scenic cdi and the trip computer is having some problems… It shows the km, trip, km from last destination resetting. Everything else seems to be resetting every so often. It shows average, distance, range, fuel used and all of a sudden; it flashes dashes at me, if it was...
  18. Fading temperature/radio display

    Hey guys I have a Megane II mk2 with some issues on the temperature/clock/radio display. On cold weather, it looks fine, but as soon as the temperature rise above ~25°C or if the car stays in the sun for a while, the display starts to fade, making a little difficult to read. I have tried to...
  19. Scenic dashboard display

    I have just bought a 2012 Scenic as my car in Spain. We have no manuals but have managed to work out most things using google etc. One thing we can find no reference to is the dashboard display of a car with 2 leaves by it which sometimes changes to a cloud. It is permanently there when we are...
  20. Renault velsatis doesn't display on navigation screen

    Ask the Experts
    Hie I have got a Renault velsatis its doesn't display on navigation screen so I can't play my radio is there anyone who can help me with that problem because my radio needs a code but i am not able to do so because of the screen Sent from my BV6000 using Tapatalk