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  1. Daimler-Brawn caught in sponsor dispute

    Formula 1 news
    Daimler-Brawn caught in sponsor dispute Daimler-Brawn caught in sponsor dispute By Daniel Schäfer and Gerrit Wiesmann in Frankfurt Published: December 15 2009 00:02 | Last updated: December 15 2009 00:02 Daimler’s new Formula One motor racing team has been hit by allegations that its...
  2. advice needed - mechanic dispute

    Hi, a bit of advice is needed here. i recently took my engine in for a cambelt change (to an old acquaintance) and 2 weeks later, the cambelt snapped. at the time of the change, the mechanic noticed a problem with the head gasket and told me he'd get me a price on fixing it, he never did...
  3. Ebay Dispute!

    General Chat
    having a bit of a dispute with a buyer on ebay at the moment. I sold him an alloy handbrake cover for a ford focus MK1 that i was sold by a member of this forum a while back, i wont mention any names but he will know who he is:p But the buyer is trying to tell me it wont fit his car etc...