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  1. mot at halfords, failed, not sure if dodgy

    Cars & motoring
    hello, i failed my mot yesterday. i got: do not drive until repaired two tyres under 1.6mm repair immediately: headlamp lens seriously defective offside, nearside headlamp aim projected beam image is obviously incorrect both sides anti roll bar linkage pin or bush worn repair as soon as...
  2. Dodgy keysystem? and trip computer loses data

    Our 2011 Laguna 3 has been a bit temperamental twice now. The battery shows as being in good condition. The alarm went off The car ignored the cardkey Opened with the little elbow key insert okay Internal lights all off It ignored the cardkey when it was inserted into the dashboard I got out...
  3. 2007 Clio Clock/Radio display dodgy

    Hi, I know this question has been asked before, but mine is slightly different. The dash display seems fine when I start her up in the morning. It gradually gets dimmer throughout the day. If I touch the screen where the numbers are meant to be it seeems to get better when i put a little...
  4. Dodgy Door Handles - Wrapped

    Decided to have a go at tidying up the dodgy looking door handles on the Laguna today. Once chrome, not looking so good now though.
  5. Bad Battery? Dodgy Fuse? **Fixed**

    Recently disconnected my battery - was having door electrical issues (wouldn't lock), so disconnected battery over night - come to reconnect it today and i'll i'm getting is a rapid clicking type noise and the red immobilizer light is present on the dash. My multimeter has done a disappearance...
  6. Renault greenhorn with a dodgy clutch?

    Hello everyone, Would like to get some advice as im new to the forum and not mechanically minded I bought an 04 1.9 dci Laguna last week with a recon'd gearbox in her but she was running sweet as. Started to having problems this morning getting her into gear and by the time I returned back...
  7. Electrics have gone a bit dodgy

    Hi all I have a RENAULT CLIO EXTREME 2 AUTHENTIQUE (1149cc PETROL, 3 Door HATCHBACK When I got the car everything was fine on it. But not long after I noticed things went working like they should . Interior light doesn't come on when you open the door. The warning alarm for when you leave the...
  8. Dodgy electrics

    Hi I have a 61 plate Clio tourer estate 1.5cdi , I've just had new indicator stalks and wiper stalks fitted by a Renault dealership and the problem seems to be worse than ever. Every time I indicate my head lights flash and to get my wipers to work I have to first indicate PLEASE HELP
  9. HELP, dodgy Scenic (04) 1.5 dci

    Hi, I apologise for posting this first as I'm new to all this forum thing and am having huge problems navigating it. It took me an hour nearly to work out how to post something...if in deed i am doing it correctly now? Anyway I made the silly mistake of buying a Scenic 1.5dci (2004) second hand...
  10. Kangoo dodgy indicators

    Hi all, Have a relatively recently acquired 2001 Kangoo. As some background, when I got it the indicators all worked fine, but there was a persistent ticking noise when driving (sounded like from near passenger footwell). This was sorted by the indicator stalk being replaced. Now, things are...
  11. Dodgy window - Megane CC

    Hi folks. It's my turn to have a problem with an electric window in a Megane Coupe Convertible. Mine is a 2005 model. Started with an odd chattering noise, moved onto the window it self being unreliable and now both have combined. It's most obvious when driving along with the roof down, the...
  12. renault scenic 1.6 vvt no tickover and dodgy clocks

    hi all, seem to be having a few problems with my scenic and was wondering if someone could shed any light on it:( first off, the car rattles when first started, ive ordered a dephaser pulley as im pretty sure this is the fault.... my question is though, the car wont tick over at all, simple...
  13. Dodgy MOT?

    Cars & motoring
    I've just bought a 2006 Clio, and I've just been looking through the MOT's and come across something that I'm a little worried about. When the car got an MOT in 2011, it failed on the ball joint, but then the car MOT was passed (I assumed it had been fixed). I looked at the MOT the car just...
  14. Dodgy Steering

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all Ive just got myself a clio 1.2 16v on a 51 plate in cracking condition. BUT !!!! there's always a but 1. When im pulling away it feel like the whole front end is loose and rattling around - I changed the bottom arms and rollbar bushes which has improved it but still feels loose ish. 2...
  15. Kangoo Non Starter, Dodgy Wiring

    Hi Guys, Finally bought another Renault(With dodgy electrics none the less :crazy: ) It's a 2003 Kangoo 1.5 Dci SL17, We picked it up last night for about £500, Ex building company, sold onto a trade mechanic, He's spent about £400 having it looked at with no success, It doesnt start by...
  16. Dodgy engine...?

    Hi All, Recently (4 months ago) we bought a Renault Scenic and been having big problems with it. Its an 03 plate Fidji 1.6 16v and seemed like a great car when we bought it (only 43k on the clock, cambelt changed 16 months / 6000 miles ago). However 3 months later (and just 2000 miles)...
  17. Megane Scenic dodgy electrics....

    Hello all, Not long had the wifes scenic its a 2002 2.0 16v which was working fine for the first 3 weeks or so but started to develop a no starting problem where the started would turn but not fire the engine which I put down to a faulty immobiliser? but when the wife was out shopping a couple...
  18. Megane Dynamique 1.5Dci dodgy electrics

    My Megane has decided - overnight - that it does not recognise my hand at any of the door sensors, coupled with this, I used to be able to start my car with the key card anywhere in the car. Now it has decided that the key card has to be inserted in the holder. Appreciate that these are all...
  19. Dodgy Job

    General Chat
    This is a genuine job advert - the mind boggles:confused:
  20. Scenic 2004 1.4 cutting out at junction faulty temperature sensor and dodgy starting!

    PLease help me im am at the end of my teather now! i bought my car 1 year ago the worst desision of my life!:devil: my car keeps cutting out Problem 1, When pulling away from junctions roundabouts ect the car is just cutting out! (which left me stuck in the middle of a very busy rounabout last...